Types of Cameras
What are they?
This is the most basic & fuss-free option.
A DSLR set comes in the form of body and lens. It is usually the choice of professionals and photography enthusiasts.
A mirrorless is a hybrid between a point & shoot and DSLR. Without a mirror, the body of a point and shoot can be thinner than a DSLR.
Action camera is usually for rugged sports and wide-angle photography.
Buy this camera if…
you want to take better photos than your smartphone, especially when your smartphone does not produce good quality pictures.
you are serious in photography techniques and image quality.
you want a camera that is portable and has the potential of a DSLR.
you want a rugged camera which you can use for anything, anywhere.
What's the cost of the best selling range in Lazada?
Php 4,999 - 29,999
Php 16,999 - 89,999
Php 18,999 - 49,999
Php 999 - 24,999
How easy would it be to learn?
Super easy, simply point and shoot with minimal changes to the setting.
An understanding of photography terms is useful in making use of the manual mode.
The automatic settings can get you great images but some understanding of photography terms will still be helpful.
Once you start using, it will be easy to get the hang of it.
How portable are they?
Point and shoot cameras tend to be as portable as a mobile phone.
DSLRs are the bulkiest of all, especially if you carry around different lens kit and a tripod.
The body of mirrorless can be small although the lens can make the entire camera long and bulky.
Action cameras are so portable that you can even strap it to your forehead!
Can the lenses be interchanged?
No, point and shoot cameras are fixed with zoom lens.
Yes, for DSLR, you can change lenses according to what you need ie. Portrait, wide-angle, macro etc. You may also choose to stick to the multi-purpose lens that usually come together when you purchase a DSLR set.
Yes, options might be more limited than DSLR but the range is increasingly growing as mirrorless becomes more popular.
No, lenses are fixed with normal, fish-eyed or wide-angled effect.
How's the resolution?
Quality is good, especially with the latest models!
DSLR has high quality output as the sensor is large and lenses are interchangeable.
The quality of a mirrorless is comparable to entry-level DSLRs.
The image resolution of action cameras varies by model. Action cameras are much better for videos and time lapses than still images.
How's the low-light performance?
Point and shoot cameras are generally not good in low-light setting because of the smaller sensors. Moreover, you are unable to change the settings manually.
DSLRS are generally the best bet for low-light settings. Performance in low-light is enhanced with a tripod's stability.
Mirrorless cameras' performance can be comparable to DSLR cameras.
Action cameras are better meant for day-time use to get the clearest pictures.
Casual moments
Portrait; Wildlife; Landscape
Street; Fashion; Food
Sports & adventure; Time-lapse
This camera is best for capturing...