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Some Reasons Why 3D Glasses Are Popular

Three-dimensional glasses are used to view movies in a different light. They help to bring a story to life. They make everything more realistic. Whether it is a TV show, movie or game, 3D effects make everything quite amazing. These days people are looking into better HD resolutions. Technology has improved and 3D is replicated in many ways yet 3D Glasses are popular.  These glasses are available as polarized too. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They work with a wide variety of passive 3D televisions that support 3D technology. They can be used in traditional theatres or at home. These are highly durable glasses crafted with strong and flexible plastic. They are scratch-resistant so they can be worn over and over again.

3D glasses can be worn with 3D Games as well. The effect of the game will be enhanced and become more realistic. Hence it will be much more enjoyable, especially if you are playing with companions. The polarized lens design eliminates the red and blue look. This gives the glasses a more stylish look. So, not only do you get an enhanced 3D experience, but you get the style as well. One important fact to bear in mind is that the glasses will only function if the screen is also three-dimensional. Polarized lenses are better because they create a clearer, high-quality image. There are glasses with three- dimensional effect made from cardboard. They can be folded and stored away easily. Cardboard glasses are used just once.

The Features of VR 3D Glasses

The whole 3D effect is enhanced even more with the new VR 3D Glasses. They give 3D a whole new dimension with their virtual reality effect. They even work with 4.7-inch to 6.1-inch smartphones. They have soft leather padding for the face so that they can be worn comfortably. The strong 3-point head straps help them fit better and not move during use. Some of these glasses have a Bluetooth remote controller as well. The lens is made of HD optical resin augmented lens and the lens has a diameter of 38mm. There is also a built-in space for the camera. The spherical resin material used in the lens is an added advantage. The eye and pupil distance can be adjusted so that viewing is clearer and there is no strain on the eyes.

Some VR 3D Glasses come with headphones. The headphones have an adjustable stereo. The straps are elastic and adjustable and the lens is made of spherical resin. There are headphone holes on both sides so you can use the side that is more comfortable for you according to the phone you are using. The transplant lens is long-lasting and has high-definition. When ordered, you will get the headset and VR box in two separate boxes. Each will be bubble-wrapped for additional safety. Some VR boxes come with a free VR controller and game controller. The position of the phone can be moved at any time even while you are watching something. The strap design is such that it takes the pressure away from the bridge of the nose.