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See the Diversity of the Filipino Literature with the Lampara Books

The “lampara” or lamp is an item that brings brightness to a place. In terms of the Lampara brand, that place is the people’s minds. This Filipino publisher of classic books takes literature on a whole new level, showing how diverse the stories of both the Philippines and the world can be written and produced to the people. Majority of the local publishing group’s books are marketed for education, with some being made for pre-school kids, while others are published as part of an elementary-level reading material list. The group even makes the proper activity books that even the adults can find enjoying to accomplish.

Learn the Filipino Language with the Lampara Books

Many of today’s kids recognize the different fairytales and princess stories from the different children’s books today. Lampara publishing takes all these familiar stories and spin them up Filipino style. These new iterations of classics like Peter Pan and Tom Sawyer aren’t just translated stories from English to Filipino, but are also incorporated with Filipino elements to make the story more coherent with the different audience. You can also read different kinds of the Filipino classic stories, all made for children who want to learn more about our country’s literature, to children who would like another story before going to bed. These books made by Lampara are now available online, on a proper online shopping site in the country.

Why choose Lampara?

  • The Lampara brand is an all-Filipino publishing group that makes the proper storybooks for children .
  • Majority of the books this group distributes are unique and doesn’t cover any particular genre.
  • The quality of the books that the group makes all showcase learning for the readers and students.

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    Lampara Classics Fairytales

  • Overview: The classic fairytale series is one of the more popular series made by the publishing group. These storybooks are unique since these come with both English and Filipino translations that people can read, from one way, or another.
  • Uses: As a storybook, the aim for the series is to be read to the younger people during bed time. Now the parent can read these in either English of Filipino, depending on the kid’s interest.
  • Target Audience: This book series is often targeted to children, either as a starting reading material, or as a book that parents can read to their children.

    Lampara Graphic Novels

  • Overview: The graphic novel is a comic book written as a full story. These books are fun to read, especially if the reader is a big fan of comics or Filipino art.
  • Uses: Unlike the common novel, the graphic novel shares both pictures and words on a highly coherent and complete story-telling. You wouldn’t miss out any story with this type of reading material.
  • Target Audience: The Filipino graphic novel is commonly marketed towards comic book fans in the country. Because majority of the comics are also largely Filipino literature, some readers can also come to get these books.

    Lampara Coloring Books for Adults

  • Overview: Coloring books are often marketed toward to kids and toddlers, but for art’s sake, the Filipino publisher also makes appropriate coloring books for adults.
  • Uses: Unlike the kid’s counterpart, these books do not use characters and cute pictures, instead focusing more on serious sketches and black and white images that can be colored to enhance its image value.
  • Target Audience: As stated, these coloring books are all marketed for adults. Kids can also try them out, especially if they do not mind the lack of characters and simple images to color.