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MMA Protective Gear: Safety Comes First

MMA is a full-contact combat sport that involves kicking and striking the opponent to either knock him out or by virtue of scoring more points by managing to land more strikes or blows on your opponent. The referees score both fighters for each round and the fighter who scores the most after multiple rounds are proclaimed the winner. The sport is highly energetic, and adrenaline-packed and is adored by millions across the globe due to flashy moves which entertain the crowd. Even though it is appealing to the eyes of the spectator, it is extremely important for the fighters to ensure they don’t end up hurting their opponent gravely. The fighters are trained specifically to ensure their punches and moves are landed and paced properly. They are also trained to land safely on their limbs, feet or back in a situation where they receive blows from the opponent as well. It is not entirely necessary that everything goes as planned in a fight between 2 athletes though as things may get blown out of proportion during the heat of the moment. This is where MMA Protective Gear plays a pivotal role.

The most basic MMA Protective Gear is the double mouth guard that acts as a protective shield for your teeth and gums. This shield allows easy passage of air which allows the fighter to exhale out of his mouth easily which helps him to keep going and not tiring up soon. It is normally manufactured using Silica Gel and is hard enough to take a hit and act as a guard for your teeth and gums.

Boxing Protective Gear: Landing Your Punches Safely

One of the most important portion to be protected while boxing is your head. A miss-timed punch that ends up directed to your head may lead to fatal injuries including a concussion. Headgears constitute for a major division of Boxing Protective Gear. These headgears are normally made to be compatible with both men and women and are a perfect fit for professional boxers and taekwondo or karate training. They are normally half-cover which does not restrict the vision of the boxer. The headgears are normally lightweight and are manufactured using high-quality material which is breathable which also makes the gear comfortable to wear.

The reversible Chest Guard which acts as a body armor accounts for another very important Boxing Protective Gear which is donned by most of the boxers while in the ring matching against their opponents and during training as well. The equipment is made using dense foam which serves the purpose of protection, as well as acts as a perfect shock absorbing material, which further helps to dampen the force of the opponent’s punch. These come in a wraparound design which is intended to fit your body closely and is accompanied with nylon straps with quick-release buckles which further hold the chest guard intact and close to the body.