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For Boating and Fun Water Adventures: The Canoes in the Philippines

Owning a canoe is imperative to someone who loves taking the risk, riding on an adventure and finding new places. The canoe is a small banana shaped boat that is a narrow vessel, pointed at both ends and open on the top. They are made of a variety of materials starting from wood and canvas to inflatable fiber boats. Canoes are used for pleasure and are also a sport all over the world. It is used for river rafting, whitewater, racing, touring and camping. Canoeing is also a part of the Olympics since 1936. The initial canoes were made of wood bark on a wood frame and have now evolved to being made even out of aluminum.

The canoes that are wood are more solid and durable but reduce the flexibility and adventure quotient on the vessel. The inflatable canoes or banana boats are highly flexible and compressible enabling it to go through a lot of small spaces which is the reason why canoes are used to go caving in lagoons. These boats are let shrink by releasing air and thus is easy goes through small gaps in mountains and rock formations letting the canoe ride towards closed lagoons in the middle of water bodies and mountains. These undiscovered places cannot be reached using any other manner but canoeing through the deep side and walking when the clearance for the head is low.

Kayaks: Powerful Extreme Water Sports Boats

A kayak is another adventure boat made with a seating capacity of one and runs by the means of a double-bladed paddle. The kayaks have cockpits for the occupants and these are sunk into the hull of the boat giving the rider the feeling that he is immersed in the water. The design of kayak has evolved over time into different varieties such as the double-hulled kayak and the foot-propelled kayaks. There are also motorized kayaks available in the market today. Although nothing comes close to the traditional single-hulled adventure ride, the new innovations can suit people of different age groups and needs as well.

The kayaks being close to the water gives the rider a feeling like none other, being one with nature. It takes a lot of muscle and courage to maneuver a canoe across tides and obstacles with just the manpower applied on a paddle. It can be done in rivers lakes and even rough tides, which would be a perfect form of sports fit for adrenaline junkies. Kayak is one activity that can turn into a serene one or high-risk activity depending on where you test your skills. The Kayak differentiates itself from the canoe based on the position that the paddler sits. Also, the number of blades on the canoe and kayak are different. Where canoe has a single side blade for its paddle, the kayak requires a double bladed paddle for its smooth transition on rough waters. Cave kayaking is another activity that is done to explore the nighttime wonders in semi-submerged caves such as glow worms and lime formations such as stalactites and stalagmites.