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Oontz Speaker: Sound Delivery in Style

The Oontz Speakers are portable mini Bluetooth speaker designed and manufactured by Cambridge Sound Works. Attractively designed, Oontz Speakers offer good battery life more than ten hours and have built-in speakerphone capabilities, and come with a carrying pouch. Some of the models have a bright blue light in the front of the unit.

Oontz Speakers have a Mini-USB port for charging. set the Oontz speakers deliver sound that's comparable to what one gets from more expensive speakers of the same breed. The package also consists of the USB cord and 3.5mm audio cable for connecting non-Bluetooth devices, in addition to carry pouch.

Oontz Bluetooth Speaker: Next Generation Ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Oontz Bluetooth Speaker packs a punch for its size and there is no distortion till one hits the last notch of volume. Oontz Bluetooth Speaker is powered with a 2200mAh lithium-ion battery which can last up to 8 hours on a full charge. Above the power button is a charging LED that flashes red while charging and it switches to a solid red when fully recharged. Oontz Bluetooth Speaker is a powerful sounding unit for its compact size and is a great addition to any water related activity. They are available in standard black, as well as in blue, pink, red, or grey. It is available in three models namely OontZ Angle 3, OontZ Angle 3 Plus and OontZ Angle 3XL. All the three models of Oontz Bluetooth Speaker come with IPX5 rating which makes them as Splashproof, Rainproof, Dustproof, Sandproof. Crystal clear distortion-free sound quality is the hallmark of every Oontz Bluetooth Speaker and they are compatible with all iPhones, iPads, iPods, Kindleand other branded Smartphones.

Why choose the Oontz Speakers?

  • Oontz Speakers provide distortion-free clear sound.
  • Oontz Speakers come with IPX5 rating which makes them as splash proof, rainproof, dustproof as well as sandproof.
  • Oontz Speakers offer good battery life more than ten hours and have built-in speakerphone capabilities.