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Natural Ingredients for Washing Dishes and Clean Your Kitchen from Cusina Philippines

Have a clean home naturally with dishwashers from Cusina that uses essential oils for manufacturing their products. The liquid has wonderful concentration with the refreshing aroma of real plants and fruits. It has a powerful formula for degreasing to keep your dishes sparkling clean and it has moisturizers that ensure that your hands are soft. Use of eucalyptus and tea tree oil extract helps to fight bacteria and washing the dishes never feel like a chore with the refreshing scents contained in the products. This popular brand in the Philippines contains a special formulation that moisturizes your hands so that they remain soft and supple even after doing dishes regularly. The dishwashing liquid is tough on the grease while being gentle on the skin.

Make Washing Dishes Easier with Cusina Dishwashing Liquid

Just take small drops of Cusina dishwashing liquid on the sponge and it works like magic on the grease and the oil present on the dishes. This is present in a high concentration so that one can get effective results just with small amounts where all you must do is to agitate sponge for activating the bubbles and the use this for washing process. The quality dishwashing product is perfect for cleaning your pots, pans, dishes, and countertops along with other surfaces. Keep your kitchen clean and hygienic so that not one speck of dirt remains. This effective dishwashing product is multipurpose so that you can have the desired results with the power of natural ingredients and it does not contain harmful chemicals. If you want, you can even dilute this with water to create the desired liquid strength. They also have baby product cleaning liquids containing tea tree, eucalyptus, and honeydew and it is naturally safe for your baby made from plant-based, edible, superior ingredients. This is present in a gel form so that it has an added effectiveness in cleaning food residue, fat, and oil. Users love Cusina dishwashing liquid with its safe formula and powerful cleaning actions and their baby cleaning products contain a special formula to remove the milk fats from the bottle accessories. The washing products contain antifungal, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties that fight the bacteria in a natural and safe way. It has great spread-ability so that small amounts do wonders to the kitchen countertops removing the residue of dirt, oil, food stains, grease, and other things thoroughly. Simply use a sponge with the product to beat even the toughest stains and get a spotless surface in no time.

Clean Kitchen and Happy Users with Products from the Cusina Philippines

There are no more worries when it comes to washing piles of dishes as the dishwashing products from Cusina works its magic on the dirtiest and the greasiest pots and pans. The food and cooking stains vanish in no time. Cusina is all about effortless cleaning every time.