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Trusted Eyes Watch Over You, Using the CCTV Security

The good old days when people could roam freely without worrying about their safety and their belongings are gone now. These days, everything needs to be guarded and watched over. As a question of safety arises right from infant’s care up to national security, everything needs to be watched transparently, in order to keep the safety ensured. As people have started worrying about their safety, more security-ensuring products have come into the market. More often, these products end up being beneficial to people in many ways. One such product is the very famous CCTV security cameras. CCTV or Closed-Circuit Television cameras are used for video surveillance. CCTV security cameras have seen a lot of improvements and revolutions in them and they have now become a very common household product.

There are several companies in the market that manufacture CCTV security cameras. It is reported that around 350 million CCTV security cameras have been installed across the world as of 2016. It is clearly evident that the use of the CCTV security camera is widespread. Now, they can be found anywhere around us, for instance, in schools, offices, police stations, in the middle of a busy road, hospitals, transportations, industries, and even in residential areas. As their presence is widespread, their uses are also widespread. These little devices are almost everywhere now.

Features of the CCTV Systems in the Philippines

The CCTV system of working is as simple as it appears. Most of the CCTV systems hold a microprocessor along with a decent HD camera. Some CCTV systems support sound recognition whereas others do not have that feature inbuilt in them. For the sound-recognizing CCTV system, a microphone is implanted into the device to store the sounds along with the video. Along with these basic features, some CCTVs come with exclusive features such as motion detection, alarm facility via email or SMS alert, video compression option, photosensitive induction, auto white balance, extended memory via external storage option, etc. The one selling point of these cameras is the newly introduced infrared night light vision. Through this night light vision, a camera can record and capture video even in dark lighting in the background.

CCTV systems are designed to work in numerous diverse environments such as schools, hospitals, residential areas, malls, supermarkets, at traffic signals, restaurants, etc. These CCTV systems are built completely equipped to work under various circumstances. As much as the CCTV system is made by keeping every detail in the mind, the external device is also made sturdy enough to fight its own obstacles. As the devices can be used both indoors and outdoors, they are made weather resistant, waterproof, and easy to handle. Weather resistant means that the cameras can withstand heavy weather such as rains, thunderstorms, strong rattling winds etc. It is also to be noted that these systems allow the user to get their videos streamed directly on to their mobile phones.