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Pineng Philippines: All Original and Powerful Powerbanks

The Powerbank is becoming an important tool for most people. This portable device can store ample charges for your mobile device, is small enough to be carried anywhere you go, and can come with a variety of cables and connectors to help charge other devices and be effectively compatible to any gadget at hand. Most of all, these devices have hit the cheap sheet, with the affordable Pineng powerbank, headlining this change in the powerbank industry.

Pineng is a distributor of quality powerbanks and charging connectors that is suitable for most mobile devices. These powerbanks are affordable, yet can carry enough power to charge multiple devices multiple times. The different designs of the powerbank also give you a sense of which type of portable charger can go with your mobile device.

Maximize the Usage of Your Pineng Powerbank With is Accompanying Cables

Most quality powerbanks would not be usable without the proper charging cables to come along with it. The Pineng group also provides a variety of charging cables in the form of microUSB and lightning connectors that are compatible to both Android and iOS devices. Overall, the reliability of these devices can let you maximize the usage of the Pineng powerbank. With multiple forms and sizes to choose from, you can be assured that there is a proper Pineng device suitable to your phone.

Why choose Pineng?

  • The brand creates powerful and durable powerbanks
  • The Pineng Powerbanks come with different compatible cables that can connect to both iOS and Android devices.

pineng philippines

    Pineng Digital Powerbank

  • Overview: Pineng is one of the first powerbanks to make use of a digital interface to show how much the power the charger has left before needing to charge again. These devices come in sleek and slippery metal finish, with the LCD indicator for the battery’s lifespan.
  • Usage: This powerbank design is the most suitable for the casual users who want to charge their mobile devices anywhere. The powerbank is also useful since it indicates if your phone completes its charge.

    Pineng Sleek Armor Series

  • Overview: The sleek armor is the more durable of the other Pineng variants, making its way to the market using its intimidating look and strong design. The armor the portable charger also showcases heavy duty performance and very durable charging.
  • Usage: While the casual Pineng powerbank is marketed as a powerbank that you can use anywhere, the sleek armor can be used anywhere, anytime. This device is used for charging devices even on the go.