What is media? While this question is very common, it is also quite broad and a bit difficult to answer. This is because media itself is too big to be defined. Entertainment is just one of the forms of media, while communication and information are simply important components of it. Exposure is just an effect, and even education is a good example of what media is for people. This large concept has always been around people for a long time, even manifesting as small items that people use for recreation and even for learning. That being said, what are the appropriate media that people can get? And among these leisure items, what are the ones that can be good for you? This buying guide will try to aim the proper definitions of media, as well as provide some of the options that you might want and can get, when you shop on the top online shopping site in the Philippines.

The Common Types of Media
The definition of media itself is broad and very hard to describe, but its forms are very distinguishable from one another. There is also the media that you can purchase for yourselves, often grouped together into these main components: the TV, Movies, Music, Literature, and Gaming. These five types are quite common among the people due to their entertainment factor, and how people use them during their leisure. The products that each media format has are expansive and can be bought alongside their other products. You can actually own multiple movies on your shelves, together with your books, alongside TV shows and even a gaming console and an instrument if you want. And even then, you should look at the different genres of each media product, just so you could find the items that you actually enjoy and are interested in.

One of the more general and large forms of media possible, the movie is what you see on the cinema. It is the long form of visual that tells the story with an intro, middle, and ending, all acted out and presented to you. For some people, this is also the main reason why they buy the electronic gadgets to buff up the video and audio of their home theater set up. Movies are very popular and high-budget, being showed first on the cinema that most people can see with others, before being released in the optical disc format or through digital download so that others can own a copy that they can watch for themselves. Choosing the appropriate movies can be easy since all can come in either as DVD, Blu-Ray, or even through downloaded content.

  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Horror
  • Drama

This light-hearted genre is the best for families, due to the funny dialogues, hilarious scenes, and family-friendly tone of the genre. Most people even sight comedy as the genre for all funny things. However, the comedy genre is originally made to be happy, not funny. There are weddings and love stories to go along with it, and the conflict is straight forward. Comedy movies are very fun to watch, especially with friends and family. So if you want a much lighter tone and overall happy movie to watch, you can collect comedy movies for yourself and for your friends and family.

This genre is the favorite theme of men in general, due to some violence, and overlapping stories that usually lead to fights and explosions. Story-wise, the action movie is the genre of heightened conflict between two or more people. Most people see action movies as violent, but that is because violence is a form of conflict. You often see a hero here, fighting an antagonist and other elements just so he could reach his goal. These adrenaline-filled movies are very exciting, and often solid all throughout. These are also commonly the main genre of superhero movies that people are fond of and are very popular right now.

If scary things are your cup of tea, then the horror film is the best thing that you can get right now. The horror genre is one of the oldest and largest genres around, diving into the world of the supernatural and unknown, to give viewers the fright that they are either looking forward, or are not expecting. Horror uses elements to heighten emotion, specifically fear, onto the audience, seeing as the main characters experience unnatural and deadly elements that are after them. Over time, the genre also expands into other sub-genres like thriller, slasher, and ghost movies.

The drama movie is possibly the most common and oldest form of movie and art-form, similar to comedy, due to the popularity and longevity of this form of genre. This type of movie is the exact opposite of comedy, that it focuses on all serious elements that people can actually relate with. Drama is all about emotion and the human person, focusing more on the sad parts of the character’s lives, as well as the overall drama that people experience during the entire movie.

After the movie genre, we can now dive into the TV genre in general. Often called the “small screen” by critics and viewers, the TV genre is made to be more accessible and viewable by people, due to the format being episodic and seasonal, allowing viewers to tune in and see proper progression of story that any person can watch. Like movies, these TV shows can be released through digital download, or with discs; coming in as part of collections and seasons, so that people can watch them properly and continuously if they like. These TV shows also come in with the same genres as with the movies, with some other creative genres that are often seen in different TV shows and fitting them accordingly with their length.

  • Fantasy
  • Crime Thriller
  • Melodrama
  • Animation

The genre that is often seen on novels and books are now realized in the popular TV shows. The mix of fantastical elements, shown on a realistic and actual plain makes these shows more exciting. Aside from the fictional and fantastic elements, these shows often have well-crafted plots and stories, making them engaging and fun to watch. You can even wait for the next episode to see and be more surprised on what these fantasy TV shows can offer in terms of story-telling and lots of character development.

This genre is the favorite theme of men in general, due to some violence, and overlapping stories that usually lead to fights and explosions. Story-wise, the action movie is the genre of heightened conflict between two or more people. Most people see action movies as violent, but that is because violence is a form of conflict. You often see a hero here, fighting an antagonist and other elements just so he could reach his goal. These adrenaline-filled movies are very exciting, and often solid all throughout. These are also commonly the main genre of superhero movies that people are fond of and are very popular right now.

A dated, but somewhat modernized spin of the drama films that people watch, the melodrama takes human emotion to the next level, all being the driving force of the narrative of the story. These dramas are very popular among the general audience, since these stories are often relatable. However, these long dramas are also often criticized for stereotyping characters. Nevertheless, this is one of the most watched and popular variants of the TV show that is almost everywhere in the world.

Of course, the TV genre wouldn’t be complete without the cartoons and anime that kids and young adults watch. The animated TV shows showcase creativity and art style overall, followed by characterization and imagery, making these appropriate for any target audience. Some cartoons are also showing versatility by showing content that are targeted to mature, while also focusing on comedic elements that both kids and adults can relate with.

From the visual media format, we move into the audio, through music and songs. This form of media is very powerful due to the diversity among genres, as well as the different instruments available for people. Discussing music thoroughly may mean that there should be a separate list for it, but in this case, the list should focus more on the items that people can get and use to entertain themselves in general. For many, this is through the different genres of songs and artist albums available. For some, this can be done through the instruments themselves. If people are having a hard time discerning which to get, read on to learn more about the different music options that they can get.

  • Musical Instruments
  • Music & Songs

You can’t create good music in general without the right instruments. While very different than other media items in general, the musical instrument is a proper media item, due to its capacity to create and entertain people. Many are familiar with the guitars, while a lot teens and young wanted to play the piano or the violin when they are young. The musical instrument is also the most diverse out of any product line, due to their designs and uses, compared to others that are only divided among genre. These instruments can be played by strumming, blowing, hitting, and pressing keys. Simple enough for some, but if you really want to master the different musical instruments, get familiarized with these items first.

If you aren’t confident with your skills as a musician, best to listen to the other people and professionals who make music for a living. Lots of artists today are releasing albums of different songs either on CDs and DVDs, or through digital download. All of these are part of the music industry: one of the largest and influential media forms today. Music is everywhere, whether you are on your car, going to the mall, or even staying at home. Music also comes in varying media and genres, all based according to the tastes and preference of the people listening to them. And even still, there are also other people who listen to particular music, according to subgenres, making this media more diverse than ever. Listen to the powerful and instrumental music of rock, the fun and energetic rhythm of dance pop, and the edgy and creative lyrics of rap and hip-hop, all among the other genres that cover what people all call music.

By definition, any forms of written language that are meant to be read are all considered literature. The signs you see outside of shops, to the reviews you see online, even this actual buying guide that you are reading, are all literature in one way or another. But as a way to limit this large media format, most people only deem books and other printed sources that they can carry and read as proper literature. For some people, this is the ultimate form of entertainment and leisure, due to simply being written and made to be read by individuals. Books and magazines are made to be read, and the reader can take care of the imagery and the story, either by imagining it or completely understanding the themes of the story. In terms of influences, the written literature is also the most diverse and flexible, as most movies and TV show concepts and programs are based on the stories and plot elements that came from literature. If reading is your all-time favorite hobby, then getting a book or a magazine is the best media format for you. Now, on to the different forms of Literature!!

  • Fiction Literature
  • Non-Fiction Literature
  • Reference Literature

Fiction is a very popular form of literature in general since it makes up majority of the books that people read. All of the genres mentioned above have been applied to the novels and stories written by authors, and these are the ones that sell the most. Whether you want a crime fiction, a romantic-comedy novel, or the popular fantasy novels, you can really expect that there are more than enough books that tackle this type of genre. If you are still having a hard time getting the book that you want, try to remember the authors of the books that you are reading, to know more about their own collections of books and their references.

Unlike the diverse fiction that has a clear cult following and direction, not much people know about non-fiction books, outside of published diaries and biographies. But for some experts and writers, the non-fiction literature is actual and real life events, written and told similarly to fiction. These aren’t your research materials or guides that you use for papers; these are stories and narrations written by people, as it happened and as accurate as possible. The perfect examples of the non-fiction books are the biographies, personal narrative, and accounts, published as creative stories.

So if dictionaries and research materials aren’t non-fiction, what are they? Professionals and students categorize them as reference materials, and are as important as any literature and media in general. Remember that media isn’t just made to entertain, but also inform. These reference materials and textbooks are the proper items to get information from, especially if you are looking for the proper and credible resources for research papers and projects. These books are also good leisure-wise, coming in with trivia and fun information that you can read and learn about during your spare time.

When people talk about gaming these days, they may think of the consoles, PC, and other forms of video games created by companies. While these are appropriate and highly popular forms of media and entertainment, gaming in general also covers any and other leisure activities and items that people can play with. These include the board games, puzzles, and other games that people can spend hours having fun, both by themselves and with others. So, let’s take a look at the different gaming items and devices that people consider as the new form of media and entertainment:

  • PC/Console Gaming
  • Card Games
  • Board Games

While consoles and the PC are widely considered as electronic devices, the act of playing games and immersing in them are the media elements for gaming. This also goes to the card and board games in general, who themselves can be considered toys by adults. Consoles and PC gaming stand out among TV and movies for being interactive and fun, allowing you to see and converse with other characters through the player character that you control. Outside of graphics and game mechanics, what makes PC and console gaming more hyped up as entertainment is their plot and interesting story that are as flexible and open-ended, all according to the type of game that you are playing.

A popular pastime amongst the youth, card games have come a long way from the traditional suits game. More and more people are seeing how creative these card games are, with the trading cards becoming an international phenomenon. Cool artworks, creative battle mechanics, and tons of strategy involved, this is the ultimate result of the different card games that people have come up with, and others have capitalized for a different form of entertainment.

Who doesn’t love a good board game? These timeless games are probably what epitomized and introduced gaming in general as part of media and entertainment. These are the multiple set up games that people have been playing for many years, either by themselves, with a partner, or with a group of friends. These games are fun to play, and very exciting in general. And with multiple board games being done, either as homage to the original games, or made under original concepts, you can expect that there are more ways to have fun, through these table-top games.