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The Asus Transformer Book Showcases the Best of the Hybrid Device

The PC-tablet hybrid is often coined as a convenient technology, made using the best of two technologies that people now have. This device has all the right essentials coming from a fully functional laptop computer, while making use of the portability and touchscreen facility of a tablet. Professionals prefer this 2-in-1 type of computer, while some casual users often see this device as a cool alternative and very functional gadget that they can bring wherever they go. This specific device is shown to be rather quite rare, since only a few companies have made the proper transitions of specs and features available in the 2-in-1. The Asus Transformer Book series is widely accepted as the best among these exclusive lines of the hybrid computers.

Go For the Best Tablet Computers Asus Has to Offer

The Asus Transformer Book series is one of the first devices made through combining the tablet and laptop technology into one device. The perspective of this is to fully utilize some of the laptop’s touchscreen technology, by turning their screen monitors into fully realized tablet screens, with the keyboard part is used for the traditional typing and even storage. The first hybrid device, the Transformer Book Flip offers a unique interface by allowing you to fold the laptop on a near 360 degree orientation, and use the folded device as a thick and rugged tablet that still has the same functionalities and interface as with the laptop. This makes working more universal and easy to carry, since the user only has one device that he needs to bring with him every time. The different variants of the Asus Transformer Book series

Why choose the Asus Transformer Book?

  • The Asus Transformer is one of the first functional tablet hybrids released for the public.
  • This impressive tablet PC technology is powered by advanced features that can accommodate both the tablet and laptop PC modes of the device.
  • These hybrid devices come in very different designs that can suit the different users of the PC.

    Asus Transformer Book Flip

  • Overview : The Transformer Book Flip is the unique and advanced tablet-PC hybrid that Asus made for their interested customer base. This large laptop can flip at a 360-degree orientation, and has the complete functionality of a tablet and a PC device.
  • Operating System : The latest of the Transformer Book Flip runs Windows 10 on an Intel Braswell Pentium processor
  • Display : This laptop PC technology comes with an 11.6-inch IPS capacitive multi-touchscreen and 1366 x 768 WXGA resolution.
  • Storage : This tablet PC can hold up to 128GB internal SSD storage, and 8GB RAM.

    Asus Transformer Book

  • Overview : The standard Transformer Book, or the T100HA showcases impressive components that support well the devices installed on them. The brand also comes with the familiar design that people often associate with the hybrid device.
  • Operating System : The Asus Transformer Book runs Windows 10 Pro on an Intel-Core processor.
  • Display : The laptop comes with a 10.1-inch IPS capacitive touchscreen with a 1280 x 800 WXGA resolution.
  • Storage : This tablet PC comes with up to 128GB internal eMMc storage, and up to 4GB RAM.

    Asus Transformer Book Chi

  • Overview : The latest device to be introduced by Asus, the Chi hybrid device combines all the remaining elements of the PC and tablet into their new flagship form. This makes the Chi one of the lighter and thinner laptops ever produced.
  • Operating System : The Asus Transformer Book Chi runs Windows 10 on an Intel-Core processor.
  • Display : This device comes with a 12.5-inch IPS capacitive touchscreen with 1440 x 2560 WQHD resolution.
  • Storage : The device comes with a 256GB SSD storage, expandable via microSD, and up to 8GB RAM.