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JanSport Philippines Lets You Carry Your World with You

The brand's small beginnings belie the world wide reach it enjoys today but in 1967, when JanSport was born in the second floor of an old shop in Seattle, the founders never dreamed of making it this big. In fact, the trio that started the business were not even thinking of laying foundation for a company that would span a few countries years later. However, the one thing that they were focused on and the company still follows today, is the passion to make backpacks that truly last through rigorous adventures. JanSport was named after the designer's girlfriend, later wife, and the seamstress of the original backpacks. Right from those days, the brand has taken pride in the quality of their backpacks and this is evident in their guarantee to fix any JanSport backpack that sustains damage during use.

JanSport Bags & Backpacks Stay with You for Years

Among the JanSport Bags collection, the brand has made sure to include a good choice of bags encompassing travel bags, tote bags, handbags and more to address every need of the potential customer. Smaller sling bags complete the line and offer customers just the right receptacles they need for daily use. The one thing in common throughout the JanSport bags line is the quality, visual appeal and excellence in manufacturing that ensures the buttons and zips do not wear out even with constant rough use. The brand has clearly made an attempt to keep the range trendy, contemporary yet practical and it has succeeded very well in this endeavor indeed.

The ideal travel, professional or casual companion, JanSport Backpacks are a class apart thanks to their construction with durable textured fabric that offers a good feel as well as resilient use for years on end. The backpacks come with a padded back panel to ensure that they are absolutely comfortable to wear all day long during long treks or journeys. With utility pockets in various designs, a really roomy main compartment and perfectly designed handles, these backpacks are ideal for users of all ages, and there is a design to suit every need. The brand has brought out unisex backpacks as well as floral prints apart from the classic designs that are universal favorites. They also have a range with graphic prints of popular TV and movie characters like the Incredibles to appeal to the younger generation.

JanSport Philippines Bring You Everything You Need, Right at Hand

The brand continues to place a premium on quality and durability and this is evinced by the fact that JanSport backpacks are subjected to some truly unique tests before they make it to the marketplace. For 40 years, the brand has carried their products up Mount Rainier on treks just to check if they are resilient enough. With this kind of passion for ensuring that their range offers the best value for money to buyers, there is little doubt that JanSport is here to stay for a really long time.