Cosmetics are products that are used to enhance ones’ overall appearance, from the person’s aesthetics to his/her body odor. These can range from face and body makeup, fragrances, and nail products. Makeup is the product that is normally used on the face and body to highlight and conceal certain body features. These can range from different products that are made for specific parts of the face and body; as using one that is not made for that certain job can lead to skin irritations and problems. There are items specifically made for the face, lips, eyes, and nails, all made in many different shades that can complement each skin tone. When buying cosmetic products you have to make sure that it is compatible with your skin tone and type; as some shades and colors look different on certain skin tone and some formulation are best for a certain type of skin. When determining your skin tone you should look into your skin color (fair or light, medium, dark, and olive) and its undertone (warm, cool, and neutral. Fair skin color is characterized by pale porcelain like or milky skin color with peachy or rosy undertones. Medium skin color is described as light beige or tan, or locally called as moreno or morena. People with dark skin color usually have deep brown to ebony complexions. Now, undertones on the other hand, are much more complicated to figure out. It is usually determined by looking at your veins if it looks blue-ish to purple-ish you have a cool undertone, if it’s a bit green-ish you have a warm undertone, while a neutral undertone is characterized by blue-ish and green-ish veins. Determining your skin color and tone isn’t the only thing you have to know to be able to buy makeup that is suitable for you, you also have to know what your skin type is; normal, oily, dry, combination, or sensitive skin. Normal skin type is described as having a good balance of water and lipids, rarely visible pores, it is not too oily or too dry, and it looks like smooth and radiant; this skin type is the least problematic of all. If the skin on your face looks dull, has a rough complexion, looks flaky and there are visible lines, then you have dry skin. Oily skin is defined as having a shiny and moist face, clogged and visibly large pores, that is usually prone to breakouts. Combination skin is usually characterized by an oily T-Zone (the nose and forehead area) but the rest of the face is dry or normal. The most problematic and fragile skin type is the sensitive skin; it is described as having dry, flaky, and irritable skin. Sensitive skin also normally has rashes on it. It usually feels stingy when products are applied. This type of skin should normally use dermatologist-approved items. There are many items suitable for different skin type and tone, so buy the products that will fit your preference, to avoid wasting money.

When doing makeup, make sure that the face is clean, use a cleanser suitable for your skin, then proceed with moisturizing your face, at this point you can also apply serums or treatments that you’re using. Next, apply the primer; this product is used to minimize the appearance of pores, provides smoother makeup application, and helps in the prolonging of makeup on the face. Afterwards, put on the foundation; this comes in different forms (liquid, cream, mousse, powder), this provides sheer to full coverage, and helps in evening out the skin tone. Then apply the concealer to cover imperfections like under eye circle and blemishes. Then use a powder to set it all on. Afterwards you can add a touch of color with a blusher and/or a bronzer. Highlighters and contour powders/creams are used to define your face. For the lips, exfoliate it first to remove dead skin cells to avoid patchy looking lips. There are different lip products that you can use; lip balms are often used to moisturize the lips, lipsticks add a very pigmented color to it; this comes in different colors, shades, finishes (matte, satin, and sheer) and forms (stick and liquid), lip liners are used to outline are lips and helps define it more, and lip glosses are used to add sheen and a tint of color to the lips. When doing your eyes, make sure you get the eye shadow color/palette that is suitable to your eye color. You can use an eye liner (liquid, cream, ad pencil) to add definition to your eyes. Mascaras are used to curl, lengthen, and add volume to your lashes. Filling in your eyebrows, properly, can make a huge difference to your overall look. You can fill in your brows using a brow pencil, pomade, powder, browcara, or combining any of these items. These should be properly applied using tools like brushes and sponges. To make your look last the whole day you can use a setting spray after you have finished applying makeup. There are different nail products that you can use for your manicure and pedicure. Nail polish is a lacquer that is applied on toe and finger nails that provide color and decoration. The base coat is used to help strengthen the nail, provide texture, and make the color last long, it is applied before the nail color. The nail lacquer comes in different finishes, colors, and formulations; some are chip-resistant, while some are said to last for over a week. The top coat is used to seal in the color; it usually has a quick-drying formula to hasten the drying of the lacquer. These coats can be removed using nail polish remover or acetone. The gel type nail polish is formulated differently, it can last up to weeks on the nails when applied properly; it uses ultraviolet LED to dry, and can be a bit more difficult to remove. Similar to makeup, there are different tools that you can use to apply nail polish.

To get perfect skin, one must know his/her skin type, as this is where he/she will base what products and routines they need and must do. Some skin types (Oily, Dry, Combination, and Sensitive) have different and special needs to be taken care of, compared to the ones with normal skin type. Taking care of the skin is really important, failing to do so may lead to skin irritations, diseases, and irreversible consequences. Skin care does not simply stop at washing your face with soap and water, as we age our skin loses moisture and elasticity, which usually lead to dull looking complexion. Many experts always say the best way to avoid certain skin problems and diseases is prevention and having a proper skin regimen is a good way to prevent it. Normally, the first step is cleansing. Always remember to clean your face with the proper cleansing products; your regular body soap will not do, as the skin on our face has a different texture from the skin of our body. Cleansing removes the oils and dirt that clog the pores and may lead to breakouts and acne. There are many cleansing products in the market, you can choose from different types, formulation, and features. There foam, oil, soap, gel and water based cleansers. Some are made with anti-aging, whitening, pore-minimizing and brightening properties. Next is to moisturize your skin, you must know what type and formulation of moisturizer is suitable to your skin. There are some cleansers that have beads that help exfoliate the face, removing the dead skin cells, and revealing renewed, fresh and glowing skin. Next is to apply the creams, serums, and treatments that you need. This is why knowing what kind of skin type you have is important, as you should not use a product that does not cater to your need, because it might cause a bigger problem. The different types of creams, serums, and treatments answer different skin needs like whitening, anti-aging, skin repair, brightening, and a lot more. Always remember to protect your skin; one must use a sunblock, suitable for the face, with the appropriate SPF. This should be applied before leaving the house, especially when it is really sunny outside. Also, there are face masks, scrubs, and peels that you can use to remove and prevent the build of oil and dirt which leads to acne and blackheads. These products have different formulations, it could have a lightweight or heavy formula, it could be gel, water, and oil-based. Skin care does not stop with applying creams and toners, one should have a healthy lifestyle, drink a lot of water; about 8-10 glasses a day, don’t smoke, eat a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables, and get enough sleep and rest.

Hair Care
Hair would be probably one of the most noticeable parts of our bodies. As the saying goes, it is the women’s crowning glory. It is but needed that women take care of their hair the proper way every day. Whether you are sporting short or long locks, there are certain hair needs that are to be met. And there are various ways to fulfill them. It is common that hair must be washed daily, but it has also been proven that doing so damages it, and not helping it to grow longer. Shampoos are the basic need of the hair. Washing it every other day with the formula is the advised care for the hair. Different variant of shampoos are available. Each of which have certain specialty treatment provided for your locks. Whether the hair is dry, frizzy, limp, dull, bleached, or dyed severely, a shampoo is already formulated to aid its care. For the days when hair isn’t washed, dry shampoos are also available. These come in spray cans that are shaken before use. It is formulated to reduce excess oil in the scalp. Conditioners are mostly formulated to be paired with shampoos. This formula is thicker than shampoo and is supposed to be massaged on the scalp after rinsing shampoo off the hair. Unlike shampoos that are washed off immediately, conditioner treatments are supposed to stay on the head for at least five minutes to achieve full effect. There are locks that are sensitive to strong formulated treatments that whether women are very keen to the shampoo and conditioner that they use, the hair still gets damaged. Thankfully, there are organic formulated treatments made especially for this problem. These are made from ingredients that aren’t artificially produced. The strands of the hair don’t only need the nourishing of the shampoo and conditioner. After drying them, there are products that are created to keep them in place all day. Leave-ons come in different variants as well; specially formulated to target the problem of the hair. Frizzy, split-ends, or brittleness are resolved just by massaging this once your hair is fully dry. Plus this keeps your hair smelling fresh all day. Aside from leave-ons, hair oils are another way to aid in hair care. These come in spray, pump, or just pour bottles; and are used mainly for smoothing, curl control, frizz-free, soothing, and anti-damage purposes. Apart from the daily treatment and care that women are accustomed to, weekly and bi-weekly hair treatments are also available. This is advisable for the busy women who can’t afford going to the salon regularly. They can either be hot oil, hair spa, hair mask, or hair coat. These are helpful do-it-yourself formulas that can be used even without the equipment found in hair salons. These hair treatments are usually used after washing the hair with shampoo and conditioner and once the hair has been towel-dried. When applied, these creams are supposed to stay on the hair for at least 15 minutes for maximum results. They target damaged, severely dyed, brittle hair, etc. all the while bringing back the lost vitamins and nutrients.When hair is properly cared for, women usually don’t have to spend too much money trying to make their hair look good. With just the proper products, your crowning glory can make you feel beautiful and fresh all day.

Bath & body
Having beautiful, healthy, glowing and smooth skin does not happen overnight. Things like this do not happen miraculously and in an instant. To be able to have perfectly healthy and radiant skin one should take care of his or her body’s skin properly, one must have a proper regimen that will help in achieving beautiful, glowing, and healthy skin. One must have a regimen when it comes to taking care of our skin, even if it is really simple and basic, it is very essential. If you still do not have a regimen or an idea on what products you need, there are basic measures that you can do, and from there you can build up your beauty routine. First, it is very important to practice proper body hygiene, daily baths and showers are very important, especially if you live in a tropical country, wherein the weather can really be warm and humid. Climates like this can lead to excessive sweating, thus it may lead to bacteria build up which can cause unpleasant body odor. There are many body cleansing products available in the market that you can get, there are body soaps, shower gels, body cleansing oils, foaming cleansers, and many more. These have different formulations and features that you can choose from, some have skin whitening and brightening features. These are also made available in different scents. Also, don’t forget to use deodorant, especially if you are prone to excessive sweating. You can also opt for body scrubs and peels, that helps exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin, giving you that healthy and beautiful glowing skin. You should always moisturize your skin, for some this can be quite difficult as the humid and warm weather makes applying body moisturizers sticky and wet. Well, for this, there are gel-based moisturizers you can use. Other types of moisturizers are lotions, body butters, body oils, and body creams. These are all perfect to provide the proper moisture to your skin and these products are made with varying formulations, so you do not have to worry about getting that sticky and icky feeling. It is also important to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, applying sunblock and sunscreen not only be done during summer season, when you are at the beach. It should be done every day, before leaving your house. Get the sunblock and sunscreen with the proper SPF that is suitable for your skin. Our hands and feet have different needs; both of these are some of the most used body parts on our body. Our feet are used for our daily commute, walking, running, climbing up the stairs, while are hands are used to finish daily tasks like typing, writing, and washing the dishes. All of these activities strain our hand and feet, thus we must give them the proper care. There are scrubs, cream, deodorants, and relief products available for the feet, while you can opt for hand washes, sanitizers, scrubs, and creams. For some they consider hair removing as part of their hygiene, for this you can select from products like tweezers, epilators, electric shavers, razors, hair removal creams, and wax. But please be reminded to always take safety measures when removing your body hair, consult a specialist first. Some of these products are best used with an accompanying bath and body accessories; there are body loofas, sponges, gloves, scrubs and many more to choose from. If you want to have healthy skins, you should have the proper regimen and a healthy lifestyle. Drink lots of water, eat food that are rich in minerals and nutrients, get the proper amount of sleep and rest, avoid vices, and have regular exercises.

Smelling fresh and good every day is a good way of showing that you take care of yourself properly. One should practice proper hygiene; taking regular baths, wearing deodorant, and of course spraying your favorite fragrance. Most people think that all fragrances are the same, that EdP and EdT are just alike. Well, fragrances can be classified through their different dilutions. The parfum or what most people know as perfume, typically has a 20% blend of aromatic compounds; this is the strongest and most long lasting of the fragrance groups. EdP or Eau de Parfum normally has a 15% blend of aromatic compounds, while EdT or Eau de Toilette has a 10% dilution of aromatic compounds. The EdC or Eau de Cologne or simply cologne, on the other hand has the least amount of aromatic compounds which ranges around 5%, while a body spray has around 3% concentration. Parfum and EdP’s usually just needs a few sprays on the body that can last the whole day with minimal to little re-spray throughout the day, because of their concentration these two are usually a bit pricey compared to the others. EdT have a lighter fragrance, meaning it can be sprayed every 3 hours or so, this is also is far less expensive than EdP. The cologne and body spray are the most affordable of all fragrances because of their concentrations. Hence, it could be sprayed every hour or two, or when your need arises. There are also different olfactory groups that you should consider when buying fragrances, these are aromatic, chypre, citrus, floral, leather, and wood. Under these groups there are different notes that are important in a fragrance. Although, fragrance manufactures make scents for men and women separately, there are companies that release unisex perfumes. When choosing a signature scent, make sure that it matches perfectly with your body chemistry. Now, most people are guilty to doing this, when you spray your favorite scent you should not overdo it. Spraying a lot may lead to the people around you getting irritated or nauseated with you, as strong scents may be too overpowering for some. To avoid this mishap, just spray on certain points of your body; the hair, behind the ears, collarbone, inside the elbows, wrists, behind the knees, and on your ankles.

Achieving a more pleasing aesthetic can be done by using the proper products, tools, and accessories for beauty. For this you will need the makeup and skincare products that are appropriate for your skin and hair type. Aside from that, the proper tools and accessories should also be utilized. Yes it’s possible to apply foundation and concealer with your hand, but it’s not right, using the proper makeup tools is the best way to have smooth makeup application and a flawless results. There are various makeup brushes and sponges that are to be used for a specific application, there are brushes for applying liquid and cream makeup, a different brush for powdered makeup, a set of brush tools for eyemakeup, and brushes and sponges can be used for blending. Getting a flawless face does not start and stop with proper makeup application, you should also practice a good skin regime, fitted for your skin type, use the proper skincare products and tools for this; there are cleansing brushes you can have to achieve this. To achieve beautifully styled locks, whether you want it sleek and straight, voluminous, curly and bouncy, or a do fit for a casual gathering, use the proper styling tools and accessories. Produce exquisite hair styles, with hair dryers or blowers, curling iron, flat iron, and crimping iron. Keep your do in place with styling mousse, setting spray, bobby pins, and elastic bands. With this you can create pretty hair-dos. Practicing a proper body care regimen is also a must for a healthier lifestyle, scrub off the dead skin cells, and have beautiful glowing skin, you can opt for the different brushes, loofas, and sponged you can get stores. After scrubbing all the dirt and dead skin away, don’t forget to lather on some body lotion to have soft, subtle, and smooth skin. For some being hair free is also a must for their beauty standards. Some may opt for laser hair removal treatment or go to waxing salons, which can cost a lot. Luckily, there are hair removal tools that can be used at home. A tweezer is a small tool used to pluck or pick out hair; it is mostly used for cleaning the eyebrows and plucking hair from the underarm. An epilator, works like a tweezer, but instead of manually plucking out the hair one by one, this tool can pick out a lot of hair in one stride on the skin, it’s like multiple tweezers in a machine. There are battery powered and manually operated epilators you can use. If you are in a hairy situation and in a hurry, you can remove hair without the sting using razors and shavers. These are used to remove hair via shaving. When purchasing beauty tools make sure to get the one that is made high quality to ensure long lasting use.


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Food Supplements
Being healthy is one of the most sought out advocacy today. Eating healthy and exercising to stay fit is always the alternative. Avoiding fatty, carcinogenic foods, etc. are what you always hear from people who try to achieve healthy old age and longevity. Aside from the usual every day routine that being healthy requires, food supplements also serve the purpose of maintaining life, being fit, and stronger to be able to do all these. These supplements usually come in pill, tablet, or gel capsule form that are supposed to be taken every morning or after breakfast to be able to help out the body in its every day routine activities. Food supplements come in several forms, but the most common ones are for vitamins & supplements, weight loss, and sport nutrition. Vitamins & supplements are mostly taken for boosting the nutrient intake or correction of the deficiency in nutrients that could not be gotten from the food intake. These intakes usually help the body resist common disease or help the anti-bodies fight off virus of common cough and colds as well as spat off influenza. These may also help the prescribed medicines when it comes to healing the body of certain diseases that normal food intake cannot. Weight loss supplements work like the former, only to do otherwise. These pills help the body regulate metabolism in order for the excess fats to be lessened. Men and women who would like to lose weight and start getting fit may venture on a new diet, but sometimes it is not enough that is why they are prescribed to accompany their diet with diet supplements. These sometimes work in a way that the body will be supplied more energy in order for it to become more active and accommodate more time for exercise and longer stamina for running and other strenuous activities that help lose weight. Sport nutrition gel capsules aid mostly body builders. There are different types of sports nutrition food supplements usually designated for specific purposes such as targeting muscles and activities from weight lifting to the different kinds of body-building. Protein supplements help create lean muscles easier and faster. Pre-workout supplements boost energy before workout to maximize the activity and also helps give quality sleep at night. During workout supplements sustain energy and stamina during the strenuous activity for lasting effects on the body. Post-workout capsules stimulates muscle growth for effective workout and faster result, these also aid in muscle recovery after too much stretching. All of these food supplements help maintain a healthy and fit body when taken the right way. They aim to make the body grow its muscles the natural way faster without compromising the health. But one must be careful upon intake of such synthetic pills. It’s best that one doesn’t rely so much on these food supplements as eating the right foods is always the better option to achieve great health without giving the liver so much work to do. When taken in moderation and with the right diet, these supplements can achieve maximum efficiency.

Medical Supplies
Not only medicines are available to help maintain quality of life or to avoid, resist illnesses. There are other ways now developed to be able to help people in need. These equipment help improve the lifestyle of people who are trying to recover or maintain their health. Little as these may be, they help people achieve or maintain the quality of health appropriate for the respective ages. Thermometers are the basic medical supply that every household should have. It is usually used to measure how high one’s fever is. This is important, especially if there are children in the house because a simple fever can mean many things for kids. These thermometers come in manual or digital modes; there are thermometers for the temples, ear, oral and strips. A nebulizer is usually needed for treatment of people who have asthma. It delivers the same treatment or doses of medicine to the patient, only that it is in a mist form, it turns the liquid medicine into mists that are inhaled. These kinds of equipment come in different sizes; either run by electricity or batteries, some are huge that they need to be placed on a table and plugged into a socket, while some are small and portable that can be brought anywhere. Nebulizers have a base to house the air compressor, next to it is a container for the liquid medicine, and then between those is a tube that connects them to each other. To inhale the mist medicine, there is usually a mask or mouthpiece connected from the medicine container. Nebulizers are useful especially in instances when air passageways become narrow, as what happens during an asthma attack; the spray medicine can easily penetrate the system by being inhaled into the body. Nasal sprays are already advised when people have severe nose problems. Usually, these are advised to people who have asthma, but then for some people who have severe colds, the spray is such a relief already. It is also aids moisturizing the nasal passages for lighter breathing. Blood pressure monitors are also needed for households that have people who have high blood pressure, these come in digital or manual types. Hot water bags are a plus too. All these medical supplies will come in handy for first aid in emergency situations, so it’s important that these are available in your home. Being ready is always a good thing than regretting.


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Taking care of oneself should be a top priority; aside from taking care of your health, taking care of your body should come next. To start off, take a mental note that eating the right foods will definitely make the outside not only look healthier, but really healthier. It is true that when you take care of what is inside, the outside will definitely follow through. Men and women’s personal care and hygiene don’t stray too far from each other. Healthy eyes do not need too much attention. There are only times when the metro is very dusty that eye drops are needed to be able to keep the eyes hydrated; these drops would also keep the dust particles off the eyes, and give relief to tired eyes. Some people also choose to use contact lenses for eye correction, to keep the lenses hydrated as well, there are solutions available with features that help keep the eyes cool and reduce stress even when wearing lenses. Keeping the gums and teeth healthy can add boost to one’s confidence.


Condom is a barrier device that is encouraged to be used in an intercourse. This product is ideal for birth control and sexually transmitted disease protection. The advantage of this product is indeed vast; however, there are some instances that this item can fail—especially when it is misused. What you need to do is to choose carefully. You should know at least the basic. For this, you need to know the types, materials, and features.

• Choosing the right type of condoms
It seems that most people know what condom looks like. This contraceptive is worn by men. It covers the genital of the man from the tip to its shaft. One unique part of condoms is the tip; it comes with small space to catch up male’s release. This is what common condoms looks like and used, but there are other unique types that you can look forward for this item.

  1. Female condom – The conventional type is known to be used by men, but did you know that women can wear this sperm barrier as well. If you want to try something unconventional with your partner, then this this the ideal type for you.
  2. Spermicide – One of the main uses of condom is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. This type of condom is lubricated with spermicide to ensure it. Many believe that this is more effective to avoid STDs but comes with shorter storage life.
  3. Ribbed and studded – Many are having a second thought in using condoms. They believe that it will lessen the sensation and can deteriorate their sexual experience. Although they have some point but not actually true, you can always opt for ribbed and studded ones. What this makes unique is the texture, which is best to add great stimulation for you and your partner.
  4. Flavored Condoms – The best thing about intercourse is that you can always experiment to achieve greater pleasure. This type of condom comes with unique scents and sensations to make your lovemaking more satisfying and pleasant.

• Considering the what material is used
Condoms are encouraged to be used, but there are times when this item is not for everyone. One reason for this is the inappropriateness of material to the skin. It is always best that you need know what is recommending for you. The following are the popular material used for this contraceptive that you should put into consideration:

  1. Latex – almost all of the over-the-counter condoms are made from this. It comes with outstanding elasticity and strength. While you can ensure that this will durable and highly effective to block sperm, you have to make sure that you should not use oil-based lubricants for this product as it can seriously damage it.
  2. Non-latex – some people are allergic to latex, which is why there are synthetic ones to ensure safe intercourse and prevent irritations. Although that this is not as elastic as the latex one and slightly more expensive, this is better when it comes to conducting heat and you can use oil-based substance.
  3. Lambskin – condoms that are made of this is ideal for those who are yearning for real sensation. This is what makes this item stands out to some. However, this comes with less effective cover and durable.

• Importance of size and why it matters
There are many good qualities that you find from a one condom. But these will be useless, if it does suit you or not appropriate for you to wear. When it comes to this, you have to make sure that size and fitting is important when wearing this.

  1. Does size matters? - You can look condom as a piece of garment. You cannot wear too tight and you will get undressed when big. When purchasing this, size DOES matters—a lot.
  2. What is the ideal size? - The ideal size you need to purchase is you size. For men, of course, they need to measure their genitals. There are size ranges to choose from and the condoms are detailed anyway so there will be no problems at all. For women’s condom, they might need to check their doctor for prescription.
  3. Why is it important? - Many people think that condoms being sold have the same size. It is essential that you know that there is ideal size for you—and ensure you get it. If you fail to this, it is not just the use of this product is impossible, but it can cause serious injury. Find the right fit now.


During intercourse, lubricant plays an important role to ensure pleasurable satisfaction from this act and safety. Especially, when using condom. This item is not just a simple grease to smoothen the act of love making, there are many varieties and you need to know this. There are some important guidelines you need to follow. Under this are the factors you need put into consideration:

    • By composition
  1. Water-based – this is the most common type of lubricant today. This solution is great for easy wash and much preferred for personal use. Its water-soluble quality makes this item not appropriate for sexual acts on water.
  2. Oil-based – this type is indeed not ideal for latex condom as it may cause hole and damage. However, oil-based is desirable by couples who do not need any protection during love making.
  3. Silicone based – lubricant is used together with condoms. This type is ideal for contraceptive barrier made of latex but not all are latex-safe. This solution is much preferred for safer and infected free intercourse.
  4. • By Usage

    Lubricant is a solution to lessen that friction and provide great sensation during sexual act. But like all item, there is a best variant to use. You have to keep in mind that there are also specific lubes for specific lovemaking.

  5. Vaginal lubricant – many females are expiring pain due to genital dryness. This product the ideal solution to provide ease. This is highly safe compare to using saliva or other non-sexual lube like olive oil.
  6. Anal lubricant – it is true that most of the lubricants are ideal for anal intercourse. But it is always important to consider the one that is marketed for this. Because that part does not produce natural lubes, so it is safer to use this instead.

• By Innovation
Lubes now a day are not only for penetration easy and pain prevention, but also used to intensify the sensation and provide your one of a kind sensual experience. Here are the innovated features you need to look forward to.

  1. Flavored - improving lovemaking and make it unique is what most people desire. There are lubes that come with different scents, mostly fruity, and taste. Many users love this to make their act overly sensational to all senses.
  2. Additional sensation – today, there are lubes that brings one of a kind sensation. There are ones that comes with warming and cooling effect. You may choose between these two and more tingling feeling that this solution can provide.
  3. Safety – the creation of lubricants is to promote sexual act pleasurable and make it safe to the user. There are those lubes that are not only skin safe but edible as well.


    • Familiarizing with Adult Toys
  1. Many are having doubts of using sensual toys—they are probably scared of these. This is why it is important that you introduce yourself in knowing the wide selection of adult toy. There are products specifically for men and women; but there are ones for both.
  2. There are many popular toys for intercourse and for personal pleasure that you can use. All of these will give you a whole new experience of having fun. The popular products are vibrators, dildos, plugs, harness, ring, fleshlight, pump, dolls, straps, and stimulators. There are many to find. Take a time to research about these.
  3. • Precautions for first time Buyer
  4. Sensual toys are mostly categorized by the expertise of the user. If you are new to this item, you have to ensure that you will get the ones for beginners—this is mostly to prepare your body in transitioning to next level.
  5. Similar to how you scrutinize other pleasure products, you have to consider safety. The material plays an important part; it is best that you have to consult and diagnosed yourself if you have any allergic reaction.
  6. One of the greatest innovation for sensual toys today is that it no longer copy the appearance of real genitals; instead, focusing on the improve experience. This quality is to ensure safety so best to consider this as well.
  7. • Incorporating Safety while having Fun

    At the end of the day, sensual pleasure toys are gadgets and tools. This means that it cannot function like the real one and can cause injury. One major downfall of most adult toys is that it is not lubricating naturally and need a serious maintenance and cleanliness. This is when condoms and lubricants become needed.

  8. Condom – this contraceptive is best used for dildos and other penetrating toys. The advantage of this is to make lessen injury and promote hygiene.
  9. Lubes – most sensual toys need lubricants. This is essential to make a safe sensual act without hurting yourself. Like the main use of this product, this lessen the friction; thus, painless and fun sensation.


You have to always remember that when it comes to intercourse, you have full control of all of your decision. This either for the good or for the bad, which is why knowing, is an important step to think right. This also suggests that no matter what you choose for condoms, lubricants, and sensual toys—all rely on your own preference. But of course, safety should be your priority while having fan. So, what are you waiting for? It is time for you to be wiser and have healthier lovemaking.