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The Car Camera Allows You to Have Security and Surveillance

Driving a vehicle on the on city streets and highways can be quite daunting nowadays. The immense volume of traffic and pedestrians enhance the risks of accidents. Most motorways still do not possess suitable surveillance systems that may help to identify drivers or pedestrians at fault, as a result of which repeat traffic offenders may walk scot-free and at times, innocent drivers may be penalized for no fault of theirs. Incidents such as those of road rage or negligent driving are quite rampant and pose a serious threat to the security of the thousands of responsible drivers that take to the roads. Insurance scammers greatly benefit from the nonexistent surveillance systems and innocent victims may end up having to pay hefty fines or even have their licenses debarred.

Surveillance and real-time footage is an integral requirement of road safety and car camera provides exactly that. Once a popular spectacle only used aboard motorsport racecars, onboard cameras have made their way into everyday cars. These cameras are much smaller than conventional cameras and can be placed with relative ease on certain parts of the car, such as the bumpers or the dashboard to record and store real-time footage. Rear bumper cameras are essentially helpful in parking and backing up a car.

Dashboard Camera Captures All Events at the Front of the Car

Most of the traffic action unfolds in front of the driver. Brake checking, misuse of indicators among other issues can cause serious traffic accidents. Dashboard camera or dashcam can capture the drama unfolding at the front of the car. These cameras are installed on the dashboard or the windscreen through suction caps and have a wide viewing angle.  Dashcams continuously record footage through the windscreen, and can occasionally be used to record footage of the interior of the vehicle which is desired in case of taxicabs to monitor passengers. The footage so captured can be presented as video evidence in case of road accidents or vandalism cases and are extremely important in proving one’s innocence in insurance scamming cases.

Footage captured by these cameras is often time-stamped so that the possibility of tampering with video files is minimized. The dashboard camera ensures that the device or the data is not destroyed. The video files may be stored in an onboard memory chip which can be transferred to a suitable mass storage device by connecting to a computer or they can be wirelessly transmitted or uploaded online. The source of powering these devices can be alkaline or lithium ion batteries which can be recharged with ease, even while the camera is operating. Many cameras also come equipped with motion sensors and detectors to conserve energy in case of parking surveillance, wherein the camera starts recording only when it detects motion, saving memory and battery power. Dashcams are not only used to provide valuable evidence in cases of driving and parking accidents but can also be used to document memorable road trips for travel bloggers and other enthusiasts.