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I must confess, I’m a Lazaddict.

I’m that giddy girl who loves finding out that I have a package waiting for me whenever I get home. I’ve always had my apprehensions about online shopping – but the first time I browsed the Lazada website, I was surprised at how easy it was to shop! I didn’t have any trouble with my purchase and I got my items on time.

Now, whenever I need something and I don’t have the luxury of time to go to the mall, I just shop via the Lazada mobile app on the go. It’s hassle-free and convenient especially with all the things I have to do for school and for work. Not only is it easy, but they do have everything – appliances like my personal blender to beauty essentials like make-up and gadgets . There’s just so many good deals every single day that I don’t want to miss out on! #FOMO.

Lazada really makes me feel like a preferred customer each time. Try it out for yourself.

Careful, it gets really addicting!

I’m a massive tech buff.

I’m the kind of person who takes time to visit multiple tech stores just to compare prices. Because at the end of the day, getting the best deal possible feels awesome.

However, when I’m out of town or in a studio shooting, I find it difficult to go out and purchase the items I want. That’s why when I first heard about Lazada, I signed up immediately.

Having the Lazada app on my phone not only helps me strike the best deals, but also lets me choose from a great selection at unbeatable prices. In fact, I always find myself opening the app at least once a day just to check what deals are up. There’s just always something to buy – whether it’s a need or want, I don’t feel any guilt at all because I know I am getting the best price.

Cash on Delivery, credit card, whichever way I prefer to pay, Lazada gives me the choice. I really feel at ease when shopping at Lazada and it has become my go-to shopping destination.

Let me tell you something about Lazada. It never disappoints.

I mean, think of a feature that online shopping sites have. Then try comparing Lazada to those e-commerce players and you’ll see that Lazada delivers to its promise of effortless shopping. Their range of offerings is super complete, unlike other sites that only focus on a specific category (like fashion, or gadgets). Not only that, but the pricing is great as well.

As a working mother, I can attest that juggling the household and my career is demanding. That is why I do whatever I can to make things easier. One way I do it is shopping through Lazada. As a mommy shopper, the things I purchase online are usually for my kids. Items like diapers and other goodies for children are staples in my Lazada shopping cart. At the end of the day, I do it because it’s practical.

Speaking of practical, Lazada’s payment options are great. As someone who is uncomfortable leaving money with people, I use credit cards for cashless transactions. It’s convenient and safe.

Overall, Lazada provides one of the most pleasant and easy online shopping experiences around. They’ve got it all. From comprehensive offers, complete information on products, and easy to navigate purchases. It truly is #EffortlessShopping.

I can still remember the first time I shopped in Lazada. It was the Christmas season and I needed some gifts for the family. Going to the mall would take hours because traffic is really bad, and the malls are over-crowded during this time of year. What’s worse? Paying for a single item takes so much energy and time.

So I checked out Lazada and I was surprised- in a good way. I was hesitant to purchase an item at first, but because of their Cash on Delivery option, I figured I can check the item before paying for it. Cool right? So I felt safe. The best part? The delivery only took 2 days, which was right on time for Christmas.

That’s the reason why I shop in Lazada, their delivery is fast and reliable, plus, the payment options are convenient. Lazada truly makes shopping effortless.

Lazada brings long distance relationships closer. With features like nationwide delivery, I can purchase anything on Lazada’s website and have it delivered, as a gift, to someone across the country.

I have a friend who has been complaining about her nose and her belly. One is too flat, the other too big, and everything in between. And since I’m such a great friend , I wanted to cheer her up. I looked online to see if Lazada has items that I can purchase for ….. comedic purposes.

Lo and behold, I found a nose clip enhancer and a waist trimmer - probably the most bizarre items I’ve ever purchased in my life. I also bought a couple of things that she really wanted, just in case she won’t get the joke.

I had the items delivered to Dumaguete, and it didn’t even cost me extra time or energy to have it delivered. Lazada definitely brings convenience to its customers.

Over time, malling for me has become a chore. From the traffic to the overcrowded malls, shopping can be super hassle. I find it uncomfortable when sales people hover over my shoulder every time I look at an item. I started looking for other ways to shop, then Lazada came along.

Online shopping? Like most, I was really skeptical because it seemed too good to be true: everything I needed, in one shop, at my convenience! No more pushy sales people. No more parking. No more rushing to buy within mall hours. My item came 3 days earlier than expected and it was just like how I saw it online.

Lazada makes shopping even less stressful with the help of the customer reviews section. It’s one thing if a store clerk tells you an item is great, but it is much better if an actual customer who has used the product, shares his/her unfiltered feedback on the site. The item I purchased was a laptop desk stand and this was the first time I’ve ever purchased something like this, so I relied on the customer review to help me decide.

I paid using the cash on delivery option – yes, I only paid for my item when it arrived in my doorstep. No more worries about always having a credit card. Over all, I have no complaints and this won’t be the last time I will order from Lazada.

When I started online shopping, I thought every company that offered online services were the same. Not true. Based on experience, only one company has never disappointed me.

Lazada puts the effort in effortless shopping.

We all can relate to not wanting to be hassled doing online transactions. How many online companies have fallen short of expectations? Not Lazada. First, its friendly website design is simple to use and runs smoothly on my phone or laptop. It’s easy to navigate through the categories, the layout is intuitive - no learning curve here, and there’s plenty of brands to choose from. On top of that, shopping is made simple- click to order and you can even checkout without registering an account! No unnecessary steps or questions in between, unlike other online shops. And finally - there’s no stress in following up my orders! The next day, items were delivered to me with notifications via SMS, call, and email.

Even with my hectic schedule, I can always shop on-the-go with Lazada. Now that’s what I call effortless shopping.

Natry mo na ba magshopping tapos hindi mo mahanap yung gusto mo bilhin? Nakaka-jirits, diba?

Hear me out…..
Naghahanap ako ng monopod for my daily vlogging, pero I don't have time to go to Divisoria or Baclaran kasi I’m busy. So my friend told me about Lazada. And since I’ve never been to an online store before, I tried it.

OMG, guys!! I love the experience. Maraming choices at madali lang mag-shop! It's accessible, no hassle, and of course, DISCOUNTS galore!

So, I bought my monopod from Lazada and it was delivered a few days after my transaction. Fast na, affordable pa.

At dahil I don't have a credit card, and I have no plans of getting one, I paid using cash on delivery. Safe and convenient. So ano pang hinihintay niyo, shop na in Lazada!

Customer service is not easy. You’ll start growing “thick skin” to survive the madness of irate callers. In my 2 years of working in Lazada, I have gained extensive training to equip me with the proper resolution for most customer service concerns. For me, in the end, it's still all about passion in keeping customers happy by understanding their needs.

Once, a call was escalated to me because a situation was seemingly getting out of control. To moderate the customer’s frustration, all I did was listen and allowed him to vent. He had concerns with the delivery date of his package and he experienced some delays which made him very angry. Initially he thought his package will be delivered in 6 days, including weekends. He got an email notification that the delivery schedule was moved to 9 “business” days.

I apologized and explained the process in greater detail, as I've handled similar cases in the past. The truth is, there is still a lack of awareness when it comes to online shopping. I shared with him online shopping tips like reading disclaimers at the bottom and checking product details and reviews, as well as delivery disclaimers, which he appreciated. I also sent a request to expedite the delivery, and by the end of the call, he was even grateful, and sent a “GOOD, I’M SATISFIED” recommendation via email.

It is moments like these that make every angry customer worth the long hours spent at work.

I want to help because I too am a Lazada customer at the end of the day. I know how online shopping can make things more convenient, especially with my busy work days where I have almost zero time to go to the mall to buy what I need. I know that once you're past that initial purchase, things can only get easier. I also know that you'll never really know until you try. So take it from me, try shopping in Lazada and I'd be happy to serve should you have any concerns with your order.

Meet Sydney Dondon. Occupation? Affiliates Marketing Manager.

Prior to learning about Lazada, I was an avid online window shopper. I would spend hours checking out websites based outside the Philippines only to be disappointed with the delivery time and soaring shipping fees to get the products that I want to my doorstep. When I got my first order from Lazada, a powerbank, I knew it is the start of the many future orders that I’m going to make.

More than 20 orders later, I find myself working for Lazada, leading the Affiliate Marketing team. In a nutshell, our group is in charge of looking for people who would promote Lazada and earn commission from the sales they are able bring. A huge chunk of our affiliate base are bloggers who we value dearly because through their thoughts, they are able to share to other people how convenient it is to shop online. Also, they are essential in making sure that our customers are updated with the best products in the market today.

We have gone around the Philippines looking for Affiliates and have heard very inspiring stories on their motivation for trying Lazada’s Affiliate Marketing Program. Through our function, we’ve helped students to finance their college education, stay at home parents to earn money while they take care of their children and differently-abled people to help their families the best way they can.

We have one thing in common with most affiliates – we all love to browse online. As a Lazada customer, I appreciate how through my favorite Lazada affiliate blogger or Facebook deals page, I get to keep myself updated of the new products and services in Lazada. Not only that, they also share their online shopping experience which is vital in making discerning customers like me to be more comfortable with online shopping. As an employee of Lazada, my team strives to provide people an opportunity to earn while they spend their time online. The stories we’ve heard are enough to inspire us to create new solutions for our partners to earn; be it through Facebook, email marketing, blogging and now with the rise of mobile commerce, even through text messaging. It is one thing that we are able to provide our affiliates ways to earn effortlessly. But what makes me appreciate my work even more is the thought that through the hard work of our affiliates, I, together with my team, am able to take part in this online revolution of bringing the effortless shopping experience to as many Filipinos as possible.

Meet Kuya Frederick Chicano, your delivery service specialist from Lazada Express.

“Dalawang taon na ako nagdedeliver para sa Lazada. Mahirap ang trabaho pero kailangan kumayod para sa pamilya. Nung umpisa, medyo nahirapan ako kahit parang simple lang yung mga gawain. Una, dapat masinop ka dahil maraming papeles at orders ang hawak mo. Dapat din magaling ka sa daan para hindi ka nawawala. Higit sa lahat, dapat malakas ang resistensya mo dahil umulan man o umaraw, may mga customer na naghihintay sayo.

Dapat makarating ng maayos ang produkto dahil ang mga customers ang naapektuhan kapag may nagkamali.

Isang beses, nasermonan ako ng customer kasi late and delivery. Hindi nadeliver sa tamang araw nung kasamahan ko, kaya nung ipinasa sakin kinabukasan, ako ang napagalitan. Nataasan ako nang boses ng customer dahil late and delivery ng isang araw. Pero dahil naintindihan ko naman ang kanyang pinanggalingan, hindi ako sumagot at nag-react. Nang nalabas na niya ang kanyang sama ng loob, in-explain ko lang ang nangyari, at sinabihan ko siya na hindi lang nag-iisa ang may hawak ng items niya. Pagkatapos ng ilang minuto, nanghingi siya ng pasensya at tinanggap niya and order niya.

Oo, mahirap ang trabaho ko. Pero masaya ako sa ginagawa ko. Kapag nakikita ko yung masayang reaksyon ng mga customers na nakakatanggap ng mga orders nila…. Nakakagaan ng pakiramdam.”

Meet Lola Baby, an avid Lazada shopper.

“Ako po si Baby Zorrilla, 85 years old. Matanda na ako at marami na akong nakitang mga pagbabago. Dati, wala yang mga cellphone at computer na yan. Yung TV nga namin dati dipukpok pa eh, nabuhay naman kami. Kaya tuwing nakakakita ako ng mga batang nag-cecellphone, halos nakadikit na yung mga mukha sa screen, napapa-iling ako. Isip ko, hindi naman importante yan kaya hindi ako interesado.

Pero nagbago yung paningin ko habang tumatanda ako. Ngayong umabot na ko sa ganitong edad, naisip ko dapat ma-enjoy ko na ng lubusan ang buhay ko. Pinaghirapan ko rin naman magtrabaho kaya ako naka-ipon. Dahil sobra-sobra na, mas maganda na ipamahagi ko sa mga apo at pamangkin ko, lalo na’t hindi naman ako nabiyayaan ng asawa’t anak.

Kung ano-ano na pinagbibili ko diyan sa Lazada. Yung tv ko, yung pangturok para sa diabetes, yung aircon ko, pati yung microwave. Ang dami no? Hahaha. Yung discounts kasi sobrang dami kaya napapabili ako kahit hindi kailangan. Feeling ko tuloy ginawa si Lazada para saming mga matatanda.”

Meet the fabulous Yannie- stylist, blogger, fashion guru, and everything in between.

“Kahit ano pang trabaho mo, kahit sino ka pa, we all need help at something. A good support system is key talaga. Parang kapag broken hearted ka, you need support.. Charot! But real talk guys, it’s nice to know that someone or something always has your back. For me, its Lazada.

As a fashion stylist and blogger, kailangan updated ako with the latest trends in fashion and pop culture. In fact, kahit saang work naman, you snooze, you lose talaga. Dapat masipag at mabilis kang kumilos, or else, someone will beat you to the punch. So I set myself apart from my competitors by always having the newest clothes – either for my clients (as a stylist) or for my ootds (as a blogger). And truth be told, and hirap humanap ng oras para mag-shopping minsan. I know, parang hindi naman malaki yung problema ko, pero guys, remember, I’m a fashion stylist. I need new clothes all the time.

With my crazy schedule doing shoots, events, client meetings and all, it's a huge dilemma to keep up with what's hip and what's in. Sometimes, feel ko I’m missing out on a lot of things. Good thing Lazada makes everything easy breezy! Checking out and purchasing the newest and hippest shirts or adorable pants that perfectly describes my aesthetic is not a problem anymore! Lazada’s vast selection of ready to wear clothes are not only hip and fashionable, but also affordable!

I remember an instance when I randomly saw a shirt on Lazada's page. No joke. I fell in love with it and thought it'll be perfect for the fashion editorial na i-shoo-shoot ko 3 days from the day that I saw the item. Good thing with Lazada, it's super simple to order that shirt. A few clicks and I found myself getting constant updates through emails and text messages about the status of my order, until I personally received it on my doorstep! Also, super easy magbayad sa Lazada – cash on delivery. No stress, no hassle, just pure fun and amazing customer service! So guys, what are you waiting for? Shop na! Now na!

Meet Joselito Santiago, known to Lazada employees as Kuya Guard.

“Sige, sir. Game! Sisikat po ba ako dito? Hahaha.” Kuya Jose retorts in his usual bubbly nature.

“Mahirap po talaga maging gwardiya. Kulang ka palagi sa tulog, lalo na kapag natapat yung shift mo sa gabi. Pagod ka na, puyat ka pa. Pero, kailangan talaga magtrabaho para bumuhay ng pamilya. Meron kasi akong 4 na anak; 3 lalaki, 1 babae. Mahirap naman kapag hindi ako kumilos, san kami pupulutin niyan. Wala namang trabaho si misis, tsaka eto lang rin naman alam ko, kaya pagbubutihin ko na lang din, diba?

Sa Lazada? Pitong buwan na po ako dito. Na-eenjoy ko naman kasi maayos ang pakikitungo sakin ng mga tao. Sobrang saya kasi mabait mga katrabaho ko, tsaka merong air-con sa opisina. Hahaha. Mas mahirap kung nakatayo ka na, tapos naka-bilad ka pa sa araw. Kagaya ng mga trabaho ko dati. Nalagay na ko sa school, sa pabrika, sa mall. Mahirap talaga kasi hindi ka naman pinapansin ng mga tao sa ganung lugar- dinadaan-daanan ka lang. Buti dito sa Lazada, may mga oras na naka-upo ako habang kumaka-usap ng mga bisita at empleyado. Kapag may tanong sa reception, ako paminsan ang sumasagot. Ramdam ko na parte ako ng kumpanya kahit sa agency ako galing.

Isa sa mga ginagawa ko eh yung pag-coordinate ng mga gate pass sa facilities. Dapat sakto sa coordination lahat ng pumapasok at lumalabas. Hindi pwedeng “bahala na” o “okay na yan” kasi seguridad ng mga tao at gamit ng Lazada ang nakasalalay. Isa pa yung pag-roving kapag gabi. Kahit madilim at minsan nag-iisa ako, ginagawa ko yun gabi-gabi kasi parte yun ng trabaho ko. Pero sa totoo lang, hindi ko alam kung ano ba talaga si Lazada nang nag-umpisa ako dito.

Nung tumagal lang tsaka ko nalaman na para palang mall sa internet ang Lazada. Pwede bumili ng kung ano-anong bagay. Natuwa naman ako kaya namili na rin ako ng mga gamit para sa mga anak ko. Lalo na kapag birthday nila, sa Lazada na ko bumibili ng pang-regalo. Mura kasi, tapos maganda.

Sa totoo niyan, bihira ako maniwala sa kumpanyang pinagtatrabahuan ko. Madalas kasi hindi ko naman kaya bayaran yung mga produkto o yung serbisyo nila. Dun medyo na-iba si Lazada. Para siya sa lahat. Sa Lazada, posible ang lahat. Ang hindi ko pwede bilhin noon, kaya ko na. Effortless shopping talaga.”

Meet Abby Borja; businesswoman, model, blogger, host, and Lazada shopper. Talk about well-rounded, this lady does it all.

Like any working gal, my phone is active 24/7. I use it for work, for business and leisure. Every message I receive via email, SMS, or through social media apps have to be acknowledged immediately or I risk losing an opportunity. It’s similar to a phone call from an employer. When you’ve been waiting for a call from a recruiter and you aren’t able to answer it because your phone died, you are in the shower, or you didn’t hear the phone ringing. That’s exactly what it feels like for me every time I get a message so I get super paranoid about my phone’s battery.

Can you imagine getting ready for a gig, then your manager texts you that it’s cancelled? But you weren’t able to receive it because your phone died. So you head over to the venue and realize the last minute cancellation. Well, you live and you learn.

And since phone batteries don't last for 24 hours, I needed a reliable fix, so I decided to purchase a power bank. Thanks to Lazada, everything is just a click away. Their hassle-free process, quick service, and fast delivery saves the day.

What I really like about Lazada is that despite being the biggest online shopping mall in the country, they never fail to innovate and improve their already amazing service and product assortment. Because of Lazada, I don't need to drive to the mall, brave the traffic, find a parking slot, tire myself just to get to the perfect store, queue at the cashier and go through another traffic bout on my way home.

I want to thank Lazada for keeping up with my busy schedule and helping me not miss out on life. Thank you for the helpful product reviews that make shopping easy. Life is truly more effortless, because everything I need- from casual clothes for my go-sees to file dividers for my manpower events agency- is on Lazada.

Meet Robert Torrontegui. Occupation? Account Manager.

I can still recall that fateful day which started it all….. my Lazada journey.

Two years ago, I met with a friend, who at that time was working in Lazada. We were talking about our jobs and how much we’ve matured from our college heydays and random things that long-lost friends talk about. Hahaha. She then shared her insights about her role in Lazada, and how the company is revolutionizing shopping in the country. So, like a true-to-form opportunist (I can call myself that, right?), I asked if she can refer me to the company. After a nerve-wracking interview, I landed a job in the biggest e-commerce institution in the Philippines.

Fast forward to today. I'm now working as an account manager for ‘camera and related products'. It introduced me to the wonderful world of photography! I guess this is what they mean by, “find something you love to do, so you don’t have to work a day in your life.” I know. I know. It sounds cliché, but it is what it is.

As I go through my daily routine, I realize that what makes my role so valuable and fulfilling is that I get to share that same interest with our customers. By making sure the deals we offer are the best in the market, both in quality and price, I enable aspiring photographers like me to get a good headstart on their own journey where they can capture awesome sights and precious life moments, and share them with the rest of the world.

My journey in Lazada might have started by chance but it was by choice that I was able to help thousands of our customers reach their photography dreams come true, one shot at a time.

Meet Kally Araneta; globetrotter, events specialist, style savant, and all-around it girl.

Ladies, who here is obsessed with closet organizers and storage dividers? I’m guilty as charged.

I’m super OC when it comes to designing my room, fixing personal items, and collecting trinkets. There’s just something therapeutic about seeing everything in place. Storage compartments have become an addiction, and my go-to place for my ever growing collection is Lazada.

Why buy in Lazada? It would be too much hassle for me to go to the mall and purchase multiple plastic organizers. They’re too bulky and dragging them back to my house would be too difficult. I’m so thankful that I can rely on Lazada for making shopping convenient. Not only do they deliver it to my doorstep, they also accept cash payment on delivery.

It doesn’t just stop there. I’ve been so hooked to Lazada that even my boyfriend makes me buy stuff for him. One time, he saw me order my shoe rack online and he started looking at the website and the rest is history.

Lazada is definitely an effortless shopping solution whenever I need something.

Ladies and gentlemen, Lazada is proud to announce our newest partner in fashion, one of the fastest rising designers in the country, Ms. Bea Samson.

With local and international shows under her name, Bea is primed to take the fashion world by storm. Recently featured in the 6th Philippine Fashion Ball, Bea’s collection was the perfect symphony of modern fashion and feminine couture. And now, she’s joining the huge roster of clothing brands who are transitioning to online shopping with Lazada.

“To be honest with you, I’ve never experienced shopping in Lazada before. I’ve heard about the brand and its services, but was never fully enticed to make a purchase- until recently.“

The 6th Philippine Fashion Ball, co-presented by Lazada, became the bridge for Bea to start utilizing e-commerce and the online market to sell her designs

“When I met with the Lazada people for Philippine Fashion Ball, I just had to ask how their business works and what my investment was going to be to start selling. They shared requirements, processes and the selling opportunities and I was sold instantly. I knew that e-commerce is the next step for my business to grow. In fact, with the help of Lazada, I am able to reach a wider audience and a new set of customers that wouldn’t have known about my designs ever. ”

“Currently, I am selling select pieces from my High High collection. I think the designs are perfect for Lazada’s market, because it’s true to the company’s brand identity - the clothes are designer pieces, but wearable and useable on a daily basis.”

You can check Bea and her awesome designs in Lazada and on Instagram via @bea.samson.

Meet Rik Rasos, Creative Director of Proudrace, a global contemporary fashion label based in Manila.

Rooted from the underground and built with the balance of luxury and street style, Proudrace is a unique label that focuses on wearable garments and re-interpreting traditional silhouettes into modern clothing. Not only is Proudrace sold around the world, this fashion label is now available in Lazada.

“Hmmnn. If I remember correctly, the first time I shopped in Lazada was last Christmas. At that time, I think online shopping is the only sensible thing to do because the holiday rush was crazy; traffic was horrible, and people just kept coming from all directions. Going to the mall sounds extremely stressful and I didn’t want to experience the carmaggedon of December. So, I checked out Lazada.

First time shopping online? No. I frequently shop at e-commerce websites, both local and abroad, so my first-time experience in Lazada was rather smooth because I already know what to expect. But I think its the convenience and efficiency of Lazada’s service that turned me into a repeat customer. In fact, I can honestly say that shopping in their website is a total breeze every single time. Add to their service the cash on delivery option and I’m sold.

Which brings me to becoming a Lazada merchant…… The 6th Philippine Fashion Ball was co-presented by Lazada, and one of the benefits that they brought to the sponsorship was their e-commerce business. Not only are the designers showcasing their clothes in the ball, select pieces will then be available for purchase in Lazada’s website. When I found out about this, I was ecstatic. As a fashion label with our own online store, the Proudrace team knows the power of e-commerce. So, selling in the biggest e-commerce platform in the country would bring so much more visibility and reach to our brand; from staples and essential clothing like hoodies and t-shirts, to elevated basics like unisex jackets. Check out Proudrace.”

Meet Marco Baluyut, one of the stellar students who participated in the recently concluded The Laz Mark, Lazada’s Intercollegiate Marketing Competition.

“I believe in Lazada because I believe in efficiency and making things happen.”

“When I joined The Laz Mark Marketing Challenge, I went in blind. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But the deeper into the competition I got, the more I understood the company, its services, and its brand promise. Lazada’s vision was more than just about online shopping. Lazada is about taking the next practical step.”

“In between my classes, stock trading, businesses, sports, and social life, I always find myself not having enough time to go shopping or purchase things I need. I mean, the idea of braving the traffic, killing time, going to the mall, and looking for a parking slot isn’t very enticing, that’s why I always come up with excuses not to go to the mall.”

“But with Lazada’s free delivery and cash on delivery service, there’s no hassle and no excuse for me not to purchase what I want. Whether it’s that new bag, those computer accessories I’ve been meaning to upgrade, or those hard-to-find boxing gears, I discovered that I could count on Lazada to have it for me. Now, I learned that whatever I needed, it was as simple as adding something to my cart and buying it. The things that I’ve always wanted to do are just one click away.”

“I guess it’s true, you can FIND YOUR NEXT HOBBY IN LAZADA.”

Have you seen the viral Facebook post about a girl who ordered from Lazada without knowing her address? Well, she’s the newest addition to our Humans of Lazada crew.

Meet Rhea Prille Rose Tan, a 17 year old high school senior who started shopping in Lazada last September.

“Nagstart po ako mamili sa Lazada nung September. Nag-try ako kasi palaging namimili si Tita Jessavic dun. Last year pa siya sabi ng sabi na mura yung bilihin, tsaka malaki palagi ang bawas kapag may sale. Sobrang sulit daw. Nagcheck ako sa website ng Lazada at mukhang maayos naman yung mga produkto. Nag-order ako ng powerbank para ma-try. Dahil bagong dating ako dito sa bahay ng lolo namin, yung kapatid ko yung naglagay ng address sa information sheet. Dumating yung powerbank ng walang problema.

Mukhang okay naman pala to si Lazada kaya umorder ako ulit. This time, bumili ako ng stainless na relo. Ang problema lang, nasa school si Agustina, yung kapatid ko, kaya naglagay na lang ako ng instructions na sana maintindihan nung driver: Sa Army Compound Poblacion Uno kami. Kapag nakita mo yung sabungan, dirediretso tapos liliko sa kanan. Tapos may green na bahay at silver na gate.

Ang nakakagulat, dumating yung relo kinabukasan. Haha. Ang bilis. In fairness, ang galing ni kuya na nagdeliver. Sayang hindi ko nakuha pangalan niya. Charot!

Nagbayad ako gamit cash kasi wala naman kaming credit card, tsaka madali magbayad gamit pera kasi mabilis. Wala nang hassle.

For sure mamimili pa ako sa Lazada, lalo na sa Christmas. Kagulo kasi palagi sa mall kaya sa Lazada na lang.”

I’ve never really given much attention to Lazada before because I thought that they only cater to credit card holders. I also find their deals and discounted items too good to be true. That’s why I feared that I might receive low quality items on my doorsteps if I do try to order from them.

However, all of these were proven wrong when I joined The Laz Mark: Lazada’s Intercollegiate Marketing Competition. I learned that they actually offer COD (Cash on Delivery) and Free Returns should you have any issues with the products that were delivered. With these new information, I ordered a blood pressure monitor and a mini-nebulizer. Fingers crossed that the items will arrive on schedule with no damage whatsoever. SUCCESS!

My next transaction went a little different. After the result of my initial transaction, I decided to start shopping for items that are more up my alley. I ordered a watch and a handbag, both with very affordable prices. The watch was delivered first (it actually arrived days earlier than expected). I checked the package but to my disappointment, the quality was pretty bad so I decided to return it and request for a refund. It was an efficient process, in fact, I was able to do it in under 30 minutes. A day later, I checked the return forms and realized that I filled out the wrong refund option. I inquired through their customer service line, filled out the form and immediately got a response the day after. The customer service representative crafted the email validating my concerns from the message I sent. Now, I’m happily waiting for my refund, knowing that my request has been processed. Rest assured, Lazada’s got a new loyal shopper in me now. ;)

All in all, the speed of transaction, secure payment facility, good quality products, free returns, and the good customer service made me feel comfortable with shopping online in Lazada. A+

Hello everyone! We’re Faye and Laurice of Kids’ Toys. We are sisters who love making unboxing videos of toys in Youtube.

When we first started, sa mall kami palagi naghahanap ng mga toys that we can unbox for our videos. Wala naman kasi talaga ibang options kung hindi malls and department stores. However, we cannot make videos fast enough kasi meron kaming classes on weekdays and homework over the weekends. Only on days when we don’t have schoolwork are we allowed to go shopping with our parents. Eh hindi naman palagi nangyayari yun kasi puro school work.

Then one time, while browsing the net, we saw an advertisement about online shopping. Kaya we asked our parents to check it out and see what it is. Actually, isang Google search lang makikita mo na siya kaagad. Nung nakita namin yung site, we really had to force our parents to try it.

Before mag-agree dad namin, binasa muna niya kung ano ba yung mga terms and nakita nga namin na pwedeng COD (Cash on Delivery). Which is perfect for us kasi you don’t need a credit card anymore. Very convenient and safe siya. Babayaran mo lang yung item kapag deliver sayo. Sobrang galing nung nakaisip nito. On top of that, ang dami-daming discounted items, kaya naging favorite na siya ng mom and dad namin.

So ayun na nga, we tried to order a 360 video cam for our video productions. In just 1 week, the camera was delivered to us beautifully wrapped and fully protected. Maganda yung product and convenient para sa family namin yung service. From then on, we started buying clothes and accessories, not just toys, from Lazada.

Lazaddicts, meet the people that brought you Online Revolution 2016.

As the biggest online shopping and selling event in Southeast Asia, Online Revolution saw brands, retailers, and consumers come together for a month-long, nationwide sale. From crazy deals in electronics to massive discounts in fashion items, this year’s Online Revolution has been the most impressive so far.

Lazada started the Online Revolution on 12 December 2012 (12.12) to educate consumers about online shopping and its conveniences. The one-day sale sparked a shopping frenzy that grew into an annual month-long event. Since then, Lazada Online Revolution has proven itself to be Southeast Asia's busiest online retail event.

This 2016, Lazada went above and beyond getting the best deals from the biggest brands and retailers for our awesome shoppers. Where else can you find authentic goodies with discounts as high as 95%? Only in Lazada. And who made it possible? ALL OF US! To you for being avid Lazada shoppers, to our merchants who participated and gave their best deals for the sale, and to Lazada’s esteemed employees who worked tirelessly for months on end- THANK YOU!

This is a community coming together and putting value into one objective – proliferate the e-commerce industry while shopping effortlessly in the process. When you think about it, we are all HUMANS OF LAZADA!

Thank the fashion gods for Lazada’s wide coverage of delivery areas!

First things first, I live in Quezon Province. Far from the traffic and urban lifestyle of Metro Manila. Does it feel like a vacation everyday? It can be, but there are times when I wish I live in Manila. For starters, the place where I live is the furthest thing from a fashion capital. We don’t have any brands that carry the clothes that I want, that ‘s why shopping for myself is difficult and a huge inconvenience. I mean, kung gagastos ka na lang, make sure that you’ll buy the things that you want para hindi sayang.

Then one day, I was randomly typing names of school supplies on Google when the Lazada website came up. Without hesitation, I placed an order to check the validity of the service. Was it great the first time around? YES!!


I started browsing the site for other items. I checked their electronics tab, their lifestyle tab, and even started typing weird items like ‘chainsaw’ and ‘samurai’ just to check how wide Lazada’s assortment is. It’s like a never-ending pit of shopping opportunities. I think they should use (WE GOT IT ALL FOR YOU) as their slogan because Lazada definitely has it all.

Of all the things in their site, what really attracted me was the women’s clothing section. Everything in one click and they have the brands I like as well. So, it was a definite win for me.”

Meet Giannina Ocampo, aka “Anna Achiever,” in Lazada’s latest “Up Your Gift Game” holiday video series.

I am an artist. I primarily do theater acting, but I also do commercial acting and modeling, hosting and a variety of acting on the side for indie films and whatever else I can get my hands on. I love telling stories and transporting people to journeys through my art. I needed to buy something for my niece and nephew but it was out of season. I shopped at Lazada because they have everything you need regardless of what time of the year it is. Plus, it’s such a convenient and easy method of getting what you want at the quickest way possible.

I bought swimming floaters for my 1 year old inaanak last year during Christmas time. It was impossible to find it anywhere else as it was way past summer season but Lazada actually had over 100 options for me to choose from – and it was on promo so I was super happy!

The Lazada homepage sucks you in. I was supposed to literally go on the site, look for the swimming floaters for my inaanaks and intended to finish my shopping in 10 minutes max. I didn’t realize I had already spent over an hour online shopping and going through so many of the different products and highlights just because they make the experience so enticing and so easy for you. Needless to say, after maybe 2 hours of online window shopping, I ordered more than just the floaters. ;)

hopping in Lazada is easy and user-friendly. It’s like shopping with a friend who knows what you want and gives you a list of shops that would appeal to you instantly! True to my role as Anna Achiever, I am able to up my gift game with Lazada!

Lazaddicts, meet Kakki Teodoro, our multi-talented diva who played Dina D-I-Y in the latest Up Your Gift Game video series. She's a theatre & TV Actor, TV & Events host, singer, commercial model, and founder/President of the Metro's Multi-awarded Diet Delivery Service Diet Diva.

"It truly is a balancing act to juggle all of my interests, and I honestly wouldn't want it any other way. I'm the type of girl who wants to go after her passions and I feel like I want to maximize my time and my life!

Online shopping is the solution for busy go-getters like myself. This way I save time (and sometimes money too!) and get things done conveniently. If I spend a whole day at taping, or in between shoots or meetings, I can easily complete my errands by shopping online for items at Lazada. Even when I'm out of town for an event, or while on the way home after rehearsals, Lazada is a multi-tasker's secret weapon. It's also the most trusted online shopping website in Asia, so I can relax knowing it will be a safe and reliable process.

My first purchase was a gift for my friend's baby shower. She had a "registry" which leads to both Lazada Philippines and Malaysia! My second was a dress for an event I had to host for the weekend, which had outfit requirements. I simply browsed through the site and in 1hour I had two options, ready to be shipped the next day.

Honestly I thought online shopping meant clothes and gadgets (these are things I usually get for myself), until I realized you can even buy stuff like diapers and milk online! Oh diba? Pwede pang bulk purchase, delivered to the doorstep. Genius. I use my credit card to shop online and so far, the experience has been fast, safe and simple.

You literally can buy ANYTHING in Lazada. From cameras, accessories, dog food, yoga wear, board games, clothes. The selection is so unbelievably wide sometimes I wonder why I even would go the mall and waste time in traffic and money for gas. Also, if someone mentions a brand and I don't know if its available in the stores, I can always go to Lazada and voila! There it is. Almost magical really. Namaste.

I take care of a school that caters to adults (16 years old and above) who wish to return, and finish their High School. We have Deaf students, too! My passion is to make education accessible to all, specially those unreached because of varied reasons (poverty, distance, age, disability).

Since the school I am assigned in have classes in the evenings, shopping for items after the usual office hours is impossible. Lazada answers that specific concern and makes shopping at 11PM or at 12midnight possible.

My latest purchase was as a watch before Christmas. There was a month-long promo, and I saw that one of the more “high end” watch brands was on sale. I browsed through the items available and found one that I liked – at a price way, way below the original. From 20K down to about 3K. It was a really good buy! I ordered it on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, it was at my door. An early Christmas gift for myself.

What I like about shopping on Lazada is the convenience, the availability, the variety of products offered, the before-during and after sales feedback mechanism. (I wanted to grind nuts one time and wondered if there’s a nut grinder in Lazada. One click and there were several! Amazing!)

Most of my purchases are done through a Credit Card. That way, when some deliveries arrive on a morning (when the school is still closed – we are open only from 1 to 9PM), a representative can receive it without having to bother to look for ways to pay for it on my behalf.

Shopping in Lazada has given me the flexibility for my passion. I have more time to dedicate to my work without having to worry about the things I need because I can shop anytime, at my own terms. Now that’s effortless shopping.

I'm a blogger and marketing associate for Asprey Corp. I love to write about my travel adventures as well as reviews for the products I use. I like taking photos of places, outfits I wear, and food. I love travelling, eating out, and of course, connecting with friends.

I live a very busy lifestyle, jumping from one event to another while juggling a full-time job. I barely have enough time left for pampering, socializing with friends, working out, etc. Lazada saves me so much time because it is an awesome one stop-shop place where I can literally buy anything and everything I need.

I've bought two power banks, vitamins, makeup and a whole lot more. My most recent purchase was during their great Online Revolution sale last November - December. It was cool because a lot of products were heavily discounted.

I really like how shopping in Lazada is very efficient. The product that I ordered arrived within two days of ordering. Amazing! I also have a lot of payment options to choose from - I pay with my credit card or through PayPal.

With my busy schedule I know that Lazada is always there to pamper me. With its millions of products on the website, I am sure that whatever I need is just a search and click away. Lazada is truly everyone's online shopping mall.

Ever seen husbands, flocking to the shoe fitting sofas, waiting on their wives?

How about girlfriends rolling their eyes as men fawn over the latest gaming consoles?

Some couples don't bother and just meet up with their partners after they have their own shopping sprees.

Let's face it, finding a mutually enjoyable shopping experience for both men and women is rare.

But not John and Nikki Catalan, this week's featured online shopaholics. The Catalans are entrepreneurs, with various interests and pursuits. John is a photographer and business development manager, and Nikki, mother and restaurateur.

When asked what they liked most about Lazada, convenience and assortment are first to mind. They both agree that shopping on Lazada gives them more time to do the things that matter the most, like spending time with the family. Nikki added, "From our baby's needs, accessories for our hobbies to stuff that John and I need for work, it's really amazing that I can count on Lazada to have whatever we need."

Being the head of family, John also gives importance to comparing multiple prices online - with the click of a finger. No need to walk around multiple stores to do price comparisons. Most of the time, they find that online prices are cheaper than mall prices- "and this does not even take into consideration gas and parking expenses," shares the two.

While the two agree on shopping styles, they both have different payment preferences, depending on their comfort level. Nikki pays via credit card for convenience while John pays via Cash on Delivery because he wants to see the item first before paying for his order. "You can say that we have become smarter shoppers over time. Lazada truly gives us the flexibility with how we shop so we are able to use our time wisely and it just keeps the peace within the marriage," they both laughed.

I am a singer-songwriter and the newest recording artist of ABS-CBN Star Music. I have performed in the United States, Korea, Singapore, India and have finally decided to launch my debut song, "If You Have To Go Away", in the Philippines which you can check out on

Music is just one aspect of my life as both my parents raised me to see two sides of the world - from helping the underprivileged through charity projects to meeting powerful and influential people like presidents, senators, and scientists! Despite being immersed to different and inspiring walks of life, I can confidently say that music is truly where my heart is.

Balancing my busy schedule and building my career required extra effort. I'm glad Lazada was part of my journey in fulfilling my dreams. I needed to buy condenser microphones and music equipment and Lazada was the only way to get them. I was amazed with how high quality their products were. They were actually the ones I used to create my demos which led me to be an official Star Magic recording artist.

From then on, Lazada has always been my one stop shop for everything I need. I have fully embraced online shopping - doing it anytime, anywhere with its easy-to-use mobile app. Lazada makes me feel like a star with its superb customer service and cash on delivery payment option.

Lazada made shopping and my career shinning, shimmering, splendid!

I am a singer and songwriter and I feel that by creating music and releasing it to the whole world I am able make it a happier place to live in. Well, I truly believe that's my purpose in life - seeing people smile because of the music I make.

I have to admit I have tons of files with me - drafts of what I compose, music recordings, pictures, and of course the songs I have recorded and plan to share with the world. As they were piling up in my laptop I told myself that I needed external storage and where else to find one but Lazada! I was amazed on how prices in Lazada were significantly cheaper than in retail stores. I can sometimes find items on Lazada half its original selling price. So with that in mind, it was a no-brainer to shop. I first thought of buying a flash drive (USB) but I ended up buying a 1TB External Hard Drive because it was sold at a jaw-dropping price.

I've had a lot of experience shopping online and my experience with Lazada was superb! My items were delivered the day after I placed my order. I couldn't believe how quick it was. When the delivery person arrived, he called and he addressed me by saying "Hello sir, this is your Lazada delivery. I am downstairs in your lobby". Now that's customer service! It may sound like common sense, but that kind of warm, courteous service is lacking in so many industries. So not only did Lazada save me money but they also made my shopping experience seamless.

Paying was also convenient since I paid in cash because I have a lot of coins to get rid of. But they have other payment options available like PayPal, debit cards and AliPay. I will probably try paying via credit next time to try it out.

Wireless mics, a recorder, speakers and my favorite vinyl records are all in my wish list. It's a matter of adding them all to my cart and proceed to checkout. But I realized there would be no problem since I can shop anytime, anywhere. Shopping has never been this easy!

I am Rence Tuviera, a Senior Operations Manager (OIC) for a well known BPO company here in the Philippines. For the past 8 years of my life, I've been on the night shift! And that makes it hard for me to go to the malls and shop during regular mall hours. Thus, the option of doing online shopping with a trusted platform such as Lazada is a welcome advantage for me.

On average, I have purchased 2 orders per month throughout the span of the last 2 years. My most memorable Lazada purchases are my 43" Smart TV, my 7" Head Unit, and Back up Camera for my car. Just recently, I made a purchase of a small Bass Guitar amplifier for personal practice use.

To be honest, there have been times when I had issues with my purchases, but Lazada's free and easy returns have made this no problem for me. What keeps me coming back to Lazada is that, to the best of their abilities, they will try to resolve any issues I may have with my online shopping experience. I also have many options if ever I return an item -- I can choose from having the item replaced with a new one, ask for store credit, or ask for a complete refund. These easy, hassle-free choices have been a BIG PLUS for me.

The real reason why I love shopping on Lazada is that it gives me the feeling of getting something accomplished without spending a lot of time or effort on it. I can finish my shopping list in the comfort of my own home, or even while stuck in traffic while on the way to work! No night shift problems for me because shopping with Lazada is 24/7. I must confess I am Lazaddict

Photo by Martin San Diego/Rappler

Ako po si Aaron Exequiel Rodil. Mas kilala po ako sa pangalang "Mhizhirable" kasi 'yan ang po ang tawag sa akin ng mga katrabaho ko sa warehouse at mga kagrupo ko sa RAP industry.

Ako po ay naka-assign sa outbound department ng Lazada warehouse. Matapos pong mascan ang mga items na inoorder ninyo, sa akin naman po sila pinapasa para ma bubble-warp at maipasok sa pouches for delivery. Kadalasan mga gadgets tulad ng smartphones at tablets ang binabalot ko. Di tulad ng iba kong katrabaho na "expert" na sa pagwrap ito ay naging mahirap sa akin nung umpisa. Pinanganak po ako na mas maikli ang aking isang kamay kumpara sa kabila. Mahirap nga ho kumuha ng mga item, magbalot and magseal ngunit napatunyan kong hindi ito hadlang upang ako'y makapaghanapbuhay. All it takes nga daw po is hard work and practice. Di tumagal naging kasing bilis ko na ang aking mga katrabaho at namimeet ko pa above targets ang quota ko.

Hindi lamang ako isang proud Lazada warehouse employee kung di isa rin akong proud and happy Lazada customer! Matapos ang trabaho excited na ako magshop online dahil marami akong napapasaya - sarili ko, pamilya ko, maski mga kapitbahay at ka-barangay. Buti na lang may mga shopping websites tulad ng Lazada - tunay na shopping mall open 24/7!

Marami na akong nabili sa Lazada. Nakabili na ako ng cellphone. Nakabili na rin ako ng ABS-CBN TV Plus at karaoke player na pang movie marathon at pang videoke naming pamilya kapag magkakasama. Napakadali pa magshopping kase pwede sa PC or di kaya sa cellphone. May cash on delivery option pa para sa amin na walang mga credit card. Kaya swak na swak! Napansin rin ng mga kapitbahay ko na napapadalas ang aking mga order kaya nagpaturo na rin sila sa akin kung papano mag Lazada. Nagulat rin sila na madali lamang at halos lahat ng products bagsak presyo.

Sa dulo ng araw ako ay masaya dahil alam ko na sa bawat order na binabalot ko, may napapasaya akong customer. Minsan nga iniisip ko kung nakapagwrap na ako ng item na ako mismo umorder. Hehe!

I am Junjun Santos, the President of B1G2 Technologies International Inc. It is a three-sibling owned corporation which I started when I was 25 together with my two sisters. We have been selling on Lazada for three years now and hailed as one of its top-rated sellers with a 4.5 rating. Interestingly enough, I love Lazada both as a shopper and a seller.

As a shopper, I love Lazada because it offers me convenience. My first purchase was a Black and Decker 1,400 watt pressure washer. I was looking for something very specific, so I didn't want to risk my chances of going all the way to the mall and turning up with nothing. I heard a lot of good reviews about Lazada so I decided to give it a try. Lo and behold, I found exactly what I wanted and it was delivered right to my doorstep! Just like that, I was hooked.

As a seller, Lazada helps me pursue one of my greatest goals in life, which is to help educate the general public about cyber security preparedness. When Lazada opened its doors to sellers like me, I was convinced that I can work towards fulfilling my mission by allowing customers in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to enjoy the IT products and services we offer. If you're interested to see what my products are about, you can visit

If you haven't tried Lazada out yet, I strongly urge that you do! As a shopper, a seller, or maybe even both, I'm sure you'll come to love it like I do.

I'm Jack Untalan, a real estate agent, who happens to be both an Uber driver and operator. Being an Uber driver has its own perks. Aside from it being my extra source of income, I am amazed with the different passengers I get to meet. I have met those who would share their stories as if we were the closest of friends and I have also met kindhearted ones who booked to meet distant relatives. Talagang iba't ibang tao makikilala mo kada booking.

Juggling three things at the same time isn't easy. I usually spend most of my time now on the road and I have very little time for myself. Imagine going to different places allover the metro. Lahat na ata naranasan ko from heavy rains, late night driving down to the crazy traffic. But it's a fulfilling job; don't get me wrong :)

Naka-lineup na nga yung next Lazada purchases ko. I am thinking of buying a car cover to make sure my car is protected when nakapark na siya sa garage and I am also planning to buy a dash cam since safety first. Nasa wishlist ko na sila and I can't wait to proceed to checkout.

I've totally lost the temptation of going down the mall whenever I drop off a passenger there since sure ako na sa Lazada I just do it in a matter of clicks. And happy ako to say that I am not only the Lazaddict out there! Dami ko ring nakikitang passengers checking the site out - hindi makapagpigil magbrowse and magshopping. Isn't that just amazing? Talagang shopping within your fingertips anytime, anywhere!

I am Karol Yue, the "mother" of Snoopy, a pure breed Shih Tzu. I actually have two, the other one named Kiwi. They are both boys. My dogs are my life. We basically do everything together. You'll definitely see us strolling around our favorite to-go to places and see them (not us ah!) all dressed up in matching outfits. Syempre, dapat cute and presentable sila para talagang mana sa akin.

Mommy duties are not easy. I have long working hours that's why attending to my dogs' needs is a challenge. I'm happy that Lazada makes shopping more convenient for all my pet needs. Imagine nakikita ko yung mga hard to find and unique pet items easily through their mobile app, even while I'm on the go. Marami na nga akong nabiling pet grooming products like shampoo, grooming kit, tick spray, etc. My next purchase? underwear belly diaper, retractable leash and bluetooth pet dog tracker which I just spotted recently.

Before placing an order sa Lazada I always look at the reviews kase important sa akin ang customer feedback which you don't see in most shopping sites. At least it gives me an idea if a product is worth buying. I actually base all my purchases on reviews. Super natutuwa ako na bukod sa pagiging transparent ni Lazada to us, customers, nakakabasa rin ako ng other dog stories from customers kase their dogs loved what they bought online. Plus, madali pa magbayad since you get to choose from many payment options like cash on delivery, debit or credit card at PayPal.

I am so happy I don't need to go to pet stores or the vet just to get what my two boys need. I can go to Lazada anytime, shop, and wait for the items to arrive at my doorstep. Still amazed that pet items are now available online. Now i have more time to spend with my dogs and not worry about providing for their needs. Shop ka na rin sa Lazada!

As a lifestyle blogger, homemaker and hands-on mom of two, every second counts. I heard about Lazada through my friends - how convenient it is to be able to choose from a wide array of products anytime, anywhere, and have it delivered right to my doorstep. I’ve been looking for a clothes steamer for the longest time, and it was during the holidays. With all the events that I had to go to, there was surely no time to swing by the mall and look for what I needed.

I tried looking it up on the Lazada website, and it was so amazing that Lazada actually sells steamers in various brands and colors! I was impressed by the assortment. I got the rose gold, which was so chic! The browsing did not end there of course, with great deals across different products - from apparel to skin care, to home ware and gadgets!

I like how hassle free it is to shop at Lazada because everything is at the palm of your hand. Another thing that I love about Lazada is that it offers so much payment methods to choose from. There's cash on delivery when I am unable to receive the item at my house, and also Paypal, which is a very secure way to pay online.

The time I save from shopping means more time for myself and my family. Lazada's effortless shopping is a must for active moms like me.


Lazada did not only give me the item that I needed, it has made shopping more fun and practical for super moms like me.

I am Neil Dy, a freelance model and an entrepreneur. With projects here and there, I’m really glad there’s a platform such as Lazada that helps me take more control of my time. When I started out my resto-bar business, I always felt like I was needed in two places at one time. Thank goodness I was introduced to Lazada by my friends.

My first order from Lazada was a camera tripod and a bunch of two-way radio, all to be used in my business. I used the Lazada mobile app to do my purchase since I’m always on the go. As the weeks went by after my first order, I found myself to be buying more and more as I've seen its assortment to be super wide from different categories. One of my favorite purchases in Lazada would be the Ab Roller I got a few months ago. Given that I go to lots of photoshoots, I have to make sure I can squeeze in workouts everywhere I go.

For me, one thing that takes Lazada’s online shopping experience to the next level is that it can deliver some of my orders to me on the same day or onto the next day. That’s really something you wouldn’t expect from an online store! I had my hesitations in buying online some time ago, Lazada changed the way I feel about online shopping. I’m always proud to tell my friends that Lazada helps me save time and money. When I started getting into the habit of buying stuff in Lazada, I realized that my time got a little more flexible than it once was, since all I needed to do was make a 5-10 mins purchase through my phone or laptop wherever I may be. It also made me save more money because the prices of the items in Lazada are super affordable and it presents me a lot of options for my daily needs.

From my experience, I can say that “what you see is what you get” when it comes to the products sold in Lazada. Years ago, when I do my shopping, I still check the internet or ask questions to various people regarding the item that I’m buying. In Lazada, all the necessary details are already there, from size to texture, and it has pictures to back it up.

Given that I’m always on the go and I’m not sure at what times will I be on my house, I do my payment through credit card. This allows me to just pay the item as I purchase, without having to worry about waiting for the package myself - I look forward to going home to my Lazada packages, as if it were my reward after a long day!

Overall, I would say that Lazada took shopping to another level - a one stop shop truly for everyone.


Humans of Lazada: Building Trust Through Real Life Experiences

From the company’s inception to its present-day success in the e-commerce landscape, Lazada has always been the benchmark of quality and effortless online shopping. Every day, more and more people discover the convenience and safety brought forth by Lazada’s world-class service. The kind of service that allows you to browse through thousands of products with a simple click and tap on your smartphone and computer.

Fast forward to today, Lazada’s exponential growth and mastery in e-commerce has given the word “shopping” a whole new meaning. Yet not everyone seems to understand what Lazada offers and what benefits it provide; thus, Humans of Lazada was conceived. A collection of first-hand reviews and real stories from real customers all across the Philippines. It aims to give consumers the platform to voice out their satisfaction and their effortless shopping experience. Read through their stories as they give their personal testimonials about Lazada’s top-of-class service for online shopping.

Humans of Lazada: Building Trust Through Real Life Experiences

From the company’s inception to its present-day success in the e-commerce landscape, Lazada has always been the benchmark of quality and effortless online shopping. Every day, more and more people discover the convenience and safety brought forth by Lazada’s world-class service. The kind of service that allows you to browse through thousands of products with a simple click and tap on your smartphone and computer.

Fast forward to today, Lazada’s exponential growth and mastery in e-commerce has given the word “shopping” a whole new meaning. Yet not everyone seems to understand what Lazada offers and what benefits it provide; thus, Humans of Lazada was conceived. A collection of first-hand reviews and real stories from real customers all across the Philippines. It aims to give consumers the platform to voice out their satisfaction and their effortless shopping experience. Read through their stories as they give their personal testimonials about Lazada’s top-of-class service for online shopping.