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Prima Philippines Provides a Consortium of Stationery, Home Décor, and Entertainment Needs

Prima Philippines is your one-stop destination to quench all your stationery needs. Prima Philippines excels in the production of cardstocks, which are thicker than most normal writing paper, but thinner and more flexible than other forms of paperboard. The brand provides a wide range of cardstocks to choose from for all home and office stationery needs, with a variety of designs available to suit each and every purpose. Prima Philippines meets the demands of the average artist with its palettes for oil and acrylic painting, which are specially designed to withstand turpentine and oil paint degradation.

Fabric embellishments are another creative venture by the brand, producing one of the most beautiful products. The themes range from flowery embellishments to those such as butterflies, which can be used to enhance the aesthetics of any room. Prima Philippines also excels in various other stationary ventures such as art books and stamp books. Lace pastel and pearl spools can be used to manually embellish your craft works.

Apart from producing stationary for various creative art and craft ventures, Prima Philippines also excels in the making of home décor products which are modeled with perfection to appear aesthetic to enhance the beauty of a room.

Prima Gift Cards and Home Décor Bring Artistic Creativity with You

Prima gift cards are one of the most popular products of the band. These cards are either available as readymade greeting cards suited for various occasions or as card stocks which are required to be manipulated to make into a new greetings card, requiring an art and craft venture. Either of the two products is of impressive quality, with the paper being specifically made through acid and lignin free protocols to make it more safe and healthy. A huge number of designs are available to choose from, to enhance your scrapbook projects or art ventures.

Prima home décor accessories lend a truly beautiful look to any home or room. Home décor items range from flowery embellishments that can be used to enhance the beauty of curtains or windows to miniature mannequins that give an artsy appeal to your living quarters. Such mannequins are flexible and lifelike and are made of high quality seasoned hardwood for improved durability. The proportions are well maintained to preserve the aesthetic feel and the items have considerable weight in comparison to their size. Embellishments made by the brand are made of eco-friendly fabric and available in a multitude of attractive and soothing colors and various shapes and sizes. Apart from various flowers, embellishments are also available in the form of butterflies that go really well with the room of a child. The fabric employed makes these products highly durable.

Why choose Prima Philippines?

  • The brand offers a range of cardstocks which are free from acid or lignin.
  • The products of the brand are reasonably priced to enable you to choose from the vast array of products available.
  • The items are built beautifully with highly durable materials to enhance its appeal.