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Lazada Re-introduces Effortless Mobile Shopping through the Big App Sale!

Almost every person today has a smartphone. The revolutionary mobile device has changed the way we interact with each other. The smartphone greatly enhanced the capabilities of calling and texting, while introducing other methods of communication, such as social media, on a very portable scale. But what set the mobile device technology apart from the other gadgets we have today are the very accessible and free mobile apps. Each company today now optimizes the app technology so that any user can download it and use it wherever they are. Lazada, the premiere online shopping website is one of the companies to utilize the app technology through the very innovative Lazada app, bringing the effortless shopping experience to your smartphones and tablets, and let you access the wide variety of products, deals, promos, and flash sales that the group offers. And what more way to entice mobile users to download and use the app than to make exclusive and hard-hitting deals that are only available on the mobile application. This is Lazada’s Big App Sale.

The Grandest App Sale in Philippines

The campaign focuses all the largest discount coupons and very fair flash sales on the app, all while maximizing the benefits and added promos for users who download the app for the first time. With so many app sale happening in Philippines, the Lazada website is also optimized well enough to support the ongoing campaign, giving the web users a chance to view the available deals, discounted products, and current flash sales available. The website is also optimized to have available links that can redirect them to download the app for their mobile device, as well as the instructions to log in their Lazada accounts on their mobile. All of these, plus a voucher (that has huge discounts) is given, simply by downloading the site's mobile application. All in all, the biggest campaign for mobile users is achieved, letting fans of the popular online shopping site know that they are now fully available wherever they are.

The sale event is part of the group’s tradition of providing fair and exciting seasonal deals each year. Aside from the app campaign, the online shopping site also holds the Online Revolution, giving both the new members and old customers the best reason to shop at Lazada through their mobile phones. The campaigns are always filled with deals, offers, and a gift voucher, proving that effortless shopping is really attainable through Lazada.