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        Load Online thru LAZADA’s Mobile Recharge

        The top online shopping site in the Philippines now offers e-load! With LAZADA’s offering now going mobile, it is about time that the group can now offer effortless loading for your smartphones. The Online Mobile Recharge offers quick top-up for your phone’s prepaid load, pushing for a quick reload that allows you to continue using your phone or tablet when needed - surf the internet, text or call. Simply input your phone’s number on the page, select your appropriate amount, and pay using your credit card. This option is accessible via your PC or mobile device, essentially providing you reloading capabilities while even on the go. The best part? This option is available for every person, regardless of their phone SIM subscriptions.

        Online Load Available for Effortless Prepaid Loading

        The mobile phone has been around for decades now, but what makes this device very useful is their consistency in communication. This includes the loading option for your device. While some Filipinos are now going postpaid, there are still many people who prefer prepaid, with the consistent loading allowing them to monitor how they use their phones proficiently. With the group’s Mobile Recharge page, these users can have the same capability as the postpaid users, essentially giving them unlimited phone usage for calls, texts, and even mobile data. The LAZADA Mobile Recharge option is now up and running, accessible through the top online shopping site and app in the Philippines today.