The turn of the century in innovation and technology revolved around the people’s dependence on the computer. Majority of the people today own at least one type of computer for themselves, whether it is a home-based desktop computer or a portable and personal laptop. While PCs were once developed as the go-to gadget for completing work-related tasks and for doing school-work, the advancements of the device allowed users other options for using this important device. Now while the PC isn’t as much popular as it was before, especially with the rise of the mobiles and tablets with similar functions, there are still a lot of PC users who are vying for the next PC upgrade, and looking for the proper desktop and laptop options that they can install and use every day. Good thing for them since there are also different ways to go about choosing the device that is appropriate for people; and it all stems to the type of PC that they really want.

Know the difference computer available

Compared to the past computers, the desktop computers today are actually very different, coming in with varying uses and advantages depending on what options, configurations, and components you may want to have in your device. Though all desktops can be upgraded and modified later on, getting to know what type of computer you get as a default device is very vital for the eventual upgrades. You can

Basic Desktop

The basic desktop computer is the well-known and iconic type of computer that most people have or use. This PC has all of the components, ranging from the desktop CPU case, the monitor, mouse, and keyboards. Performance-wise, the basic desktop gets all of the tasks and other uses done accordingly, although there are some limits to its usage and specs. While quite generic, the basic desktop is also the most affordable and easily upgradable, allowing you to buff up and put more components, hardware, and upgraded peripherals to make it a worthy PC that you can use every day.

Professional / Media - Form Desktop

The professional PC is the other common form and possibly the most popular variant of the PC available, made exclusively as the work-horse computer. While very much similar in design and usage as a basic desktop, this PC has the needed boosts in specs where it counts. This type of PC is made to work for long hours and powerful enough to run programs for work-related tasks. There is also a variant of this computer used by media artists and designers. This type of working PC also boosts the graphics and resolution of the PC to support very high-res content shown on the PC’s monitor. The media-form PC also has the added hardware for connectivity; enough to support external devices for publishing the media made using the PC.

Gaming Desktop

This type of PC completely overhauls the usage and the specs of the computer in general. Gaming PCs are made to be the most reactive and responsive PC, backed up with the highest form of hardware and powerful components specs-wise. This is due to the increasing realism and graphics-heavy games being produced for PCs. The proper mix of RAM, processing power, and Full-HD resolution monitors, topped off with the gaming keyboards, mice, and headphones, makes this PC the most complete and heavy duty device, all for one function.

Luxury / Multimedia Desktop

The multimedia desktop, known as the luxury desktop, is also one of the more high-end types of PCs available, made similarly as with the gaming to provide entertainment for their respective users. The PC comes with all the components that most people wouldn’t normally put into their PCs, such as the TV-Tuner, NFC, and other advanced gadgets. This is to make the PC a very entertaining PC for watching movies, listening to music, and be an overall type of device that you can switch on and off whenever you want.

Professional / Media - Form Desktop

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Luxury / Multimedia Desktop

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The computer processor is the important component of an entire desktop, since this is the one that processes all the tasks and inputs made by the user to the device. The faster the processor can process the information, the faster the PC can work accordingly. Knowing which processors are compatible with your desktop can help you to boost the PC’s performance.


The Random Access Memory or RAM serves as the brain-power of the desktop. This memory device serves as the component that allows the programs to run and be stored on the memory. Unlike ROM and storage memories, the RAM stores memory of programs running. The higher the RAM of the PC, the more memory it can accommodate for the program’s access. However, there are also PCs with only compatible RAM, meaning that you must choose your device and RAM wisely.

Storage Drives

The storage drives or ROM serves as the component where your downloaded files and created documents for PC are stored. All PCs require a large storage drive, either a hard disk drive storage or a solid state drive. As with the RAM, the more storage space a device has, the more options for storing files you have for your desktop.


The integration of many electronics makers allow devices like monitors to also be made available and upgradable for PCs when needed. You can change your monitor with an equally compatible device that can reflect high graphics, Full-HD resolution, and even touch capacity among other advantages that you can get as part of your new PC upgrade.

Keyboards and Mice

These components are very important for controlling and using your PC. While most people often exchange one for an equal device, some PC users like gamers and graphic artists require precise keyboards and mice to make their PC usage more optimized and appropriate for the type of PC that they are using.

Operating System

Arguably the most important decision when choosing for your PC is knowing which OS you would want your computer to run. The OS or the operating system is the soul of your device and the identity that you want your PC to have. Most PC users who want to buy a new computer already have the OS they want in their mind, and this actually helps a lot since the options for a proper PC actually narrows down when you already know which OS you may want for your computer. You can choose from the popular and available OS for computers, like the Microsoft Windows, Linux, or the Apple Mac OS for computers. Afterwards, you can go for the right computer that you would really want to have.

Basic Laptop

Similar to its desktop counterpart, the basic laptop has all of the standard components, such as the hardware and PC specs needed for accomplishing different tasks at hand. Basic laptops tend to be more affordable than any PC available, and can still be very useful for casual PC uses like social media, Internet surfing, and even compatible enough with low-res games and video streaming.

All-Purpose Laptop

The all-purpose laptop is the more upgraded version of the basic laptop. This device is also capable of well-rounded PC usage and components, with emphasis on more serious and relatable tasks. Professionals often get this type of laptop due to its still relatively affordable nature, all the while coming in with more compressed and boosted computer functionalities, like higher RAM, more expansive storage device, a Full-HD resolution, and overall responsive interfaces that make this a believable workhorse laptop.


Premium brands and developers of high-end laptops often tout their ultrabooks as the best in terms of sleek design and high-class performance. This type of luxury laptop is actually the perfect device for media and classy laptop usage. While complete in terms of specs and features, these laptops still boast the thin and compact design, while almost exclusively using Intel processors for their full-function performance.

Gaming Laptop

Believe it or not, the same components and hardcore interfaces mentioned with the gaming desktops can also be applied to its laptop version. While most people think of the gaming laptop as gaming on the go, this device is actually very different, with limited customizability, and more focus on specific types of games. Still, the price, specs, design, and usage of this device are the factors that make this device more exclusive and premium than any laptop. You can choose this device if you are really interested in playing competitive games on a different form of PC.

2 in 1s Laptop

The integration of the touchscreen function on laptops also allowed some variants to act as tablets when needed. These portable devices can be detached into two parts, where the laptop’s monitor can be used as a touch sensitive tablet, still complete with its functions and features. There is also the foldable laptop that can also be used as tablets when needed, simply by flipping the form factor in a certain way.