As the popular saying goes, “the home is where the heart is”. A house is made a home not just by the people residing in them, but also by the things in it that creates a sense of warmth and comfort. A home is a sanctuary of relaxation, a safe haven from a chaotic world, and a place of community and love. It is where friends and family come together to catch up and reminisce. It is where you come to rest your aching bones and tired mind. It is where holidays and staycations are spent. It is where childhoods are fostered and dreams are molded. Make sure that your house is a home by filling it with the essential home and living products. This category refers to a diverse assortment of items designed to beautify the home and enhance home life. Having the right furniture, décor, kitchen equipment, and bed & bath products will give a sense of personalization and “lived-in” feel to the place. Tailor fit your space to suit your needs and preferences to make it truly your own.

You might already have an idea as to what you want to buy. For the most part, you might think that buying products is just as simple as clicking things. However, the difference between a good buy and a bad one is discernment. Take the time to take a few important factors into consideration to ensure that the product you’re itching to purchase will be the right one. Making a bad purchase will only be a waste of time and effort, so be sure to get it right the first time around.

  • Function
  • Style
  • Space
  • Durability

This is typically one of the first factors that come to mind when making a purchase. After all, most consumers wouldn’t randomly spend money on things that won’t serve a purpose. There are some items that are multi-functional, a useful aspect to be on the lookout for when surveying your options. These are normally practical items that offer more bang for your buck. For example, an ottoman is a stylish piece of furniture that doubles as a seat and discreet storage box. You might end up saving more if you go for two birds with one stone.

Don’t just go for something that’s cheap because it’s in your price range. Look for items that you would love to own, things you’d be proud to have in your space and will enhance the feel of your home. Some consumers have designed or decorated their homes in a certain way or following a specific theme. If you’re that type, then look for functional objects that will perfectly blend with the rest of your things. Other consumers look for items that reflect their personality and fashion. Others still aren’t particularly choosy, but instead search for items that will not disrupt the existing aura of the space.

There is probably nothing worse than buying your dream couch or bed, only to find out that you can’t even use it because it won’t fit through the door or into the room. Be sure that you have enough space to accommodate what you want to buy. Particularly when buying large items, like furniture, measure the space it is meant to go in and find items that will suit the dimensions. Otherwise, you might have to consider making serious changes in the space, such as rearranging items or removing appliances, to make room for your new purchase.

Don’t be overly seduced or put off by the price tag on an item. Take a look at the materials used, and think about how long it should last you. Some low-priced items in the market are made by cutting corners in manufacturing or compromising on materials, resulting in poor or mediocre quality. High-priced items by big brands, on the other hand, may cost a ton upfront by remain in top condition for several years. There isn’t a solid statistic on this, but it is something to think about. Both have pros and cons, so consider which cost you are more comfortable in paying. It is recommended to try and get the best brand or item in the price range you can afford.

  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Home Office

One of the most important rooms in the house is the living room. It is a communal space where people go to unwind and spend time together. It is an area for leisure and relaxation, so it is important to fill the room with useful and versatile pieces that will ensure usability and comfort. Sofas and chairs are often the first priority because people have to sit and rest on something. Smaller residences, such as dormitories, apartments and condominiums, usually opt for chairs because they efficiently serve the purpose without taking up too much space. Some make use of multi-purpose items such as convertible sofa beds or recliners. Larger homes, especially those with several family members or residents, can benefit more from multi-seater sofas. A living room set would not be complete without the appropriate table. A center table is normally used as a coffee table or a magazine stand, while a side table is used to hold lamps, remote controls, and other items. Next, dealing the entertainment aspect of the room, TV stands are commonplace in living rooms. These are screen mounts that make the TV appear suspended in midair. Some are stand-alone items, while others come with a table and media storage. Considering that the living room is a communal space, it’s safe to assume that there will be a ton of items placed or left in the area. Keep things tidy with the use of appropriate storage solutions. Ottomans are highly popular because double as a seat on top with a hollow storage space underneath. Shelves are also common in the home, and can be used to store and organize a wide range of items, from books to DVD to random knick knacks.

This is a personal space where you retreat and reside to relax and unwind. When you think of bedroom, comfort is the first aspect that comes to mind. Given the name of the space, the bed is normally the top priority. There are all sorts of mattresses to choose from, varying in design, thickness, firmness, texture, and size. These are made in single, double, Queen, and King sized beds. Most are designed thick and heavy enough to comfortably support the whole body. This type is normally mounted on a bed frame. For these, you would need to look into different styles and materials of headboards and footboards. Others are thin and compact items that can be rolled or foldable, so that they can be stowed away as needed. Most bedrooms also require the right storage items to be kept tidy. Wardrobes and cabinets are must-have items to hold all types of clothing items. Rooms that don’t have built-in cabinets make use of freestanding wardrobes. These are assembled items, normally made with fabric walls and lightweight tube frame, which are equipped with rods for hangers and shelves for folded items. Dressers and chests are another option because they are equipped with a diverse layout of drawers to hold several items. Vanities are a special type of dresser used to hold toiletries, beauty products, and grooming items. Most come with a mirror, but those without can have one mounted on it.

The kitchen is known as a place for food and celebration. The standard items in the dining area are the dining table and chairs. These come in various shapes, designs, and seating capacities, so take that into consideration when looking for one for your residence. Some homes have a home bar which would require the usage of high stools. This part of the house is normally filled with tons of items, ranging from eating utensils to cooking tools, so make sure to keep everything in order with cabinets, dividers, and storage boxes.

In the digital age, it’s easy to get work done from home. Some even work entirely out of the comfort of their personal space. A good home office would not be complete with a proper desk and chair. These two items provide a simple yet dependable area wherein you can comfortably get the job done. Be sure to find the right size to fit your room as well as accommodate your things. At the same time, look for something that will suit the space and your personality without hindering your concentration. Keep the space neat and organized with the use of space savers and storage solutions. Book worms and avid readers would most likely be keep a lot of titles in the home office, so pick out the appropriate shelves for those too.

  • Hallway and Entryway
  • Game Room

The hallways or the entryway of a home are often overlooked because they are just passageways to different parts of the room, and not really an area where people stay. However, with the right home pieces, these can be put to good use. It is a good place to put a coat rack, umbrella stand, shoe rack, or hook rack to keep your everyday essentials in plain sight while freeing up space in your living room or bedroom. Some choose to make use of the space as a decorative aspect of the home by placing potted plants in a corner.

One of the reasons why the home is such a great place to be is the presence of entertainment options. Many homes nowadays have a game room for leisure activities. Also known as a man cave or recreational room (“rec room”), the space can be filled with fun novelty games and activities such as billiards, foosball, poker, and video games. The room wouldn’t be complete without comfy bean bags, plush couches, and game tables to play on.


Put the fun in function by decorating the space with the right home décor. These items look great, but most also serve practical purposes. Curtains and blinds are placed over windows to provide some shade for the room. Sheer curtains and window blinds are common in the Philippines because they deliver a degree of shade or diffuse harsh light without completely blocking off fresh air from the outside. Heavy drapes and panels are popularly used in colder climates or air-conditioned homes to provide a level of insulation. Rugs and carpets are also commonplace in homes, and are made in the forms of shag rugs, hand-woven, knotted, braided, runner, mats, and more. Mirrors are household staples which are normally used to check your outfit or reflection. However, these can also be used as décor to give the illusion of an expanded space. Clocks are also important to have in every room of the home. Mount a wall clock in a communal space so everyone can keep track of the time, and place an alarm clock on your bedside so that you always wake up on time.


The bedroom and the bathroom are two of the most “lived-in” areas of the home. They are personal spaces used for various bodily functions, from sleeping to grooming. The bedroom should mostly be filled with things that will make you feel comfortable to ensure a good night’s sleep, such as comfortable pillows, bedlinen, and bed spreads. Take into consideration the type of fabric and fill, thread count, and design of the object. Be sure that you’re comfortable with the material, or you might just do more tossing and turning than sleeping. The bathroom is a functional space filled with beauty and grooming items. Keep things in neat and tidy by making use of the right storage solutions, ranging from medicine cabinets and soap dishes to shower curtains and bath towels.


The kitchen is the heart of the home because it is where feasts and celebrations begin. The kitchen plays an important role in bringing people together, especially in the Filipino culture wherein food is big part of every fiesta, party, and gathering. The standard cooking essentials are pots, pans, and grills, but you can expand your range with woks, pressure cookers, steamers, and ovens. If you’re an aspiring or professional baker, complete your tolls with practical bakeware items like trays, cookie cutters, and rolling pins. Tableware is highly important as well because these are the items you’ll be eating and serving with, such as serveware, drinkware, glassware, and cutlery. If you’re a coffee or tea lover, as most people are nowadays, enjoy your favorite beverages at home with the right prep tools, like French presses, milk frothers, stovetop kettles, and condiment bowls. With all these tools and food items in one room, it is recommended to have the appropriate storage items to keep everything in order. Make use of dish racks, canisters & jars, spice racks, pantry organizers, and multi-purpose boxes to keep related items together and close by. Using these items will not only save space, but also increase speed and improve the efficiency of the workflow in the kitchen.


Aside from humans, pets and animal companions are also considered part of the family. Make sure your residence is pet-friendly, so that your favorite companion will find it as homely as you do. Set up a good bed made of lightweight and breathable materials. Consider the feel, weight, portability, and maintenance of the material. If you small pet like gerbils, fish, and birds, find them a good enclosure or aquarium that provides enough space for sleeping, feeding, and exercising. Before taking your pet out for a walk, be equipped with a collar and leash or dog carrier so that you won’t lose them. Prevent unnecessary damage to your furniture and home appliances by giving your pet an avenue for their impulses, such as toys and treats. Just as people practice proper grooming, keep your beloved pet clean and healthy with the right set of pet care products.


Home makers and self-proclaimed handymen will always find something to fix and improve at home. If you’re the type to tinker and fiddle with anything and everything, make sure you have the right tools to get the job done safely, quickly, and easily. Power tools encompass a great range of equipment which requires the juice of an external power source, such as electricity, to function. These are usually high-power tools with internal motors and mechanisms. Examples of commonly used power tools are power saws, drills, electric sanders, nail guns, and grinders. On the other hand, there are also hand tools. These are simply items that rely completely on manual power. These cost a lot less than power tools, but require a ton of time and effort. Examples of popular hand tools are wrenches, pliers, screw drivers, hammers, and saws. Every now and then, you might want to make some changes to your home design, or would need to replace a few faulty bits and bobs. Make sure to buy only high-quality kitchen and bathroom fixtures.


Light fixtures are an important part of the home because they allow you to see clearly under any circumstance, whether it’s 2am in the morning and you want a glass of water or it’s nighttime and you’re preparing dinner. Nowadays, lighting installments are both functional and stylish home pieces that express a personal statement and enhance a space depending on its size and design. For example, chandeliers add a touch of elegance and affluence to the room while spotlights draw attention to specific areas of the space. Some lights are specially designed for particular rooms or areas. Lamps and lampshades are typically used in home offices and bedrooms to cast a soft glow in a small area without lighting up the entire room. Vanity lights are bright bulbs that bring out the natural colors of the face, allow you to accurately see your face. Some make use of special outdoor lights for the porch, stairs, or garden to enjoy the space without having to sit in the dark.


This refers to a diverse selection of items that can be used for creative or official purposes. By definition, stationery means writing and office materials. Certain paper products are essential to office use, such as Post-its, index cards, and memo pads. You can use these to keep track of information you receive on-the-fly. These items go hand in hand with writing instruments such as pens and pencils. Some offices also require the usage of certain office accessories, such as calculators and paper shredders. On the other hand, there are also stationery products used for creative purposes. Avid writers make use of notebooks, journals, and diaries to jot down stories, observations, and experiences. Pick a design, cover, and page ruling that you like best, one that suits your writing style and method. Advanced artists and calligraphy artists normally use charcoal & graphite, paints, fountain pens and fineliners to create detailed works. Kids, on the other hand, love brightly colored markers, crayons, pastels, and pencils for their multi-colored masterpieces.