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Airport Routers for Better Connectivity

The router you choose determines the reliability of the wireless network established. Whether you choose Airport Express, Airport Extreme or Airport Time Capsule, you can be assured of the most reliable and consistent high speed wireless network for you Mac and other wireless devices. With better Wi-Fi speeds, these routers are very easy to setup and are known for their robust performance. The Extreme offers 802.11ac while the Express offers dual band 802.11n. These routers are known to establish secure connection.

For the home Wi-Fi network, many users have now switched to using Airport routers, given its performance. Keep in mind however that these are not modems. These are base stations that can be configured in few simple steps. You should have a dependable internet connection offered to your house by a modem. You can connect the Airport routers to these modems and help establish a secure network where all other Wi-Fi enabled devices like your iPhone, Mac laptops, iPad and others can all connect. You could use the Airport routers in ways you would use any normal router. You could use it to establish a separate network or even in those cases where you have a wired internet. The Airport routers can help create a wireless network from the wired network.

Understand the Various PC Airport Routers

The Airport Express is a base station that also comes with few of the beneficial features of Apple in the wireless network created. There is a 3.5mm jack provided on the Express. You could thus connect this base station to a speaker system to directly stream AirPlay. This is a feature that is missing in the Airport Extreme. Both of these PC Airport routers however allow wireless printing by being able to connect to a printer wirelessly. The AirPort utility tool makes the use of these routers simple. This tool is available for Mac desktops, laptops as well as for Windows. You would be able to manage your wireless network from your smartphone or laptop using the utility tool.

The setup process is pretty quick. The setup assistant would make sure that your router is up and running without a hassle. The dual band connection offered by Express makes the device offer good speeds for all of the devices connected to the network. You can choose this if you have a slow router at home. Even if you wish to simply extend the range of your network, you can do so by adding an Airport router to the existing network. The built in firewall that comes with these routers is worth a special mention. So, your network would be secure when you connect to the internet. This prevents the possibility of your devices being hacked by malicious sources. The firewall is turned on by default during the setup. One other interesting aspect here is the guest network feature. This allows you to create a separate network for new users. You could choose a different password for this network. With all these benefits Airport continues to be one of the best wireless routers available.