More than just style, fashion has always been an expression of oneself as well. It doesn’t just stop with the clothes that people wear everyday. It definitely has something to do with one’s identity and the way she places herself in the community. Just a simple shirt and jeans is an expression of an identity that she wants to show the people around her. Each and every piece of clothing is saying a lot about an individual. You don’t need to go far to be able to see this; ask yourself, why are you wearing what you are right now?

Casual Clothes

The independent woman of today has to deal with a lot on her plate on a daily basis, not to mention juggling family and work altogether. Her clothes would reflect that hectic schedule; opening her closet, you’d see a variety of garments that would be appropriate her everyday life in her various roles and responsibilities. One noticeable set of clothes inside her closet are blouses, t-shirts and polo shirts. These would comprise the casual style of her clothing. These are the pieces that she usually wears on a normal day; whether she’s just going to the mall, or running some errands, or visiting family, or sometimes going to the office too. These pieces are comfortable to wear in a cool or hot climate as these are made of thin fabric; air easily comes through. Depending on her individual style, these clothes would defer when it comes to cuts and sizes.

Casual bottoms would comprise shorts, skirts, and pants. These would come in different styles and sizes. Each of these has styles suitable for every woman’s body type. Ranging from skinny, tapered, straight, boot-cut, and wide leg cuts, these are tailored for body shapes. Whether you have a pear, straight, hourglass, inverted triangle, oval, or diamond shaped body, there would definitely be a cut for you. Women’s pants have three different styles; jeans, casual, and dress pants. Jeans are the usual staple pants of today; these are the pair that is usually worn every day. Choose the right cut—between boot-cut, straight leg, low-rise, and the trendiest pair today, skinny jeans—that would seamlessly fit your legs. Casual pants are the pairs that women wear to laidback occasions such as your weekend chill to the malls. It comes in the form of khaki, lounge, capri, cropped, and cargo pants. They are usually loose because they are meant to be comfortable and be used while moving around. The bottoms that women usually wear to work are the dress pants, sometimes called “career pants.” They usually come in color black so that it could be paired easily with any top, but they also come in pinstripe, and grey colors. Fabric also differs, from heavy denim to lightweight cotton and wool. Wearing the right pair would also mean wearing them depending on the weather.

Formal Clothes

When attending special occasion such as weddings, the usual dress code mentioned would be “formal.” Although when we’re invited to a formal event, we would easily think of a long gown, there are still levels of formalities and a certain dress is appropriate for that level. Every level has a different style, cut, and color suited for the occasion.

Knowing whether the event you are going to a white tie or black tie event is necessary in deciding what kind of dress you’re going to hunt for. For the white tie event, you’re going to look for the floor-length gowns paired with gloves and/or tiaras, as this is the most formal of events. Black tie events are less strict than of white tie events. You can wear alternative lengths to floor length like cocktail dresses and tea length, though the longer one is still preferred. For semiformal events, cocktail dresses are the usual wear. These clothes’ lengths differ from one another. For white and black tie events, the floor length gown would mean the fabric reaches the floor so much that the shoes are concealed, it could also include a short or long train. A full length gown’s fabric is just at the floor, it reaches the feet, and it may or may not cover the toes. A ballerina length usually is full but ends just at the ankle. Those that end mid-calf are called tea length. And then the knee-length and mini skirt. Four of the most famous fabric used for formal clothing are the tulle, organza, taffeta, and chiffon. All of which are lightweight fabrics to ensure comfort even under layers and layers of it.

Dress cut or style vary from one body type to another, although not limited to such only. Styles may include sheath, mermaid, trumpet, fit and flare, princess, and ball gown. Each specifically design to accompany in any kind of formal event.

Casual Shoes

There is a saying that says the first thing that people look at you when you meet them for the first time is your shoes. Women are addicted to shoes. An average woman owns three to four pairs of shoes; excluding the sportswear. Everyday casual footwear in a woman’s closet would include ballet flats, sandals, and sometimes boots. Nowadays, Filipinas love to experiment with different styles and despite the hot weather in the country, manage to pull off boots with their everyday outfit. Sneakers are also becoming a trend because of the playful vibe it gives off; without the wearer sacrificing comfort. Materials of casual footwear would range from canvas, cotton, leather, nylon, satin, suede, to synthetic; with different shapes to match the soles and shape of the feet. Ballet flats can usually be worn with your jeans, shorts, leggings, or skirts. The footwear looks good with any casual wear. Sandals are interchangeable with flats, when the weather is too hot for a closed shoe.

Formal Shoes

Formal shoes for women would only mean heels. There are many different kinds of heels that would look good with formal or informal events. Cone heels are wide from the heel of the shoe, and it becomes narrow towards the tip; comes in short to tall heights. Kitten heels are only an inch to one and a half inch short and this adds to the formal look of the shoes. Platform heels are the ones that have a thick base in front of the shoes and most likely have thick back portion. They are probably the most comfortable of all heels since they provide stability and they don’t tire the feet because the wearer doesn’t have to tip-toe. Stilettos then would probably be the least of all to provide comfort since it has a narrow base down to the tip. Yet these are the most popular ones because they give off an illusion of long-leggedness. Then there are the types of high-heeled shoes—boots, dress sandals, pumps, and slingbacks. The most famous pair that always goes with gowns would be the dress sandals; these are the ones with thin strap over the toes and ankle-strap. Some would pair shorter length gowns with closed heels such as pumps.

Women’s Bags

If women love shoes that they own more than one pair of each kind, they have the same degree of love for bags. Bags are like extension of women’s bodies. And there is a specified type or style for every occasion, even for just a simple task.

Casual and Formal Bags

For the everyday bag, women like to bring a medium-size handbag around where all the everyday necessities can be stuffed in, so they don’t have to bring something heavy when going somewhere after work. This can be interchanged with a shoulder bag for the women who bring a lot of stuff with them. For the casual weekend, tote bags or crossbody bags are a-listers. When going to the supermarket or even the wet market, all the goods can be placed inside totes with its usual spacious rectangular shape and a long handle. For the normal weekend stroll to the mall, a crossbody bag would suffice. For the girls’ night out, it’s best to have the handy clutch bags or purses. As these would be easy to carry and won’t get lost or be forgotten anywhere, just in case.

Sports bags and Outdoor Backpacks

Nowadays, being fit and healthy is one of the priorities of a modern woman. This is achieved by exercising, jogging, or being outdoors. A proper bag must accompany you with that. Women’s duffel bags can either be cylindrical or rectangular in shape. These bags usually have more durable materials as these have to keep up with the active lifestyle of the owner. Most are even water resistant.

Hiking and going to the beach are a thing nowadays. With the humid weather in the country, most people would not say no to an out of town trip to the beach. Some would even spend hours of walking or trekking just to be able to feel the cool mountain breeze. A backpack is needed for such activities. There are specially-designed backpacks that are for hiking and the beach. These bags have multi-pockets that serve as easy access to stuff that you would need during the hike, or during the beach trip. Materials used for these bags have a certain degree of water resistance and are very durable.

Outdoor backpacks are also in trend recently since many women have found their love for the outdoors. Connecting with the nature is the new hobby for everyone thus hiking and going to the beach are a thing now. Be sure to be accompanied with the right backpacks. For dayhikes or mountains that require one day trip only, small outdoor backpacks such as 20L to 35L are advisable. For longer trips that would take about three to five days, backpacks that are 40L to 60L are available too. These bags have many pockets where one could put stuff for easy access later on. These are made of lightweight water-resistant materials that are ideal for easy carrying.

Women’s Accessories

Women love accessories, one could not live without even just an earring on. Aside from the lush that it adds to the overall look, most of the accessories that are used by women are very functional too.

Accessories for women add spark to the already shining day-to-day outfit. Gold necklaces are a classic, but recently, silver chains are also hitting the market well because of the elegant-but-with-edgy look that it provides. There are so many choices for the pendants; different shapes and sizes are available to the musings of the one wearing it. Chain and pendant necklaces are a good choice for an everyday wear, especially if you are more on the minimalist side. But for big and special occasions, there are necklaces made either with gold or silver that has Swarovski crystals or diamonds; these are paired with long gowns. Some of the necklaces have bracelets counterpart; made of the same chain as the necklaces, and with charms that are little versions of the pendants. The necklace and bracelet duo has been the bling of women for decades already, and it never fails to add zing to the ordinary daily outfit. Hats are also very much used in this country where it’s like summer all year round. Not only do hats give shade from the painful heat of the sun, they also add up to the overall classy look of a modern-day Filipina. It comes in many shape, styles, and sizes that could appropriately suit every wardrobe combination. Scarves aren’t used in cold situations. Just like hats, they could also serve shade under the sun’s heat. Not only that, when you enter the office and when the AC is turned to the highest thermostat, scarves serve dual purpose by giving you a layer of warmth as well. Scarves can also serve as substitutes to women ties. Some even use it as a hair band.

Put all these together and you have a woman’s wardrobe. These are essentials for the fashionable modern woman that you are. From clothes, shoes, bags, to accessories, mixing and matching these will bring out the even more fashionable you. Depending on the occasion, be assured that your closet is ready for anything! Express yourself through your fashion and never be scared of missing out by getting quality pieces that will accompany you through life’s most important events. The modern Filipina would be ready for anything with her fashionable wardrobe.

Complete Your Wardrobe With Essential Men’s Fashion Items

Fashion is a subjective yet universal language that is valued all over the world. Style is no longer just about looking good, it is also about expressing your personality, mood, and culture. It depends on your personal preferences, influences, and self-expression. How you style yourself is also subject to the environment and culture you’re in. The style of a student will differ from that of an employee or a business executive. The clothes of an athlete will vary from those of a white-collar worker. It helps to know yourself, what you want and what you need, to figure out the best men’s fashion for you.

Casual Clothes

The modern man must have a diverse wardrobe to dress appropriately for various activities, functions, and occasions. Your closet should reflect and address your multi-faceted lifestyle. Casual clothes are essential items that normally take up the most closet space because these are the pieces you will most likely wear on a daily basis. These are relaxed and laidback style items that are relatively versatile and easy to mix & match. The common kinds of casual tops are t-shirts, graphic tees, muscle tees, tank tops, and polo shirts. These are usually made from the lightweight and breathable fabrics to ensure comfort in any weather. This is particularly important in the Philippines, wherein most days of the year are sunny and humid. For days when the rain comes and the winds are strong, cozy up with outwear like jackets, hoodies, and sweaters. These are long-sleeved clothes that are normally worn over a thin shirt to provide a layer of warmth, but some sweaters are comfortable enough to be worn alone.

Casual bottoms encompass denim and chino shorts, as well as pants of all styles. These are available in many cuts to suit different body types, such as skinny, slim-fit, cargo, and cut-off. Denim is a common material used for men’s bottoms, characterized by the incredibly strong and slightly heavy fabric that is usually tinted blue. However, given its texture and weight, some find it too hot and difficult to move around in. Many commercial brands offer pants made from chino fabric, or a blend of cotton and spandex, like skinny and slim-fit jeans. These are lighter, more flexible, and more breathable options that are made available in many colors.

Formal Clothes

Guys should also have a decent selection of men’s formal clothes to be worn to semi-formal, business, and black-tie affairs. Sharp outfits start with choice formal shirts, which include collared polo shirts, short-sleeved and long-sleeved button downs, and the classic Filipino barong. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of men’s formal shirts because the smallest details dictate the level of formality, such as the type of collar, sleeves, and sleeve cuffs. Pointed collars are those with tips that point downward to the feet, and are versatile enough for formal and casual affairs. Button-down collars are held down to the shirt by a button near the tip, and are normally used for smart casual occasions. Spread collars with widespread tips that are designed to show off the knot of a necktie, and are considered the most formal type. Short-sleeved button downs can be worn for casual and smart casual affairs, but long-sleeved button downs are a must for strictly formal events. Long-sleeved dress shirts can come with a simple button cuff, a cocktail cuff, or a French cuff. These are rounded out by complementary outerwear, such as blazers, formal jackets, suits, trench coats, sports coats, waist coasts, and vests. These do not only add a layer of warmth, but also provide definition in the torso, creating the illusion of stronger shoulders and straighter stance. Complete your formal attire with the right suit pants, which are made in pleated or flat-front styles. Ideally, the trousers will match the jacket.

Casual Shoes

If there’s a fashion item that’s important to guys, it’s shoes. Your choice of footwear reveals the most about who you are, what you do, and where you’re going. Sneakers are the most common casual footwear for everyday wear. These come in low-cut and high-cut styles, and are usually made from lightweight breathable uppers and rubber soles. Casual loafers are popular among young adults because of its relaxed yet fancy style. Boat shoes are the most popular type of casual loafers, especially among young adults. These are slip-on leather shoes with ridged rubber soles that embody smart casual preppy style. Moccasins are another type, characterized by a U-shaped puckered seam and rubber knob soles. Slipper loafers are also often used, well-liked for the soft material and thin flexible soles which ensure maximum comfort for daily wear. With the rise of “athleisure”, many have taken to wearing sports shoes in casual settings, as well as athletic scenes. These include all sorts of sports shoes, such as running shoes, training shoes, basketball shoes, soccer shoes, and more. The type of athletic shoes you need depends almost entirely on the sport or activity you engage in. However, slim running shoes or training shoes often double as casual outdoor shoes.

Formal Shoes

Formal shoes should also be a wardrobe staple for men to complement their suit or tuxedo. Loafers are the go-to formal style for guys, especially among yuppies and young adults, because of the simplistic and approachable style. These are slip-on leather shoes without laces. The common styles of these shoes are Penny loafers, tassel loafers, and bit loafers. Brogues are also prevalent footwear for black-tie affairs, but are typically favored by those in the business sector and white-collar individuals. These refer to leather shoes with decorated punches on the uppers and toes. The formality of these leather shoes vary based on style of broguing and lacing. Derby shoes and Oxfords are two most used types of brogues. The former is a formal and semi-formal shoe that is characterized by the “open lacing” method which features the shoelace eyelets on top of the vamp. The latter is the opposite, distinguished by the “closed lacing” method which has the shoelace eyelets under the vamp, resulting in a tighter fit. There are many lower-priced casual variations of Oxfords that are made from synthetic materials and designed with bright colors. Dress boots are far more common than one would think, mainly because they perfectly combine easy-going style with conservative fashion. These high-cut and lace-up leather shoes come in the styles of minimalist Chelsea boots, Oxford-like dress boots, and Derby-like chukka boots. Boots are a great choice if you’re looking for something versatile that can easily be converted from casual to formal.

Casual And Formal Bags

Most guys don’t like to bring a bag with them on a daily basis, but there are many circumstances wherein it can’t be avoided. Casual bags are lightweight and practical items that are perfect for everyday use. Backpacks, messenger bags, and crossbody bags are popular styles that are often used by students of all ages, young adults, and some laidback professionals in casual working environments. They offer the needed functionalities of bags without cramping your relaxed fashion. Formal bags, on the other hand, are well-designed items that are used in corporate, conservative, and official settings. They are traditionally made out of premium materials, such as genuine leather and suede, and designed with simplistic features. Common formal bags are leather tote bags, document bags, laptop bags, satchels, and leather messenger bags.

Sports Bags

Sports bags are another essential must-have for men. These are specially-designed storage solutions that are made to withstand heavy loads and unpredictable conditions, as normally experienced by athletes and active individuals. They are typically made from waterproof materials, such as nylon and PU, and designed with heavy duty enclosures and straps to seal out damaging elements. There are outdoor bags, such as weekender bags, hiking backpacks, expedition bags, and dry bags. Weekender bags refer to large-capacity bags that can hold essential items and clothing for at least a couple of days. These are commonly stylish backpacks, tote bags, and duffel bags used on a short trip out of town with friends and family. Hiking backpacks and expedition bags are specially-designed backpacks used by hikers and mountain climbers. Aside from the large capacity, these designed with additional body support to relieve tension and stress from the back and shoulders, minimizing the risk of sore limbs and body strain. Dry bags are cylindrical waterproof bags with a roll-up top normally used for water-related activities. These come in various storage capacities and colors, so that they can easily be distinguished. These are best used when headed to the beach, or engaging in water activities such as rafting and kayaking.

There are also gym bags and leisure sports bags such as waist packs, shoulder bags, crossbody bags, backpacks, and duffel bags. These are usually made with lighter materials with some degree of water-resistance, but place some focus on aesthetic features, such as patterns, colors, and distinguishing designs. Waist packs are small bags with a hip belt to be worn around the midsection to keep essentials on the body without compromising movement. They are often used by runners and bikers. Shoulder bags and crossbody bags are small to medium sized bags with a long adjustable strap to be worn across the chest or over the shoulder.

These are great for short workout sessions that don’t require a lot of gear or spare clothes. Backpacks are a popular outfit staple, even for exercising. The dome-shaped bag with two shoulder straps provides a lot of storage space for clothes and footwear without compromising comfortable handling. Duffel bags are favored most by athletes. This is a cylindrical bag with a long adjustable shoulder strap, two thick top handles, and a single spacious main compartment. Some come with exterior pockets, a drinking bottle sleeve, and a designated shoe compartment for additional storage options. These are great for active and athletic guys who normally work out in controlled conditions, such as gyms and fitness centers.

Men’s Accessories

Round out your outfit with the right fashion accessories. Most of men’s accessories are functional stylish pieces that serve a purpose while enhancing the overall look. Belts are looped around the top of the trousers to prevent them from falling off the waist while sitting and standing. They are commonly used with a tucked shirt, to keep the tuck perfectly in place throughout the day. They accentuate the waist, giving the midsection a trimmer look. Casual belts can be made out of leather or canvas, and worn with almost any outfit. Formal belts, on the other hand, are exclusively made of leather with metal accents.

Caps and hats are another regular outfit staples for men. Caps are soft fabric headwear with a visor to shield the face from harsh light. They are commonly adjustable to fit different head sizes using a fastener located at the back of the cap. These come in many different styles, such as snapbacks, baseball caps, newsboy beret, beanie, flat cap, and more. Hats, on the other hand, refer to various types of brimmed headgear. These are normally more structured than caps. There are casual styles, such as the popular fedora hat and Panama hat, as well as formal types, like the sophisticated Bowler or Derby hat.

Neckties and bowties are formal wear essentials worn around the collar of a dress shirt. There are all sorts of ties to choose from to suit your personality and the occasion, such as standard ties, slim ties, silk satin ties, novelty ties, and more. Cufflinks are a decorative cuff fasteners used in place of buttons. These are typically made out of metal or silver, and adorned with an eye-catching stone or detail.

Tie all these stylish elements together, clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories, and you get a full men’s fashion wardrobe. It’s easy to mix and match all these pieces to get the look at suits your personality and mood on a daily basis. Be as diverse as you can so that you can be ready for any occasion and function. Look for high-quality pieces made from durable materials that will last you a long time. Pick the items that will not only make you look good, but let you feel good as well. A modern gentleman is ready for anything, and has the fashion to back up a multifaceted life.