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Hassle-free Diaper Bags

Having a reliable diaper bag is a wise choice for parents especially when going outside, it is actually a must-have even for the expected delivery date. Here in the Philippines, some public hospitals are very strict that they do not allow other relatives, even the father of the child in the delivery and labor room. It is that important, diaper bags should be every partner’s best buddy in taking good care of their kid aside from the baby sitter, if they have one. The diaper bag can contain at least a stash of diapers for a day or two, a pack of baby wipes, alcohol or sanitizer and the mat where the baby lies during nappy change.

Diaper Bags to Choose

Diaper bags should be washed regularly in order to have a clean place for all the stuff that a baby should have during a trip or stroll at the park. These bags for diapers and other baby things should be cleaned with laundry detergent instead of the baby laundry detergent because bags are dirtier and has tougher stains than baby clothes so it needs extra cleaning. Parents can opt for bags that are dark-colored so that it will not get dirty easily and are easy to wash and air-dry. There are diaper bags that are trendy for mothers who want to stay chic and match with their outfits while carrying their baby outdoors or in a mall. There are several stylish bags that come in a shoulder, hand and travelling bag already available online that can be paid upon delivery or installment through MasterCard credit cards.

    Cloth Diaper Bags

  • Material & Size: Most common fabric being used is Teri cloth. This type of bags comes with different sizes that actually can load all your needs
  • Feature: This bags has multiple exterior pockets for ultimate organization, comes with 2 handles and very functional. Style can be Sling Strap
  • Brands: Looking for soft and lightweight bags? Bebeta, Enfant, Looney Tunes and Child Care has them all!

    Polyester Diaper Bags

  • Material & Size: This bags made from 100% Polyester, Microfiber and 210D Lining. Sizes varies depending on what you need
  • Feature: Can be worn as crossbody. Interior Construction composed of one zipper pocket, three pockets, two insulated bottle pockets, one cellphone pocket and one key ring
  • Brands: Child Care, Bellote and Mimiflo are just few brands making polyester bags

    Nylon Diaper Bags

  • Material & Size: This bags comes with Water-repellant and available in distinct size
  • Feature: Main compartment can be secured with hidden magnetic closure
  • Brands: Kids Zoo and Okie Dog are some of the brands traded nylon bags