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Pom Poms: A Perfect Prop for the Cheerleaders

One of the most spirited props at a Cheerleader’s disposal are a pair of pom poms. Cheerleading Pom Poms are bright, fun and truly iconic; it is very much tied to cheerleading that it has almost become a synonym to cheerleaders. Originally it has been derived from pom pon, a French word which means a small ornamental fabric or feather made ball. A pom pom set comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and different color combinations. It is mostly used as a pair with one in each hand. Pom Poms are used in attracting the attention of spectators, for cheering or to distract opponent team members.

No cheerleading is complete without the use of pom poms. Although cheerleading requires organized routines and is a part of gymnastic, dance or stunt to cheer, Pom Poms enhance the beauty of these cheerleading steps. Cheerleading can be traced back from 1860 when in Great Britain few students started cheering routines at competitive sports events and all were men cheerleaders. An introduction to women in the cheerleading squad was made after 1930. But the use of pom poms was way later in the 1930s.

Cheerleading Pom Poms: Not Just a Dancing Tool

Many universities and schools have their own cheerleading team and this is taken as a serious curriculum just like other extracurricular activities. Sometimes referred as “pom squads” these Cheerleading Poms Poms goes hand in hand with cheerleaders and one requires special routine work to be professional with the use of Cheerleading Pom Poms. Normally a cheerleader uses this prop to cheer her team member, but sometimes it is also used to distract opponent team players. It is also used to accentuate movements. Eventually, companies began to introduce newer designs to account for color, thickness or length of streamers and variations of handles. With the realization of the importance of cheerleading, pom poms are being developed for popularity on televisions and showmanship performance to make it stand out in the crowd and shine with color.

In some places, the “pom” or “open pom” is a self-dancing style and considered to be very popular. For these types of dance category, the judges look for proper synchronization among the team members and the sharp movement of the pom poms. Such dances use different color pom poms and outfits to convey a dance theme. With more YouTube video, cheerleading dances and stunts are not restricted to United States of America or Europe, but has spread all over the globe and a number of students and professionals are getting interested to be a part of a pom squad. More schools and Universities have allowed its students to take up such activities as a part of co-circular activities of the board.