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JanSport Philippines: Always have your back

JanSport is known globally and has been famous because of producing quality backpacks. This brand was found in the late 60’s in USA. The company started it with creating knapsacks and outdoor gears. As time goes by, the brand is slowly climbing to the top as they continue to improve the bags that they offer. Until now, their products are still number one in the market because even a student, employee or an outgoing type of person can find a pack that will suit his or her personality. It is becoming a trend because they are the ones who started to introduce this kind of bag here in the Philippines. This brand became popular because of the trendy and functional design of their products that captured the taste of the Filipinos.

JanSport Bags that’s for you

They have reached their success and still continue to develop new designs for their bags producing more of it. But, their classic style is still on top. Everyone knows JanSport and they know how to differentiate if it is an imitation of the bag. They also have outdoor edition models since they specialize on outdoor packs. The company would love to fill the world with these stylish packs. It also improves a user’s fashion statement.

Why choose JanSport as your backpack?

  • This brand produces bags that are proven for its durability
  • These knapsacks are made out of high quality materials
  • These bags are highly recommended by most of its users
  • The brand has been known for its simple design yet perfect for everyone


    JanSport US Spirit Backpack

  • Materials: This type of knapsack is made out of 600 Denier Polyester
  • Features: The bag has a straight cut, padded shoulder strap and web haul handle
  • Capacity: This bag can carry up to 25L of clothes and valuables

    JanSport City Scout Backpack

  • Materials: This pack is made out of 600 Denier Polyester
  • Features: The bag has a straight cut, padded shoulder straps and front utility organizer to keep valuables within reach
  • Capacity: This type of scouting pack can hold up to 34L of camping necessities

    JanSport US-DG Digital Stud Backpack

  • Materials: This backpack is mostly made of high quality polyester
  • Features: This bag has two large main compartments, with full padded back panel, side water bottle pocket and web haul handle
  • Capacity: The bag is capable of holding up to 34L of valuables

    JanSport U Superbreak Backpack

  • Materials: This durable pack is made of durable 600 Denier Polyester.
  • Features: This type of pack has one large main compartment, front utility pocket with organizer, straight cut and padded shoulder strap.
  • Capacity: This backpack can carry up to 25L of valuables