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The Chinese Books: Made for Understanding a New Culture

Almost every Filipino knows how to speak English, with it being the secondary language of the country, after the primary Filipino language. But aside from these two, a great number of locals also know how to speak Chinese, incorporating it to their family traditions, while some also follow Chinese cultures to pay respects for their Chinese bloodlines. Many private schools even teach the language as a required subject for students, allowing the kids to be more diverse in their communication skills, eventually using them to talk with foreigners in their future jobs, using the language if it is necessary. If you have ever been interested in learning the Chinese language, or would want to get into the Chinese practices, then a good set of Chinese books is what you need.

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Books have always been the go-to items when learning, as these reading materials always have enough information, narratives, and exercises that can really be helpful in education. The Chinese books are no different in this regard, especially if your objective is to learn more about China’s culture, as well as understand the different forms of Chinese. The Chinese books often look traditional, but once you learn the basics of the language, you can easily learn and read through these materials, and help better understand the country in your own way. The different forms, genres, and materials by Chinese authors for kids, teens, and adults, are all available in the Philippines now, accessible through the country’s top online shopping site, all at the best prices right now.

    Chinese Language Books

  • Overview: Possibly the most important Chinese book available, the Chinese language books provides the necessary guides and information for speaking and reading Chinese characters. These books come in different levels and styles for learning.
  • Features: The Chinese language books often come with direct translations to English, as well as instructions on how to effectively speak and write in the language, using tips and guidelines. As the reader progresses, the English guidelines become less, indicating that the reader should know the basics of the language as he progresses.

    Chinese Calligraphy Books

  • Overview: If you ever want a mix of Chinese art and discipline in one book, the calligraphy books are the perfect choices for you. This material can really teach you about the different writing styles and the overall discipline of how the strokes and lines should be drawn, to make a perfect calligraphy of the Chinese letters and characters.
  • Features: The Chinese calligraphy book often comes with a paintbrush and an ink bottle for painting through the book’s pages. The pages themselves only come with a stencil, a small guide, and a grid that helps the artist write and brush the character through the page. The end result will be judged by a calligraphy teacher, whether these pass or not.

    Chinese Activity and Game Books

  • Overview: Not all Chinese books are for learning the language and culture of the country. There are also books that people can use to have fun and play with. The Chinese game books are like the board games that people play with their friends. There are also the puzzle books that are hard, but also enjoyable to complete.
  • Features: The Chinese activity books need not be written entirely in Chinese, since these games really represent the culture of the country well. Some of these games can be difficult like Sudoku, or easy, but can also be played with friends.