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Chromebook: Your Revolutionized PC

A personal computer or laptop is a gadget you cannot live without in today's world. Filled with quirks and advantages to get tasks done faster and with more efficiency, a laptop is certainly a genie. A Chromebook is similar but has multiple advantages over a regular PC. It is faster, has minimal power on and off timing and many such advantages. It is usually chrome based but can be Linux based as well regarding the operating system (OS). An additional feature of this series of laptop is that most of the data can be stored on the cloud rather than on the machine itself. Some Chromebooks can run Android apps as well. 

Reviews state the Chromebook is the most successful Linux laptop ever sold. Visually, Chromebooks look identical to that of a traditional laptop which is what they aim to do as Chromebooks remain to be a prospective replacement for tomorrows laptops. These fast, efficient and secure laptops are perfect for you if you use your laptop predominantly for internet surfing and browsing. They support multiple users as well. These laptops come in screen sizes of 13,14 and even 15.6 inches. Most of the top computer manufacturers produce Chromebooks today. 

Chromebook Laptop:  Innovations that Surpass Time

Cost is another grand advantage that the Chromebook laptop puts forward. It costs much lesser than your average laptop and hence is an attractive proposal for budget-conscious citizens. Speed is another integral factor that promotes the use of Chromebook. It can be up and ready to be used within eight seconds. This is due to the presence of SSD hard drives and the lightweight Chrome OS platform. Available from companies that are well known, the models come in an array of selected colors and designs you can choose from to suit your preference. One of the models that is sleek and has the hue of Pearl White. The specifications and performance index of this model is commendable. Another way you can choose is by looking at the processing core as well as the graphics.

Another advantage of this series is that it is a convenient and efficient form of laptop you can opt for which is ultra light and slim. Easy to handle and power efficient, this gadget is powered by the Intel Atom x5-Z8350. Chromebooks generally have a better battery backup and can stay up to 13 hours without requiring to be charged. The security is also top notch as it has built-in virus and malware protection that stays updated to the latest version. Therefore the risk and worry concerning malicious files can be eliminated while using the Chromebook. This laptop can activate parental controls as well. Since it supports multiple user systems the parents can create supervised accounts to track or limit online activity for a selected user. This family-friendly laptop is also synced with the cloud storage and has an additional google drive storage of 100GB. This enables you to access your data from any computer that you log in with.