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Keep Cool with Air Conditioners

While most people are experiencing changes of weather patterns, every home and office needs an air cooling device to stay more comfortable during hot and humid summer weather. Under intense conditions, the air conditioners can keep a room’s temperature cool enough, so that people can stay comfortable and happy enough to do their tasks or relax, especially during the hot weather. Air conditioners have come a long way from the traditional variants that people use. From the standard box-type aircons, to the inverters that people rave about, many can easily go out and get the proper device that can keep their houses cool and homey.

Today, lots of air conditioners offer wide models that one can choose from. No worries when it comes to their quality because all brands that manufacture air conditioners have been required to meet standard and strict quality check before they made available to public.

Air Conditioner Perfect for Your Home

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home is a big decision. It is complicated and takes many factors to consider before making a purchase. You must know foremost the area in your room (measure it in square meters) that you want to be cooled. If you don’t know exactly, you can measure it by yourself. Get a tape measure and calculate the length and width. If your room is in rectangular and square shaped, just multiply the length and width. For other shaped-room, multiply the length with its width and divide it by 2. After getting the measurements, you may now determine the cooling capacity your room needs. Say, you now know the area to be cooled and it is 20 sq. advisable horsepower or HP is 1.0. Experts say 1HP equipment able to remove lots of heat. So the higher the area to be ventilated, greater HP is needed.

Keep in mind that Air conditioners are measured in Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER. The higher the EER, the more efficient is the unit. Each increase of 1.0 EER is equivalent to 10% in energy efficiency. So, the highest EER surely provides extreme cooling capacity. If you want to know more EER details, information about EER is usually founded on Energy Guide of the unit you want to purchase. On the other hand, HP and Watts are the terms generally used in describing the features of an Air Conditioner. HP refers to the speed an AC motor is running and watts represents the electricity being used. So the higher the motor speed, the more electricity is being consumed.

There is no need to feel the heat during the hot summer days, now that there are air conditioners now available in the Philippines. There’s also a wide selections of Air conditioners suits on every home. What are you waiting for, grab one and choose which properly sized air conditioner is best that can give you and your family effective and excellent cooling.

    Window Air Conditioners

  • Features: This type of Air Condition is built from Plastic, Rubber, and Aluminum. Features include anti-dust and pollution filter, inverter series, operates quietly and auto air swing
  • Advantage: Window type is more economical. They are easy to install as it can be fitted to any windows

    Wall Type Air Conditioner

  • Features: Available in wide variety of designs and styles, these comes with high energy efficient, easy cleaning and provides excellent cooling capacity
  • Advantage: Highly efficient and economical, allowing you to use it longer span of time. It also saves space as it mounted on the ceilings

    Floor Air Conditioners

  • Features: Every unit is built in water tank, having a drain outlet and water tube. It also comprised of washable and anti bacterial filter
  • Advantage: Great option if looking for an excellent cooler for a wider area; easy to install

    Air Conditioner Accessories

  • Features: Items you may purchase are Roll, Carbon and Gas Air Con filter and Water solutions
  • Advantage: Tools that can help maintain the effectiveness of your appliance