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Automotive Hand Tools for Your Car

Most of us own at least one vehicle to take care of our travel needs, and if you have a car, you would know that sometimes even minor repairs can sum up to a large amount of money. You must know that there are several repair jobs that you can solve yourself with the right set of automotive hand tools and the knowledge to repair them. It will also help you save a lot of money in the long run.

While on the lookout for the right car hand tools for your home workshop, first you must decide the repairs that you would like to perform on your own. Some of the simplest repair jobs include fuse replacement, engine belt replacement, brake oil replacement, light bulb change, flat repair, oil & air filter replacement, wiring corrections, coolant refilling, engine oil change and minor scratch repair, among others. Once you are aware of the jobs to be performed, you can buy your equipment accordingly. Here are some of the basic automotive hand tools.

Spanners and wrenches are both available in varied sizes and come in metric and standard. It is recommended that you have both in your tool collection. Buy a set of the standard sizes and if extra sizes are required, invest in them separately. Sockets are one of the most widely used tools by mechanics and come in varied forms. Typically used to tighten and undo bolts, sockets are sold in sets of varied size and are available in both imperial and metric.

Some Essential Car Hand Tools

There are several kinds of screwdrivers available today, including specialist drives such as Tri-wing, Torq-set and Hexalobular. You are however not likely to need specialist drives unless you are working in specific industries. It is recommended that you opt for "impact screwdrivers" for your car. It is important that you store your car hand tools the right way. Tools will last a long time if you buy quality and take good proper care of them. One of the reasons to re-buy tools is because of misplacing them. Most tool sets come with storage cases, but once your collection begins to grow, it is advised that you buy a tool cabinet. While they can be quite costly, if you invest in a good quality one, it will last a long time.

Apart from these basic hand tools, you will also need some advanced tools such as body repair tools, engine repair tools and flat repair tools, among others. If you have a high-end car, chances are that you would need some vehicle specific tools as well. However, when shopping for such car hand tools, it is crucial that you buy only the ones that are necessary, as later these tools would be of no use when you replace your vehicle. While shopping for automotive hand tools, you should always invest in premium quality items from a trusted store. Cheap equipment may seem to offer you some savings initially, but they can be a big waste of money in the long run.