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Car Seats for Your Kids

Do you often bring your kids on a trip? It is a lot of fun when you bring your kids for a weekend getaway or a family reunion. But it is also hard at times as you have to bring so many things that half of the car is filled with baby bath, grooming, feeding, nursing needs, and toys of course. It is also very important to have a durable car seat for your little one so that he or she will be kept safe during the whole ride. In US, there is a law that requires a car seat which is why some car companies have installed it already as a selling feature of their models.

Child safety seats are quite needed especially if you have to travel with your kids for hours on a regular basis. It will be a lot easier if you plan to purchase a car seat for your first born even before your expected delivery date so that you can safely bring your baby home without all the hassle of carrying him or her during the whole trip.

Car Seats For The Whole Family

There are different types of car seats that are available in the market: the convertible one really looks good and is multifunction; the cradle car seat that will be good until six months; and the sitting child seat that your kid can use from 6 months or whenever he or she can sit upright. If you have enough money, go for the best one that will serve your needs the best and can be used for a longer time. Go ahead and browse some pages on child safety seats so that you will have more idea on how important it really is to have one for your kid.

    Rear-Facing Car Seat

  • Advantage: Rear-facing car seat is the safest place for children especially to newborn babies. We do not know when does accident would hit us, but to ensure your kid's safety, must use this type of car seat
  • Features: Two types of rear facing car seat are available in the market. They are: infant only seats and convertible all-in one, allowing your child to sit for a longer time while on the go
  • Brands: Brands offering car seats for kids are Chicco, Enfant, and Kidstar

    Forward-Facing Car Seat

  • Advantage: Suitable for children ages 3 to 7 years old. In this age, they are now capable to reach the top height and weight of the seat, enabling them to sit with convenience
  • Features: This type of safety seat can be adjusted for accurate fit and easy reposition. It also has six headrest positions for the kids convenience. Convertible car seat has a chest clip and strap tightener
  • Brands: Brand featuring this type of car seat are Graco, Chicco and Kidstar

    Booster Car Seat

  • Advantage: Ideal for children, 4 to 12 years old. Having a booster car seat, will let the kids sit with you comfortably. Also allowing them to be trained using seatbelt for future purposes
  • Features: This type of seat has an adjustable head support with padded insert. This is easy to install and consumes less space than other child seats
  • Brands: Graco and Enfant are some of the makers of children's car seat