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How do you withdraw funds in my Lazada E-Wallet account?

You can only withdraw balance from the Refunds portion of your Lazada E-wallet

  1. Go to your Lazada E-Wallet account, check if you have Refunds balance. If it has balance, link to withdrawal will be available
  2. Click “Withdrawal” and fill out the “Request Withdraw” form
  3. You will receive a confirmation email that you requested for a withdrawal. Click the “Confirm” button so Lazada can start the withdrawal request process.
  4. A confirmation message will pop up on the screen confirming your withdrawal request.
  5. Currently, we can only process withdrawals for BDO, BPI and Metrobank accounts

How can I withdraw all the money from my Lazada E-Wallet?
You can only withdraw money from the refunds balance. The Top-up balance and Rebate amount cannot be withdrawn. You can shop using your Lazada E-Wallet to use up the Top-up and Rebate balances.

Can I withdraw partial or full amount from refunds coupon?
You can only withdraw the full amount from the refunds coupon. Partial withdrawals are not supported at this time.

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