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Leap Frog: The Parents and Kids Partner

With more than several decades in the market, Leap Frog is one of the market leaders in bringing innovation in both education and fun. This global brand has been regarded by international award-giving bodies for providing award-winning educational toys, interactive books for children, and handheld electronic games for kids that bring together robust technology, curriculum and characters from popular entertainment to create engaging and interactive learning experiences that make play and learning even more fun.

Educational Toys from Leap Frog

The mission of the brand is to inspire lifelong love for learning. Leapfrog can be found in almost 44 countries across the globe delivering more than 120 million educational toys, interactive children’s books and games in homes worldwide. They are trusted by millions of parents, valued by teachers and loved by parents. Here in the country, you can get wonderful toys that can provide happiness for your child in the country’s most prominent online shopping site. They offer Leapfrog’s items at very affordable prices.

No matter what’s your kids age or gender are, there’s Leapfrog items for them. For instance, you have daughter ages 2 to 5 years old, you can give a number lovin’ oven for her. This way she could have the best playtime ever as this will be her first step for counting, cooking and serving dishes. You can also give you kid the Word Whammer if he is in kindergarten level. This game is jammed with action pack games, it could be the ways to unlock his other skill levels.

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    Learning Tablets

  • Features: This tablet includes 10 apps, music player, pet pad party, utility apps, pet chat and photo fun
  • For: Recommended for kids 3 years and up
  • Use: Your kids will discover exciting and thrilling adventures with this learning tablet

    Reading Systems

  • Features: These kinds of toys are made with safe materials like plastic with letters, sounds and numbers
  • For: It is recommended for 1 to 3 years old
  • Use: It is great as gifts for your child

    Stuff Toys

  • Features: These stuff toys are made with soft fabric such as cotton and they are battery powered
  • For: These are perfect for children ages 3 to 36 months
  • Use: These toys not provide companion for your kids but also enhance their singing skills as it is equipped with 40 songs