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Johnnie Walker: The Biggest Whisky Brand for the Filipinos

When it comes to the top whisky brands that are continuously sold in the Philippines, the Johnnie Walker brand is one of the most talked about and wanted for formal events and parties. This black label brand has always been popular in the country, with so many bottles being sold for the people who want them most. Setting up shop in 1865, this Scottish brand seems to remain on top for almost a century and a half, offering the finest and aged alcohol products that adults can enjoy with their friends during very formal events. Wine-collectors make sure that they have a bottle of Johnnie Walker to show off with their friends, and when the time is right, opened to have a good taste of a what an aged whisky can taste like.

The Traditional Johnnie Walker, Now in the Philippines

The Johnnie Walker brand is widely known for their Black Label products, which popularized a trend of premium whisky, which also made the product very valuable. The brand is one of the many that are premium in their price and taste, often noting how their whisky are all aged in oak barrels for many years, so as to preserve and enhance the taste and aroma of the alcohol for every adult to drink. These labeled brands also come with their own designs and variations, with some coming in different collections. These collections of the Johnnie Walker pretty much prove how popular the brand is, providing the best and unique ways to sell these alcohol products for their favored customers. As of right now, the different Johnnie Walker products are now available in the Philippines, via the country’s top online shopping site, all at the best prices possible today.

Why choose the Johnnie Walker?

  • The Johnnie Walker alcohol lines are the special drinks that can be bought by adults for special occasions. These drinks are one of the most premium products around the country today.
  • The Johnnie Walker brand showcases decades of experience when it comes to the production and aging of premium whisky that any person can drink.
  • This brand is one of the more popular and widely adored brands when it comes to the alcoholic beverage.

    Johnnie Walker Colors

  • Overview: Johnnie Walker is the first brand to stylize and change up the tastes and variations of their alcoholic drinks based on the colors. Starting from their Black Labels, the group moved to provide the most appropriate whiskies for separate and important occassions.
  • Variants: Aside from the aforementioned Black Label, which is the most deluxe brand, there is also the pioneer Red Label, the Gold Label for parties and celebrations, and the collectible Double Black Label.

    Johnnie Walker Explorers

  • Overview: The Johnnie Walker brand also offers a travelling companion in the form of the Explorer’s Club collection. These whiskies are special versions of their color labels, with an extra kick in their prices and tastes. Part of the money used to buy these goes to the Explorer’s Club research projects.
  • Variants: Sticking true to the brand’s adventurous line, the whiskies are also labeled as such. Choose from the Adventurer, to the Spice Road, to the Golden and Royale Route.