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When it comes to glass wares, PYREX is the name!

Pyrex is a brand famous for making laboratory and kitchen glass wares. Their major breakthrough is their release of the laboratory measuring cup that featured the graduation of both metric and US measuring systems. Since then the company had been known to produce top-notch glass wares that are used in both laboratory and culinary purposes. Since then, they lead the market of glassware all over the world.

Before, Pyrex produces a list of clear, low-thermal expansion borosilicate glass that then changed into the use of clear, tempered soda-lime glass. Expanding in various countries around the globe, the company had extended to cater the needs of people, which also paved the way for Filipinos to benefit on the brand’s high quality products. Currently, Pyrex Philippines offers more than their famous glass wares, but also releasing a variety of the company’s metal wares that are mainly used for pastry inclined purposes.

Pyrex Philippines: Covering Multiple Kitchen Needs under One Brand

By being the kitchen cook’s right hand friend, Pyrex products are one of the most recognizable kitchen brands in the world. So it’s no surprise that the company may extend their services for few more areas, and one of their good examples of expansion is their release of Pyrex metal wares! Just like how their first products impressed consumers, expect these metal wares to be durable, heat resistant and food-safe items that come in affordable price ranges! With this, there’s little or no doubt that Pyrex completes your kitchen needs!

Why choose Pyrex?

  • Their products are tested to be durable and safe
  • The brand offers a wide variety of kitchen items
  • Their products are designed to aid your cooking needs
  • The company has a reputable name in the glassware market

    Pyrex Glassware

  • Items: Bakeware items include Measuring Cup, Cutting Board, Casserole, Mixing Bowl and Small Bowls
  • Features: Basically made of transparent glass. It comes in different sizes and shapes and known for its durability and naked design
  • Advantage: Functional for everyday use. Perfect for preparation, cooking, serving, heating or microwaving and storage

    Pyrex Storage

  • Items Dressing/Seasoning bottles and Pack 'N' Range lids
  • Features: These storage containers are made of safe plastic and stainless
  • Advantage: These are portable, applicable for storing food as it secure and maintain the freshness of any food items

    Pyrex Kitchenware

  • Items: Measuring tools and Utensils/Mixing Gadgets
  • Features: Temperature resistance and silicone overmolding for easy clean up
  • Advantage: These kitchenware surely impress everyone on its classy designs and makes cooking easier