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Sellers on Lazada

You can now view information about Sellers on Lazada from the Seller profile tab available on Seller pages.

It includes:

  • Seller Information
  • Seller Rating
  • Seller Location
  • Official Store Badge
  • Main Category
  • Time on Lazada
  • Seller Size
  • Shipped on Time
  • Seller Ratings and Reviews

Tooltips beside each of these Seller information is available to help you understand the data displayed

Seller information

Sellers information is also available on product page below the delivery options in desktop and mobile site and app view.

Seller name and Rating, Seller Size and Time on Lazada is displayed.

Seller Ratings

Positive Seller Rating is based on % of total positive ratings divided by total ratings received by a Seller. Only Customers who have bought from the Seller can provide this rating. This is updated daily.

Seller Locations

This refers to the location that the Seller has registered their business.

Official Store Badge

An official store badge indicates that the Seller is the brand (trademark) owner itself or possesses exclusive authorisation from the brand owner to distribute their brand’s products. This guarantees that the products are 100% authentic and are duly registered, if so required.

Seller Main Category

Seller is assigned a main category based on unit sales in the last 28 days. This indicates the main category a Seller conducts their business. A Seller who has less than 50% of sales in a single category will be classified as multi-category Seller. This is updated daily.

Example 1: A Seller with 50% or more of sales in Mobiles and Tablets category and 49.9% sales in Baby and Toddler will be classified as Mobiles & Tablets seller.

Example 2: A Seller with 49% in Baby and Toddler, 49% in Mobiles & Tablets will be classified as multicategory Seller

Time on Lazada

This indicates the time a Seller has been selling on Lazada. It is from the date the Seller first lists the first product.

Seller Size

Seller size is determined by the number of items a Seller sold in the last 28 days. Sellers are ranked within their own category. This is updated daily.

Shipped on Time

Shipped on time measure the Seller’s ability to get the package ready for pick up by logistics provider within the agreed time period.

Example: A Seller who has managed to get 9 out of 10 orders ready for pick up on time will have a Shipped on Time score of 90%. It is calculated based on the last 28 days results. Sellers are compared within their own category. This is updated daily.

It is part of the total estimated delivery time which is the sum of several steps in the order process. This part of the order process is managed by the Seller. See below for an overview of the steps it takes for an order to reach you from the time you place an order.

Seller and Product Ratings and Reviews

Your feedback is important to us and we are always looking for ways to improve and serve you better. To review Sellers or products from past orders, visit My Reviews section within My Account.

Customers select positive, neutral or negative rating for Seller ratings and 1 to 5 stars for product ratings. Customers are also able to leave a review so as to share their experience about the Seller.

Seller ratings and reviews are provided by customers who have bought from the Seller whilst guests reviewers are accepted for product ratings and reviews.

Reviews are displayed on both product pages and seller profile pages

What Can You Buy From Lazada?

Many Filipinos are now familiar with Lazada. The top online shopping site in the country didn’t simply reach its top status by only providing simple items from relatively unknown brands. No! The online shopping group boasts one of the largest catalogues of items in the Philippines, with items from different the most popular and reliable brands, and are grouped into categories that are being sold in the website and the app. With hundreds of brands affiliated with the e-commerce groups and more products Sold and Fulfilled by Lazada, you can expect to see a lot of items, ranging from computers and laptops, to mobile phones and tablets, to toys, to clothes and fashion accessories, and even home appliances and accessories for the house. These extensive library of items are sold and delivered by the group to your doorstep, fulfilling the Effortless Shopping mindset that the brand has put into their service.

But What Are the Products by Lazada?

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