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Century Philippines – To Get the Best of Classic All Time Healthy Meat

Any well-packaged product is well received. The very same is the case with packaged meat. Its strength lies in freshness when it reaches the market. In this part of the world, Century Philippines has created its unique identity as a quality conscious service provider for healthy non-vegetarian products. The products are super chilled in negative temperatures to keep freshness intact.

Century Pacific Food Inc. is based in the Philippines. It is one of the leading canned tuna brands in the country. Century Philippines sells various types of canned Tuna which can be cooked in various ways for a healthy influence on the human body. The makers run fitness campaigns and guide consumers to reduce fat with ideal usage of their products.

Century Tuna & Vienna Sausage – Low-Calorie Options for Health-conscious People

The Century Tuna offers its low calorie and low-fat non-vegetarian products are perfect for health-conscious people. Online end users can check the method to prepare dishes with its products keeping health parameters in mind. What’s more, the taste is equally good. Tuna Flakes from Century Philippines are considered all-time classic meat amongst various age groups. It is available in vegetable oil, brine, hot & spicy and other delicious variants. The canned meat comes with Omega – 3 DHA that is good for the mind and body. Century Tuna Lite is for those who prefer low-fat products. It is made with vegetable oil and contains 50% less fat and salt. It is extremely delicious. Many patrons relish the hot & spicy flavor.

Century Tuna & Vienna Sausage contain similar properties and come with less fat thus promoting good health. Vienna Sausage is made of fresh Tuna. The ingredients used contain the right seasonings and spices to twist the taste of the product. It is also loaded with Omega 3 DHA (low cholesterol). As no preservatives are added, the product can be consumed easily. It offers nourishment in every meal. The meat is freshly packed in Nitrogen filled packaged to keep the inside of the can dry and cool. The company claims that this ensures that consumers can eat without any guilt or gaining the waist line. The Vienna Sausage packing contains 14 pieces of soft and firm sausages which are made with real tuna. It has 0% trans-fat which helps to maintain dietary requirements. Vienna Sausage also comes with beans in delicious tomato sauce. It provides an enhanced taste to the regular sausages thus bringing variety to its menu.

Why choose the canned food by Century?

  • Century Philippines runs various educational and fitness campaigns. The Group is already in collaboration with CSR programs to promote educational scholarships, poverty alleviation, and helping the less privileged.
  • The products are made of good quality Tuna which are freshly packed into cans.
  • The brand does not entertain the use of any chemical additives in its products and maintains the level of fat and carbohydrate to the lowest.