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Haibook Laptop: The True Kid’s Computer

Remember the first computers you had when you were toddlers? Before your parents let you use the family computer, you probably had toy laptops that had little to no computing, but instead had games that you play. These old toys were fun, but they were easily broken and become unusable once you’ve grown up. With the advancement of technology and accessibility of modern computers, kids these days are also becoming enthusiastic with computers, phones and tablets. Good thing Haibook is here to curb their imagination.

At first glance, the Haibook laptop’s design is conspicuously bulky and colorful – enough to catch the attention of kids and toddlers, and provide ample support and protection. This small netbook runs either basic Android OS or a Windows 7 Starter on a kid-friendly screen. You can install kids’ games within this computer, run programs similar to the puzzles you played on your toy computer, and help your child learn the basics of what a computer is and how to use them for everyday tasks. Durability is also important in the laptop’s exterior design. The starter netbook uses its sturdy plastic case to absorb impact if the computer receives impact. Your kids will be happy to see the laptop still working even if they accidentally drop it.

So What Next After The Haibook Play Computer?

Now while this low spec computer is sold for a very young target audience, you should also note that the Haibook is still a functioning PC, able to work medium tasks for you. You can connect this laptop to other devices via USB and HDMI. The laptop’s expansive memory also allows you to add more programs and apps, this time for adults, which run properly for casual and work-related use. Though this computer cannot run HD programs smoothly, this device can be a reliable and affordable alternative for a small netbook that you can bring anywhere you go.

Overall, the conception of this kind of technology simply shows how quickly and easily we can access technology these days. The older toy computers were fun, but they are quickly obsoleted once kids grow up. Haibook’s laptop for children cancels this setback by staying relevant even after the kids have grown out of their toys. The brand wishes that beyond the kids, their devices can still be used by other users as well. So far, the brand’s objective of introducing the computers to children is going well.