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The Apple iPod : The Device that Introduced New Technology

Several years ago, one of the finest and advanced technologies that people wanted all over the world are the mp3 players. These impressive and pocket-friendly devices introduced a new way of listening to music, outside of the CDs and the radio. The idea of storing music on a device, which you can listen to every day, and even add more music and swap out sounds from a computer, is such an exciting and enjoyable task, that many people just wanted to have their own variants of this technology. Back then, the must have mp3 player is the Apple iPod.

The iPod technology was once the top device that many people wanted to have, over the course of the mp3 player’s popularity. Many people believe that the iPod cemented Apple as one of the top device makers of the world, especially with the Mac reaching its height in popularity as well. In terms of overall function and capability, the iPod was the undisputed best among the mp3s, even boasting a durable base that Apple hasn’t been popular with for many years now. Eventually, the group had to reinvent themselves and promoted the newest iteration of their mp3 device, the iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch Introduces Technology for the Smartphones

Before the iPhone was released for a large target audience, Apple had one last device to pull off with their mp3 line; and this was the iPod Touch. The iTouch, as most people would call it, introduced the touchscreen facility to help users access the applications and play music from the device. The iTouch also showed internet connectivity, allowing people to download songs into the device, instead of plugging it on a PC and transferring music into it. But one of the greatest features that this device had is its web-browsing capability, which gives users the ability to open a browser and check emails and websites at their leisure. These advancements with the iPod would eventually carry over to the iPhone, making the mp3 player the proper prototype of the best smartphone in the world. Today, the iPod Touch is being made by the group, providing users with an iPhone without the phone compatibility, but still allowing people to use the device, as would people use the premium mobile phone. The different iterations of the iPod are also still available today, accessible via a trusted online shopping site in the country.

Why go for the Apple iPod?

  • The iPod is the most popular and premium mp3 player series that the Apple brand has produced in over a decade.
  • The iPod series serves as the prototype of the iPhone and their other handheld portable devices.
  • The latest iterations of the iPod are still very functional and very relevant to date.

    iPod Shuffle

  • Overview : The iPod Shuffle is one of the older, yet smaller forms of the iPod to take shape. This device uses a minimalistic design, but also has the proper features and support to play any music available to date.
  • Features : The latest of the iPod Shuffle comes with a small square design, with the volume, playlist shuffle, play and pause, and the next options. This iPod can make up many playlists and can even shuffle between them, making the song list really random for your enjoyment.
  • Variants : The Apple iPod Shuffle is currently in its fourth generation, coming in with different colors and access to its own speaker dock.

    iPod Nano

  • Overview : The iPod Nano was officially the last version of the iPod, if you count the iTouch as the iPhone prototype. This device replaces the mini as the flagship mp3 player, with its sleeker look and much easier to use interface.
  • Features : The latest iPod Nano features the familiar touchscreen, but only has access to the standard mp3 playing capabilities. This traditional mp3 player also supports Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing users to pair the device to a set of Bluetooth headphones and listen without any connections needed.
  • Variants : The Apple iPod Nano is in its seventh generation, with the touchscreen Nano being the main flagship of the mp3 player.

    iPod Touch

  • Overview : Known as the prototype of the iPhone, as well as the “iPhone without call functions”, the iPod Touch does away with the simple mp3 player interface, and now fully functions as a multimedia device that can do everything that the Apple iPhone can do, aside from taking and making calls.
  • Features : The latest generation of the iTouch runs iOS 8, ugradable to iOS 9.2.1 on an Apple A8 processor. This device has a 4-inch IPS capacitive touch display with 1136 x 640 resolution. The iPod comes with either a 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB flash storage, and 1GB RAM.
  • Variants : This multimedia device is in its 6th generation, with a planned 7th coming soon.