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Cat Toys to Keep Pets Active and Engaged

Everybody loves to play. Toys give happiness all over the world! Why should pets be deprived of that fun time? Cat toys are a great way to train your pet, keep them active and improve the bond between you and your cat. Playtime can be so much fun when you choose the toys that excite your cat. Many factors make up the perfect cat toys. You need to ensure it is sized right for the cat to play with. You should also make sure the material of the toy is non-toxic, as your pet will be carrying it in the mouth often.

When you are choosing the soft toys for your cat, it is better to buy the ones that you can wash. This will ensure it is clean and will last longer. Cats by nature love to hunt. Toys that can be chased around or can be found out from hidden places are a good choice for your energetic pets. There are toys that allow you to play with your pet and there are toys that give them the independence to play alone. If your cat stays alone in your house when you are busy, invest in such toys that he/she can have fun without your presence.

Choosing the Right Kitten Toys

If you have a kitten at home that is pampered very well and does not leave your house premises, chances are that it will gain excess weight and will be under-exercised. This can lead to health issues just like human beings. Introducing your pet to kitten toys that can be chased or played with is a sure way to get them the required workout every day. By being active, your pet is strong and healthy, mentally and physically.

There are different types of cat toys and kitten toys you can choose from. The most popular ones are the wands or teasers that you can move around the cat, pushing it to run around, trying to catch it. Laser toys are also very popular and cats love to try to reach the laser beam. Ensure you do not flash the laser near the eyes, though. Catnips are perfect toys and cats and kittens love the smell of the same. Toys filled with catnip herb will make your pets excited for sure. Comfort toys usually are made of soft, fluffy materials and cats love to rub themselves over the material.

Balls are a cheap yet sure way for cats and kittens to play. You can buy a couple of them from nearby stores and have them around the house. Cat furniture is also popular with many pet owners. These provide hours of entertainment to your cat even when you are not around. Have a variety of choices and rotate between different toy types! Always clean these toys regularly to prevent infection and dirt around your house. The happier your cat is, the happier you can be.