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Lazada Celebrates Five Years: The Fifth Anniversary Birthday Sale and a Shopping Party!

LAZADA is turning five! After successfully launching in the Philippines last 2012, Lazada has showcased all these years why they are the top and leading online shopping site in the country today. The company’s five strong years saw a wide variety of affordable items, exciting deals, fun vouchers, and overall effortless shopping experiences, that it is time once again to thank every person who has supported the online shopping group. The success of LAZADA in providing convenience and assortment of products to their customers will simply go stronger, as the group’s newest year of online shopping supremacy in the Philippines kicks in once again on the company’s fifth year anniversary!

The Lazada 5th year Anniversary Sale isn’t just a special day for the people behind the group but also for the people who have supported the group all these years; for this celebration is shared to all first-time and long-time followers of the effortless shopping group in the country. One of the brand’s many highlights in the anniversary includes a ton of flash sales of loved and popular products with up to 80% discount on these items. This celebration also includes many deals and products, numerous discounts, and even mini contests that will reward you with more vouchers and prizes from the company. All of these to thank the avid shoppers who have been supporting the group until this day.

LAZADA’s Five-Year Strong History of Online Shopping

The LAZADA group has had its share of history as its ventures and assortment of products always sold at affordable prices, all to promote Effortless Shopping. From the past year’s Online Revolution, the group’s special campaigns continue towards this celebration of the past years as the top online shopping site in the Philippines. In 2017, the group’s focus is to include the top deals coming from the biggest brands possible, giving you their gadgets, accessories, and other products at the best price possible. Games and prizes will also be given away from the group’s Facebook page, where the lucky customers can get more deals and vouchers through the contests posted online. With thousands going to the site in anticipation for the year’s Birthday sale, they may get to see more of what the group has to offer, now going five years strong.

The LAZADA 5th Year Anniversary Shows More Years of Promise

The Lazada group started their online shopping tenure in the Philippines in March 2012, showcasing not just a new form of commerce in the country, but also initiating the advancement of other ideas like online marketing, PC and Internet commerce, and effortless shopping among others. Fast forward to today, and a huge number of shoppers and fans are now showing the advantages of these technologies to the country. These strategies effectively bring another step of modernization in the country, bringing people up to speed with what we can do with the Internet currently. Now with five years of service and products under the brand’s belt, you can expect that this premiere online shopping group will show and promise more in the world of effortless shopping.

Overall, celebrating one’s anniversary is often as extravagant as people expect. In terms of Lazada’s continuing tradition of effortless online shopping, it is only fitting that the celebration of online shopping comes with a definitive bang, together with the shoppers who made all of these possible.