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Car Audio – Making You Every Day Drive Soulful with a Touch of Music

From the comfort of your home to your workplace on a daily basis to driving around the city randomly or in search of commodities, traveling is now unavoidable by all means. With the increase in the number of vehicles owned privately and heavy traffic owing to this in the peak hours, driving is seen as more of a tedious task in itself. Car audio plays an important part in making the ride more of a joy ride than a pain.

The car audio is, in general, is any equipment installed to fulfill the purpose of in-car entertainment. In earlier days, the car audio comprised of a simple AM radio receiver. Further upgrades led to the inclusion of FM radio, tape and cassette players, CD and DVD players. Nowadays, built-in monitors with Blu-ray and full HD support players can be mounted. These can be controlled by switches that are not only confined to the dashboard but are also implemented on the steering wheels and even voice control. Installing Bluetooth adapters helps the driver to enable hands-free calling which adds to the safety of the driver and passengers as well. With the further advance in technology in the automobile world, car audio is now finding more applications such as - usage in telecommunication and remote diagnostics systems. Navigation systems including GPS and satellite communication are also implemented with these advances.

Car Sound Systems – Adding the Much-Needed Groove

Most cars come with a stock system which is simply a very basic model of a car sound system which only has a basic AM and FM transmitter and receiver for radio. But that may not necessarily meet the demand of a car owner. Aftermarket components like connectors for external devices to be plugged in and amplifiers to boost the power of the audio signals are usually added to the basic system to increase their efficiency.

Most common modern-day car sound systems include a stereo with AM and FM support, MP3, and inbuilt AUX cable port which acts as a wired interface to connect external devices such as mobile phones and MP3 players. It also has a USB port which takes input from external flash drives. The same USB port may also be used to charge external devices via a connecting cable. Some high-end car sound systems may also include an inbuilt Bluetooth adapter which allows wireless connectivity with devices to provide seamless music options. An external device that can be plugged in and used as a Bluetooth adapter is available. These work as an upgrade for already existing car sound systems with no Bluetooth connectivity. External devices can be paired with the Bluetooth device and used to enjoy music. External speakers may be fitted in addition to the existing car speakers. Speakers and amplifiers come in different power ratings and accordingly are used to amplify the music listening experience within the car. Add-such as woofers and subwoofers are also used to increase the intensity of the volume. Sound deadening materials are used to line the interiors of the car to dampen the excess vibrations on the panels to bass up the tones.