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Delicate, Unique, & Utmost Earphones For You

Chinese group DUNU is a fairly recent addition to the personal audio industry. Still, this doesn’t stop the brand from heavily promoting premium earphones, selling them at high class prices and marketing them for the well-off. After many years serving as an OEM developer for other high-end audio sellers, the members of the group may have felt that it is time to make their own relative and powerful devices. So far, the group is succeeding with their strategies, as they finally progress toward the international market.

The DUNU brand promises to offer delicate, unique, and utmost important earphones for people, mixing and advancing their previous developed devices and aiming to surpass the devices that they have released as OEM. Looking into the current lines that the group has made, you can be assured that these devices are worth their price.

Stay Connected with the DUNU Earphones

One of the consistent features that DUNU prefers with their earphones, is that these all come with wired interfaces, staying true with the traditional form of audio-making. The group also tries to maximize the wired interface in terms of audio quality without affecting the other capabilities of the device. The group has also perfected Hi-Fi and noise-cancelling technology, which are often put into larger headphones, and made them work on the smaller audio devices. If you are looking into the different and available audio devices produced for a higher class audience, then the earphones of DUNU are very much available for you.

Why choose DUNU?

  • The DUNU group sells high class and dependable earphones.
  • The group started as an OEM developer for different device sellers.
  • The group utilizes advanced technologies in pushing forward their audio devices.

    DUNU Taichi

  • Overview: The DUNU Taichi is the brand’s high quality earphones series, coming in with the right technologies to push for true responsive and optimum audio.
  • Specs: This set of earphones comes with a 16Hz-26kHz frequency, 26dB noise attenuation, and connective silver cords with a 3.5mm jack

    DUNU Detonator

  • Overview: The DUNU Detonator is the brand’s high capacity and noise-cancelling device, all with the right functionality to produce only the proper and rich music for your ears.
  • Specs: This set of earphones comes with a 20Hz-20kHz frequency, 26dB noise attenuation, and a 3.5mm connective jack with a mic.

    DUNU DN2000

  • Overview: Designed for artists and musicians, the DUNU DN series is the brand’s hybrid earphones, designed with both dynamic and armature drivers. These showcase the proper audio that closely resembles full Hi-Fi capacity.
  • Specs: This set of earphones comes with a 10Hz-30kHz frequency, 26dB noise attenuation, and a 3.5mm connective jack with a mic.