Mountain Bike # 26 Stark Alloy Rim

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Product details of Mountain Bike # 26 Stark Alloy Rim

  • Height: For 5 feet and aboveMain Material:SteelModel:STARK-SW26x14.5No. of Speed:18Net Weight:12.5KGAll our bikes are shipped 90% assembled. 10% of it will be assembled by buyer. These include the saddle, pedal, handle bar, and front wheel. Other parts like the gears and brakes might need some little adjustment to no adjustment.
Size: 26x14.5"
Frame Material: High Tension Steel
Fork: Steel
Handle Bar: Steel
Handle Stem: Steel
Seat Post: Steel 25.4mm
Saddle: MTB
Speed: 18 speed
Front Deraileur:
Rear Deraileur: Shine
Gear Shifters: alloy
Freewheel: 6 speed
Chainwheel: Steel/Plastic coated
Bottom Bracket: cotterless type
Brake System
Brake: V-Brakes
Rim: Single wall alloy rim
Hubs: Front and Rear Steel
Spokes: Black Spokes
Pedals: Plastic Pedal
Tire: 26x2.125 Tires
Accessories: Front and Rear reflectors
Front and Rear mudguards
Front and Rear spoke reflectors

Congratulations on your newly purchased bike from Progress Bicycle Corp! Now that you have a beautiful, eye-catching, sturdy bike let's set it up so you can finally ride it.

Here are some easy to follow steps to help you set up your shiny new disc brake racing bike.All our bikes are shipped 90% assembled. 10% of it will be assembled by buyer. These include the saddle, pedal, handle bar, and front wheel. Other parts like the gears and brakes might need some little adjustment to no adjustment.

Step 1: Take the bike out of the box. Wow! Doesn't it look good?

Here is a picture of the bike out of the box.

Step 2: Take off all the plastic tie locks, cardboards and wrappers.

Use a small pointed tip to loosen the tie-locks. You can use a small pointed nail file or cutter blade like the one shown here in the picture. But always be careful in using any sharp pointed objects.

Step 3: Now that your bike is free of any cover and locks, it's time to put your bike together.

Set aside the front wheel that you just untied from the frame of the bike. Balance the bike on the floor just like the picture shown here.


Step 4: Screw on the chainwheel then mount the frame to the front wheel.

Slide the wheel securely inside the slot.


Step 5: Screw the wheel on using the long thin screw found inside the box.

It looks like this.


Don't forget to lock it in place after you have screwed it on tightly. Lock it by pulling the screw flap up.


Step 6: Now that your wheels are all set, let's set up the handle bar.

Start by turning this head tube towards you.


Step 7: Take off the 4 screws and their washers from the head tube. (Washers are small thin plates with a hole in it)

Don't lose the screws/washers and the attached metal that you just unscrewed. You will need all of them later.


Step 8: Gently lift the attached handle bar and align it to the head tube.

You will know it is aligned when the "HS" logo is right in the middle.

Step 9: We're almost done! Put back the metal and screw back all the screws/washers.


Step 10: Tighten up the screws on the other side of the head tube.


Let's now attach the saddle seat.

Step 11: Loosen the screw on the frame for the seat post to slide gently down. Adjust it to the height you like. When you're satisfied with the height, screw it back tightly on.


Step 12: Put the saddle seat on and screw it on tightly.


Step 13: Pedals are the last thing we need to complete the bike.


You'll know which side is which by looking at the side metals of the pedals. You'll see a carved "R" for the right pedal and a carved "L" for the left pedal.

Step 17: Screw the pedals on and tighten them up by using a small wrench.

Step 18: Put in 2 screws on the frame. You can use your hands to tighten them.


Step 19: Last step!Screw on the bike stand at the back.

Safety First! Make sure you have a break light and refector for other motorists to see you clearly.

Screw on the brake reflector light at the back and in front of your bike.

And you're done!

Specifications of Mountain Bike # 26 Stark Alloy Rim

  • Brand
  • SKU
  • Model
    STARK SW 26 x 14.5
  • Bike Frame Size (inches)
  • Warranty Type
    No Warranty
  • Warranty Period
    7 Days
  • Number of Speed
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Mountain Bike #26 Stark Alloy Rim Red

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11 months ago
by May a.Verified Purchase
bakit nag pa add ng additional 100pesos yun nagdedeliver? pambayad daw sa gate? paano kung marami kayo pagdadalhan dun sa village, bawat isa mag pa add kayo na 100? may mali
11 months ago
by Jimmy L.Verified Purchase
Deformed ung gulong, kulang ng screw lock, may scratches ung main body, ung pedal na detatched in the long time used ... Dear lazada how can you fix this. the status of this is returned initiated, pwede bang irefund nlng ang money? Sobrang abala kasi sa pagrereturn. Please give an update as soon as possible. Thank you.
12 months ago
by Oshjosh J.Verified Purchase
Item is in good condition. However it would have been nice to have a manual sent over or maybe even tools to assemble it.
8 months ago
by Jonathan W.Verified Purchase
I went for the cheap option (4000) (Well 5K because delivery is not free like previously advertised) and now I wish I'd have saved my pennies and bought one from my local bike shop for 10,000. I forgot the golden rule, you buy cheap, you buy twice. Here are some problems I've had, 1.There were NO instructions in the box. Now the seller might say "we have pictures to help with that". The pictures they show are a totally different kind of bike with different parts already assembled to this one. 2.No tools in the box. Any bike that requires assembly should include things like allen keys or an allen key wrench. NO. I had to take it in a taxi (100 pesos) to a bike shop where they assembled it for me (150 pesos). 3.After my second, yes, SECOND ride on the bike the pedals fell off and completely broke. Again I had to push the bike up to the bike shop where they told me they needed to be completely replaced. (Costing me another 200 pesos). I am so afraid now of riding my bike to the gym and I wish I could sell it or get a refund. In short - DO NOT GET THIS. In the pictures of the bike shown being assembled that bike has a hydraulic break. This one has the old style breaks. Blatant false advertising. Like I said, save for a few months and get something better. I know that soon I will have to do the same which makes me even angrier at wasting my money. .
11 months ago
by Jang G.Verified Purchase
So high quality the product,my husband loves it..He was so surprised beacause the expected day to deliver would be his birthday,he told me it was good choice,very cheap the price but high quality the product!
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  • hello po paano po mag order at paano magbayad sa inyo pag nag order??
    Jhally M. - 3 days ago
    * Yes, the item is available. Click on “Add To Cart” and proceed to checkout, if you’d like to purchase it.
    ePBC Infinix Inc - answered within 1 day
  • pwede po bang 13 years old mag bili nyan???
    joy b. - 1 week ago
    Good day po depente po kung kaya niya po sa mountain bike po at kung kaya na po niya mag bike ganon kataas sir/mam. meron po kami na mini mountain bike po na kaya niya po yun MTB 20 Stark Double Wall , Mountain Bike #20 Stark Alloy Rim MTB20 thank you po god bless
    ePBC Infinix Inc - answered within 14 hours
  • available pa po ba to?
    beast t. - 2 weeks ago
    YES Available po
    ePBC Infinix Inc - answered within 12 minutes