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RASTACLAT Philippines: A Wide Range of Fashion Accessories

Everyone in this world face negative energy at some point in life. If you are stuck with one of those negative energies right now and looking for a solution, then RASTACLAT Philippines has got something for you. This brand is known for spreading positive energy in everyone's life. Daniel Kasidi founded RASTACLAT in 2010 and since then, his products have taken over the world in the field of fashion accessories. The brand has infused most innovative and creative ideas into the industry and is recognized all over the world for its unique style and trendy look. How does it feel when people compliment you for wearing something unique? You will surely feel positive and complete. That is exactly what RASTACLAT focuses on.

The brand has a complete knowledge in understanding the synergy of sales, marketing, development, production, and design departments. With this stern knowledge of market strategies, RASTACLAT Philippines has accomplished in creating extraordinary products. RASTACLAT Philippines is a brand that exuberates confidence, independence, and courage to conquer the world of innovation and fashion. The brand focuses on creating timeless and innovative accessories inspired by real world experiences simultaneously embracing all cultures and spreading positive vibrations. Building right relationships, segmentation and not over-saturating their products have been the keys to their success.

RASTACLAT Lace Bracelets: Creativity in the Wearable Accessories

The RASTACLAT lace bracelets are sold to over 31 countries around the world though the manufacturing units are placed at Africa, Guam, China, and Mexico. The bracelets are made keeping in mind the quality, cultural differences, cost-effectiveness, and latest fashion trends. The beauty of these bracelets is that these are very eye-catchy and uniquely designed.

RASTACLAT Philippines has newly launched their bracelets featuring the Torey Pudwill and Chaz Ortiz signature. These bracelets have been fast selling and the latest survey on customer satisfaction showed that each customer owns at least 10 to 15 RASTACLAT lace bracelets. The soft texture of the bracelet keeps the customers happy and comfortable while showing of the trendy look and the unit design of these bracelets.

Domestically RASTACLAT bracelets are sold at various boutiques and apparels chain. The bracelets focus on their presence in streetwear, suburban and sneaker cultures. The brand has an iconic cult-like following and the buyers are always on the edge of their seat waiting for the next new drop. The pricing of the product is relevant to the target audience and the placement of price tags within a storefront allows the buyer to see it and buy it at a retail store without any confusion or regrets. RASTACLAT has rolled out POP and POS plans that are versatile to make the retail stores to easily merchandise their products at their branches. The brand has been focusing on innovating their products to offer rich and meaningful collections yet simple and available.

Why choose the RASTACLAT Accessories?

  • RASTACLAT Philippines has been solely focusing on creating unique products implementing life stories.
  • The brand provides cost-effective and comfortable products.
  • RASTACLAT is the fastest growing apparel designer in the market right now.