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How to top up or add money to my Lazada E-Wallet account?

  1. Log in to your Lazada account. Choose “Lazada E-Wallet” and click on “Top Up”
  2. On the top up screen, select the amount you prefer
  3. Choose your desired payment channel for your top up amount
  4. Depending on the top up channel, you will be provided with either a Reference Code or    Subscriber Number that you will need to complete your top up.
  5. Read the Payment Instructions carefully and click “DONE” when finished
  6. You will also receive an email and SMS notification with your top up details and instructions

How much can I top up into my Lazada E-Wallet?
In a single top-up request created, you can top up the amount of:

  • ₱200
  • ₱500
  • ₱1,000
  • ₱2,000
  • ₱5,000
  • ₱10,000
  • ₱50,000
​​​There are no limits to the number of times an account can be topped up or request for a top up. However, your E-Wallet can only hold a maximum of ₱50,000 (including refund and promotional rebate balances)

You can top up or load via our top up channels:

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Can I top up my E-Wallet via credit card?
Top up via credit card is currently not available. You can only top up your balance via our bank and retail partners. Lazada is continuously reviewing the top up methods available to our customers and we will be adding more top-up methods and partners in the future. 

How do I transfer my Lazada E-Wallet balance to another Lazada E-Wallet account?
Currently, Lazada E-Wallet balance is non transferable to another Lazada E-Wallet

I placed a top up request but forgot the top up reference code. Where can I find it again?
You should have received both an email and SMS with the details of your top up request. You can also find any pending top ups (with payment details) on the "Manage my Account” > “Lazada E-Wallet" page in the list of Latest Transactions

Where is my top up? I have already topped up and my bank account has been deducted but the balance on my Lazada E-Wallet has not been reflected.
Depending on the top up channel you used, reflection of the balance may vary.  Please see time needed from payment to availability of funds in the Lazada E-Wallet:

  • 7-11              - within 1 hour      
  • BPI               - within 1 hour      
  • Metrobank    - within 1 hour      
  • BDO              - within 25 hours      

If the balance does not show up after the time specified above, immediately contact our Customer Service (  Be ready to provide proof of the paid top up such as receipts, deposit slips, or e-mail confirmation from your bank.

How much time do I have to top up using the given Reference Number?
The expiration of your top up request is in the email and SMS notification.  Most top up requests need to be completed with 24 hours to avoid issues.  If you topped up using an expired Reference Number or Subscriber Number and it did not reflect within the time needed from payment to balance reflection described previously, please contact our Customer Care Officer (   

Is there an expiration on my Lazada E-Wallet?

Top up (Deposited) and Refunds balance do not expire. Balance in your Rebates may expire depending on the promotion. The expiration is indicated in the list of Latest Transactions. 

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