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The Asus Philippines Strikes a Balance with Affordable and Premium Devices

Technology is no longer the wave of the future; it has now become the norm for many and an integral part of Filipinos’ lifestyles. Almost everyone has a phone, tablet, or computer these days, making communication and work much easier than usual. And when it comes to choosing the right brand for that anticipated upgrade of devices, Asus is one of the options that offer a mix of affordable options for first timers, as well as premium-quality devices that tenured users can opt for. For more than two decades, the brand has proved to be as tenured with their gadgets. Today, the group simply brings more to the table that you can check out.

You Can Now Choose from a Slew of Asus, Computers, Phones, and Tablets

The Asus brand first started as a computer solutions and hardware company, providing the finest PCs for businesses and casual use alike. The Asus computers are quite well-renowned simply for offering what professionals need in their line of working. Boasting fast processes and competitive specs, the Asus Computers are quite well-rounded in providing sleek computers that are pleasant to the eyes, and competitive hardware that can handle the most demanding programs. Diversity is also a key with the Asus PCs and laptops, as the brand also offers powerful gaming rigs for active gamers, as well as portable and slim desktop PCs suitable for casual PC use.

Now when the smartphone boomed in the mid-2000s, multiple brands tried to keep up with the times and introduce their own iterations of the brand-new technology. Fast-forward to today, and the Asus phones are still one of the highly sought offerings among the many phone options available today. The brand’s cellphones continue the trend of the company moving forward with their technologies, now focusing towards convenience and communication. In terms of design, the premiere Asus Zenfone series offers a sleek metallic form-factor and impressive visuals. This, coupled with the same powerful technology that is often seen in PCs, as well as the innovative ZenUI powers the brand’s smartphones as one of the creative and unique devices that any person can find.

Eventually, this technology bleeds through the Asus Tablets; one of the latest offerings that the Chinese brand released in the Philippines. The Asus ZenPad evolved from the FonePad lines first provided by the company, now expanding towards the professional line of tablets that any person can still use. These devices carry the portable form-factor that the tablets often have, all while maintaining the PC-like performance that the brand is simply capable of imploring for their gadgets. Aside from the Android-Powered tablets, Asus Philippines also gives you Windows tablet options that can transform into portable PCs with touchscreen facility.

Explore these Options Provided by Asus Philippines at the Best Prices

The Asus brand has been one of the fundamental and competitive brands in the world, offering only the best when it comes to giving the appropriate balance between powerful performance and affordable options for their customers. The vast options available via Asus is now available, all via the country’s top online shopping site in the Philippines today.