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Wireless File Transferring Through the Wi-Fi SD Cards

Many people today see the advantage of the SD card when it comes to their portable devices. Camera enthusiasts see these as perfect replacements for film when transferring and storing files images and videos to the PC, while smartphone and tablet owners see these as great options for expanding their gadget’s memory and providing more opportunities to store their files and other documents on their devices. So what else can be added to expand the features of such components? Well, there are now camera SD cards with wireless connectivity features. These are aptly named the Wi-Fi SD cards.

The Wi-Fi SD Cards Available in the Philippines

The wireless SD card still has all the available components and features that the SD card has, from ample file transferring to the expansive storage. However, one of the biggest difference is that these devices can transfer files from one device to another wirelessly. These SD cards have their corresponding programs, either as an installable software for PCs or as an app in mobile. These allow you to connect to the Wi-Fi chip on the SD and initiate file transfer from your device to the PC or phone/tablet. These camera SD cards use the Internet to initiate the file transfer, thus the name, and can allow users to connect and choose which photos or videos can transfer to the devices.

One downside with this is that the space is limited, up to 32GB for most known brands, however, the features and convenience of being able to transfer wirelessly can outweigh some of the features on the device. You can look at the top online shopping sites in the country, and see the available Wi-Fi SD cards available today.

    Wi-Fi Camera SD Cards

  • Overview: The standard form of the camera storage device, this wireless SD card allows you to transfer files on the go and connect your shooter with your phone or PC.
  • Specs and Features: Outside of the Wi-Fi add-on, the SD cards can reach up to 32GB internal storage. These also act as normal SD cards with impressive non Wi-Fi file transfer features.
  • Uses: These SD cards are exclusive for cameras, but can also be used for other gadgets that requires the standard SD storage.

    Wi-Fi Camera SD Adapter

  • Overview: MicroSD cards have yet to have these impressive configurations on their much smaller form factors, but there are also options that allow them to be wireless, like the Wi-Fi SD adapter. These can also use the same Wi-Fi features as the standard SD option.
  • Specs and Features: This type of housing is very effective for users, due to it having the same features as with the standard SD housing. This can be equipped with any microSD card and be used as the aforementioned Wi-Fi device.
  • Uses: These housings are more likely to be exclusive to cameras, since the microSD can only transfer wirelessly through the housing, defeating the purpose if it would be taken out and stored like any microSD card. These, however, prove more advantageous since the housing can support any file size of the small SD card.