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Instantly make your PC Bluetooth Compatible with a Bluetooth Adaptor

Several desktop computers these days come with a default provision for Bluetooth connectivity. In many cases, these come with an integrated Bluetooth network adaptor in them. The same applies to laptops as well. But, for those models that do not have a Bluetooth module, you could always use a Bluetooth adaptor to instantly make it ready for wireless connectivity. Most smartphones, tablets and electronic gadgets, as well as several computer peripherals and speaker systems, come with a Bluetooth network adaptor built-in. With wired connections, you can connect multiple devices. You can also avoid all the clutter that cables create.

When you install a desktop PC, majority of the space on the worktable is taken by the cables. You could avoid this by getting a Bluetooth adaptor for your computer. This would allow you to use a wireless Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. So, what exactly is a Bluetooth adaptor or Bluetooth dongle? It is a small adaptor that can connect to a normal USB port on your gadget to allow other devices to link with it via Bluetooth. It barely takes up space and does not require any complicated setup process. You plug the Bluetooth dongle, download and install any required driver support software for that specific dongle. This would mostly be provided by the manufacturer or you must could just find it on the internet.

Features to look out for in a Bluetooth Network Adaptor

The Bluetooth radio standards keep evolving. The latest available version is the Bluetooth 5.0. Choose the version of the Bluetooth dongle according to the version of your devices. If you have a Bluetooth adaptor with Bluetooth 5.0, it is backward compatible with the previous versions. The most common Bluetooth network adaptor is the one that comes with Bluetooth 4.0. This can connect to almost all devices.

The next feature you should look for while choosing your Bluetooth dongle is the transmission speed. As against wired data transmission, wireless transmissions come with their limitations. There would be interferences and interruptions that reduce transmission speeds. Choose a Bluetooth adaptor that comes with decent data transmission speed. Bluetooth dongles, in general, are low power devices. When connected to the USB port, they consume very less power.

Another important feature that you should decide about is the class of Bluetooth adaptor. Class 1 adaptor comes with a range of 100m and class 2 comes with a 10m range. Class 2 adaptor would be slightly less expensive than class 1. Class 2 can be used for closely connected devices like mouse and keyboard. Whereas, if you are looking to connect a speaker that would be installed a little far away or to connect other devices further from the computer, you can go for a class 1 adaptor. As a final step, check the operating system compatibility and device compatibility of the Bluetooth network adapter. Most dongles support all Windows operating systems and all standard Bluetooth devices.