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  • How long do I have to return my item?
  • Am I eligible for a return?
  • What should I do if my return is rejected?
  • What are my reimbursement options?
  • Where can I access the Online Returns Form?
  • What are the important fields to ensure successful return?
  • Do I have to print the return form?
  • What if I cannot access the Online Returns Form?
  • Do I need to return the accessories and freebies?
  • What do I need to put on box/parcel?
  • Where is the nearest Lazada return partner in my area?
  • Why did your return partner reject my order?
  • How do I know if the item has reached Lazada already?
  • How long will it take before I get my reimbursement?
  • How will you send my voucher refund?
  • How will you send my LBC remittance number?
  • How long will it take before I receive my replacement?

Returns at Lazada are FREE and EASY. For more details and clarity on the return process, check our return policy below:

Lazada's Return Policy:

You may return your item to us within 7 or 14 calendar days, depending on the item you purchased. Countdown starts from the date you received the item to the post stamp date on the return parcel. The returns policy applicable for each item can be found on the right side of the Product Page.

Item's Return Policy:

Your product's Return Policy can be found on the right side of the product page on the website or right after the merchant's name on the Lazada app. The logo for each policy can be found below:

If you are returning an Apple product that is Sold and Fulfilled by Lazada due to a possible defect, please bring your item directly to an Apple Authorized Service Provider. You can click here to find an Apple Authorized Service Provider near you.

Acceptable Return Reasons:

Your return can only be approved based on the following reasons:

Returns after 7-14 days:

Beyond the allowable returns period, in case the item is covered by a manufacturer or supplier warranty, please contact the manufacturer or supplier directly to organize the return.

You may also find the contact information of your product’s warranty center on the warranty card inside your package. If not available, please call us at (02) 795-8900.

Process for returning an item:

  • 1. Make sure it meets the criteria for a valid return
  • 2. Fill in the Online Returns Form
  • 3. Drop off your item at any Lazada Return Partner near you and don’t forget to get your Acknowledgement Return Receipt

Reimbursement options:

There are 3 kinds of reimbursement: voucher, refund, replacement. Below is the list of options available for each type of reimbursement per return reason:

Steps to access the Online Returns Form:

  • 1. Return everything that you have received (freebies and accessories included) Note: prior to returning elecronic items, please delete/remove your personal information which includes usernames and passwords
  • 2. Send your item in its original packaging. Also make sure that tags and labels are attached
  • 3. Tape printed Return Form on the package. If you cannot print, please write down on a piece of paper the 9 digit Order Number or the 15 digit Return Number that starts with RN and stick it on the package

Note: please do not write anything on the box otherwise we will refuse your return

Use the tracking number found at the Acknowledgement Return receipt and track it here if you return the item via 2Go and track here if via LBC.

Time frame for the quality evaluation process:

After we receive your package at our warehouse, the quality evaluation process will be completed within 48 hours but may be extended. Please be informed that for certain products, this process may take more time.

Time frame to receive your reimbursement:

Replacement option: once the item has undergone the quality evaluation process, expect to receive the item within the following timeframes:

Within Metro Manila: 1-7 working days

Outside Metro Manila: 5-12 working days

Refund option: customers who have requested for refund can expect to receive it within the following timeframes:

Payment Method
(at the time of purchase)
Refund Option Refund Lead Time
(to see the amount on you bank statement)
Credit card / Installment Credit Reversal
Debit card / Installment Debit Reversal
Paypal Paypal reversal (if Paypal balance) 1 to 3 business days
Credit reversal (if Paypal is linked to a Credit Card) 5 to 15 banking days
Note: The amount may be reflected in your next billing cycle
Debit reversal (if Paypal is linked to a Debit Card) 5 to 45 banking days (Depending on your issuing bank)
Note: The amount may be reflected in your next billing cycle
Cash on Delivery(COD) Bank transfer 1 to 2 banking days
LBC Remittance (Please click here for the list of Acceptable IDs for LBC Remittance) 1 to 2 business days
Store Credit
Store Credit Store Credit

Note: In case of weather disturbances and other natural calamities, please refer to the website for updates as it may take longer to receive your replacement.


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