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Convenience with MamyPoko Baby Diapers

For mothers and expecting mother out there who want to prevent diaper rash and keep their babies comfortable and happy all day, Mamy Poko is the brand for you. The features of the diapers of the brand are made according to the changing needs of the babies as they grow and be more physically active. Take note, Mamy Poko price is actually on the affordable side as compared with other brands that have almost the same features, it also packs more items than those within its price range.

This brand actually have different a wide range of options—not just for the size of legs and waist, but with the motor skills, and the quantity and texture of urine and stool of the baby. There are age specific items like the newborn that is made ideal fro 0-2 month old babies. Meanwhile, Mamy Poko Pants is very convenient to wear and remove for growing babies who tend to move around more.

Cheap Dry Diapers from Mamy Poko Philippines

Try to read on some MamyPoko reviews and you will find out that this brand is actually recommended by lots of mothers around the world, because of its features and its affordability. This brand also offers easy to wear and remove diapers for the older babies who tend to move around more. Go and search for this brand's products at your favorite online shop and have the best deal for your baby and your money.

Why choose MamyPoko diapers?

  • This is the most affordable brand when it comes to high quality diapers
  • Mamy Poko have innovative features that your babies need
  • They have a variety of products to select from.
  • All of the products of this brand are hypo-allergenic making them suitable for baby's sensitive skin.

    MamyPoko Extra Dry

  • Features: Extra Dry diapers have stripes pad sheets that quickly absorbs urine, and it has a contoured waistline for the right fit
  • Uses: This kind of diaper is good for babies who pee more often, and for overnight use
  • Advantages: It is easy to use because of its re-attachable tape. This kind of diaper also has natural cotton-like breathable cover that prevents skin irritation

    MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft

  • Features: The Extra Soft diapers have super soft core and stretchable waistband leg gathers taht prevent rash and redness on the said parts
  • Uses: This kind of diaper has superior absorbency that can absorb up to 5 glasses of liquids
  • Advantages: This type of diaper is very trendy with its Winnie the Pooh design on the back cover

    MamyPoko Power Slim

  • Features: The Power Slim is three times thinner than the usual diapers without sacrificing the absorbency that lasts unitl morning
  • Uses:This is ideal for travelling, especially for long rides; it also has leak guards to prevent side leakage
  • Advantages: This product has a 40 times absorbency gel that keeps the baby fresh

    MamyPoko Pants Easy to Wear

  • Features: The Easy to Wear diapers have all round stretchable waist band and leg guards
  • Uses: It also has double leak guards to prevent side leaks, this is ideal for travel and sleeping time
  • Advantages: This item has a super breathable waistband that keeps the baby's skin cool and fresh