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KingCom Philippines: Humble Beginnings

In 2001, Chinese marketer Wayne Chi put a small company catering to cellphones and other mobile devices. This company produced accessories and replacement parts that are perfect for any cellphone model. When the smartphone and tablet age came, this company continued to provide third-party accessories and spare hardware parts that are compatible with not only the brand, but also the OS. Eventually, their group got a hang on making their own devices, keeping their company name on these phones and tablets. Thus KingCom became one of the more successful businesses locally in terms of longevity.

KingCom: Mobile Manufacturer Extraordinaire

KingCom is a mobile device manufacturer and creator of third party mobile accessories and paraphernalia. The wide arrays of devices produced by this company include speakers, earphones, storage drives, and protectors; made specifically for smartphones and tablets. The brand is also notorious for marketing their high-end devices in very affordable price-tags, which is a plus for this all Filipino brand. If you are looking for a formidable phone, tablet, or any accessory for your device, check out KingCom’s impressive line of devices.

Why Choose KingCom?

  • It is reliable brand that offers a wide array of products.
  • Their devices are highly durable and of high quality.
  • Their electronic devices are cheaper compared to their competitors.

    KingCom Smartphones

  • Device Overview: KingCom’s smartphone series are made more for the mid to lower –class users, comprising expansive features that can introduce first time and entry-level users to what it looks like when owning a high-end phone.
  • Specs and Features: The KingCom mobile makes use of Android OS on quad-core processors. These phones come with HD capacitive LCD touchscreens measuring up to 5.5 inches. The phones also carry enough storage, up to 8GB and 1GB RAM.
  • Available brands: The KingCom mobiles are made up of two distinct series: the KingCom S!gma series, and the KingCom EX!T series

    KingCom tablets

  • Device Overview: Unlike the brand’s mobile phones, the KingCom tablet is made using the best features, comparable to other premium devices, and are made specifically to target the different audiences of this device
  • Specs and Features: The brand’s best tablet offered is an Android KitKat tablet running on a 1.7GHz octa-core processor. The tablet also exhibits a Full-HD resolution touchscreen, 16GB internal storage, and 2GB RAM. All these on a very affordable price tag
  • Available brands: The KingCom tablet comprises the flagship PiPHONE series, the low-end Firepad series, and the Joypad series, targeting gamers.

    KingCom accessories

  • MEMO Storage: The brand’s series of storage devices for phones and tablets. The brand makes this so that first-time KingCom users can simply buy the device, together with their phone or tablet. The KingCom Memo comprises their microSD cards, flashdisks, and USB-OTG devices
  • Thunder dB music devices: The Thunder dB series compiles all the audio devices, KingCom has on their arsenal. These include their mini-bluetooth speakers, headphones, and earphones. These devices are optimized to connect to any device, but preferably the KingCom devices.